Tuesday, May 11, 2010

THE PEACE!!- Black Power

Another Zamrock classic. Ripped from the reissue at 320. One of my favorites. "Get on the Way" is the joint!

Download Link: THE PEACE!!- Black Power

1 Get On The Way
2 This Is The Time Now
3 Ubalwa Ne Chamba
4 Black Power
5 I Don´t Know
6 Peaceful Man
7 I Need Mercy
8 I Have Got No Money


owlqaeda said...

if my manifestation over yon is rad at all, it's only cuz venerable outfits like ghostcapital showed me the way. this a is a dam fine record btw. just dropping by to say top o' the morn & wanted to make sure u seen this, as i had missed it until only recently. somethymes its difficult to navigate prog not frog, but they got more nigerian psych funk in the nooks & crannies. what's funny is in the second track 'devil's gonna getcha' dude says something like 'evil blogger, yur evil ways, make u feel so happy'. pretty funny schtufff. lives hear
tirogo - float [1977,nigeria]
link----> http://lix.in/-7a456a

Anonymous said...

wonderful please re-up, link is not working

Anonymous said...

i come to your blog first by a book ("rohstoffe" by erklärung von bern, ngo) over swiss holdings making a hellmoney out of sambia and polluting everything; writing in there about a film over sambia, "zambie, a qui profite le cuivre". while i was crying watching all this injustice, in the background there was this fantastic music. searched for it and found your blog. so thanks, my friend. and fucking fuck glencore, polluting for money lives and land.

WRKB said...

The Artwork is tough, gonna check the music now. Peace.

adele said...

'The Peace' has quickly become one of my favorite bands - thank you for this post

Anonymous said...

Je télécharge en ce moment même.
J'ai hâte de jeter une oreille dessus.
C'est exactement ce que j'ai envie d'écouter.
Merci beaucoup.

Funky Fred From France

Josh said...

Ive had a much worse vinyl rip of this album for a while.. Thanks for the upgrade!!