Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ghostcapital Mix Disc: Cloudbusters

Thanks be to Wilhelm- This latest Ghostcapital Mix has been psuedo-scientifically designed to address the buildup of excessive orgone in my current atmosphere. As is said- April showers bring May flowers. Let's hope it works for you.

Download Link: Ghostcapital- Cloudbusters (V/A)

1. Out Of This World / Gino Washington 2:14
2. Bullet Proof Nothing / Simply Saucer 3:00
3. North by North / The Bats 4:04
4. Vou Sair Do Cativerio / Ton & Sergio 2:50
5. Fire Eyes / Index 4:15
6. Iron Man / Soreng Santi 3:33
7. Maybe So Maybe No / The New Holidays 3:07
8. Deep Shadows / Little Ann 2:37
9. Cholito Toca y Retoca / Maria Dolores Pradera 3:18
10. Point That Thing Somewhere Else / The Clean 5:26
11. Cherry Red / The Groundhogs 5:44
12. I'm A Young Man / Eddie & Ernie 2:27
13. Slowboat / Sparks 3:55
14. Benediction / Stealers Wheel 4:47
15. Boy Blue / Electric Light Orchestra 5:19
16. The 15th / Wire 3:06
17. A Family Affair / Television Personalities 2:37
18. B-I-D Spells Bid / The Monochrome Set 3:18
19. So Easy Going, So Hard Coming Back / Millie Jackson 3:50
20. Oh! Mulher Infiel / Os Mutantes 4:20
21. Atate / Ngozi Family 3:22


erin said...

this has been very popular in some philadelphia homes lately!!

nicholab said...

happy to hear it, erin. i'm doing this thing to spread the love, so its great to get some back my way.

Beleaguer said...

you will be attributed for this greatness down souf

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great comp. I tried downloading it and it seems The Groundhogs file is I couldn't access anything beyond track ten. All the same it looks like the rest of the comp would be great!

gypsykat said...

I had the same problem with "Cherry Red". A second download got me the rest of the tracks, but "Cherry Red" was still corrupt.

Now it appears your Mediafire acct is suspended. Tood bad!