Saturday, September 24, 2011

(V/A) -- Fanafody: A Collection Of Recordings And Photography From Madagasikara, Volume II (Mississippi/Cultural Knot, 2011)

"The second volume of recordings in our series of Madagascar music. From the archives of Montreal recordist, Charlie Brooks. While containing some similar artists as volume one, Fanafody focuses more on his second trip through the island during 2002 featuring violin players and throat breathing singers. Includes extensive photography and liner notes booklet." (Little Axe)

A outstanding second volume in Brook's field recording and photography series of contemporary Madagascar. A fine rip of the expansive version of first volume, Fihavanana, can be found over at the excellent Root Strata blog, which also recently posted a recommended link for MR-087 The Street Musicians of Yogakarta. As for this joker, 320 vinyl by yours truly. Booklet scans too. Enjoy.

(V/A) -- Fanafody: A Collection Of Recordings And Photography From Madagasikara, Volume II (Mississippi / Cultural Knot **MR-092, 2011)

A1 Vonarivo (Lokanga) & Tarkilava – Mozika Madrehitra
A2 Boto Salegy & Beta Bemoto Manitsy – Jauqueline
A3 Addala Moraba – Mpandeha
A4 Eliasi Hinavako & TanKa – Vita Lili
A5 Justin Velonjoha & Tarkilava – Te-hiridy Somizo Aho
A6 Manatsoa – Valiha Fombandrazanah
A7 Vezu – Manjono Trondro
B1 Manatsoa (Valiha) & Tarkilava – Rivotra Fombandrazanah
B2 Tanka Eliasi – Ravoro III
B3 Claude Ernest Razafimaliatratra – Tandremo Ny Dina
B4 Tsihombe & Tarikilava – Beko Fombandrazanah
B5 Guy Raberivelo – Fahoriana Be
B6 Manatsoa & Justin Velonjoha & Tarkilava – Beloe
B7 Maurice Rasolonjatova – Flute Instrumental
B8 Tromba A Diego

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Roy Smeck - His Singing Guitar and Paradise Singers (ABC-Paramount, 1961)

Found this dusty Roy Smeck LP for 50 cents last week & its been in living room rotation ever since. A spaced-out '60s bachelor pad vibe from "The Wizard of the Strings". Feeling the cartoonish kitsch. Some earlier Smeck can be grabbed here. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Roy Smeck - His Singing Guitar and Paradise Singers (ABC-Paramount, 1961) *Re-upped 7/20/12

1. Ja-Da 2:09
2. The Love Nest 2:19
3. Let Me Call You Sweetheart 2:45
4. I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad) 1:54
5. Smiles 2:12
6. Blue Room 2:29
7. When The Red, Red Robin Come Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along 2:20
8. The Japanese Sandman 2:14
9. It HadToBeYou 2:39
10. Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella 2:27
11. Honey 2:24
12. Tip-Toe Through The Tulips With Me 2:23

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

V/A - Old-Country Music in a New Land: Folk Music of Immigrants from Europe and the Near East (New World Records, NW 264)

"...For years [by the 1920's] foreign-language records had contained occasional examples of rural vernacular music, but not until record companies discovered the music of souther rural blacks and whites was there extensive recording of the folk music of foreign-born Americans. It marked a radical departure from both the music available from abroad and earlier record-company offerings. By the late twenties foreign-language record catalogs had become heavily augmented by fiddlers, bagpipers, rough voiced singers, plain-voiced choirs, village "orchestras", and other representatives of a bevy of authentic folk styles that were being documented sparsely, if at all, in the Old World. many of these records are priceless documents of genres and traditions virtually extinct today. The best of these recordings represent not only styles that flourished at the time of recording but even styles that preceded those by decades or centuries." (Dick Spotswood, from the liner notes)

Precious gems in 78rpms. Raw folk revelations from many quarters of the "Old World". Illuminating notes & essays from Dick Spotswood & Oscar Handlin. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

V/A - Old-Country Music in a New Land: Folk Music of Immigrants from Europe and the Near East (New World Records, NW 264) *Re-upped 7/20/12

1. Mike Lapčak Slovensky Hudba - Sedliacky Zabavny Czardaš (The Farmer's Diversion Czardaš)

2. Krestyanskyj Orkestr - Malenky Barabanshtchik (The Little Drummer-Boy)

3. Aili and Lyyli Wainikainen - Kasakka Polkka - Polka "Tchorny J Ostrov" (Cossack Polka - "Black Island" Polka)

4. Braca Kapugi Tamburica Orchestra - Zalim te Momce (I Saw You, Lad)

5. Patrick Killoran and His Pride of Erin Orchestra - Stack-o-Barley

6. James Morrison and John McKenna - The Tailor's Thimble and The Red-Haired Lass

7. Lydia Mendoza y Familia - El Coco-Cancion (The Coconut Song)

8. Santiago Jimenez y Sus Valedores - La Piedrera

9. New Arkansas Travelers - I Tickled 'em

10. Dennis McGee and Ernest Fruge - Jeuns Gens Campagnard (Young Men From the Country)

11. Elise Deshotel and his Louisiana Rhythmaires - La Valse de Bon Baurche (The Drunkard's Sorrow Waltz)

12. Unknown - Pastorale

13. Rueben Sarkisian - Yar Ounenal (I Love You)

14. Nahem Simon - Sayf lahziq (Your Sword Has Pierced Me)

15. Harilaos Piperakis - Siteiako (Dance of Siteia)

16. Mahanojaus Lietvička Maineriu Orkestra - Kuomet Šokis (When You Dance)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

(V/A) Cajun Stomps (No Label, Unknown Year)

Houserocking collection of cajun party killers from the 50s & 60s. No discernable label or year. This stuff is so great. Big thanks to my friend David H for the assist. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download: (V/A) Cajun Stomps (No Label, Unknown Year)

1. Allons Rock And Roll / Lawrence Walker 3:06

2. Two Step De Vieux Temps / The Rambling Aces 2:19

3. Boogie Woogie Tout Le Temps / Franchie Martin and Eddie Shuler's Reveliers 2:19

4. Coming Home / Jay Stutes 2:17

5. Open the Door / Adan Herbert and The Country Playboys 3:29

6. North Side Door / Adan Herbert and The Country Playboys 2:30

7. Hound Dog Baby (vocal by Voris Le Blanc) / Cleveland Crochet and His Band of Sugar Bees 2:03

8. The Back Door / Beadeaux and Lousiana Aces 2:16

9. Opelousas Two Step / Lawrence Walker 2:39

10. Sweet Thing (vocal by Jay Stutes) / Cleveland Crochet and His Band of Sugar Bees 2:27

11. Cajun Twist "Le Tortillage" / Cajun Trio 2:03

12. Lemonade Song / Nathan Abshire and His Pinegrove Boys 2:21

13. Pine Grove Blues / Nathan Abshire 2:46

14. Come Back Little Girl (vocal by Jay Stutes) / Cleveland Crochet and His Band of Sugar Bees 2:47

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Never forget 9/11's worst music video.

This Paul Simon performance at today's NYC 9/11 memorial, however, is the real thing.

As for my part, I'm right now remembering that I had a noon radio show on WXJM back on Sept. 11. Was unsure what to do with it, so I played this prewar gospel disc & John Fahey's America while I watched the news. It was the only music on the fm dial.

The Gospel:


(V/A) Ongaku 70: Vintage Psychedelia in Japan (Hiruko, 2011)

"Ongaku 70 is the ultimate beginner’s guide to the Japanese psychedelia era. A incredible set of 13 tunes released between 1969 and 1978 including Osamu Kitajima, Stomu Yamash’ta’s Red Buddha Theatre, Akiko Yano, Sadistic Mika Band, Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band, The Apryl Fool, Rabi Nakayama, Karuna Khyal, Kuni Kawachi & His Group, Toshiaki Tsushima, J.A. Caesar & Shirubu, Maki Asakawa and Les Rallizes Denudes. Neither group sounds nor hard rock here, only deep psychedelic rock with local instruments and native language. Be sure to hear the finest hours of Japanese 1970s music." (InSound)

A real oddball digest of 70s Japanese psych/prog. Big ups to Owl for throwing this nice 320 package my way. Looks like it was upped in Flac by Kel bazar over at Avax, back in May. Dig it.

(V/A) Ongaku 70: Vintage Psychedelia in Japan (Hiruko, 2011) 320 kbps.

A1 Osamu Kitajima – Tengu
A2 Stomu Yamash'Ta'S Red Buddha Theatre – Awa Odori
A3 Akiko Yano – Tsugaru Tour
A4 Sadistic Mika Band – Nanika Ga Umi Wo Yatte Kuru
A5 Harry Hosono* & Yellow Magic Band, The – Shambhala Signal
A6 Apryl Fool, The* – The Lost Mother Land (Part 1)
B1 Rabi Nakayama – Good Night!
B2 Karuna Khyal – Alomoni 1985 (Edited Version)
B3 Kuni Kawachi & His Group – The Cat
B4 Toshiaki Tsushima – Ape Society
B5 J.A. Caesar* & Shirubu – Jigoku No Orufe
B6 Maki Asakawa – Govinda
B7 Les Rallizes Denudes – Strong Out Deeper Than The Night (Edited Version)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Martin Newell - Songs for a Fallow Land (1985 *Fixed Identity, 2011)

"Fixed Identity is proud to announce the release of Martin Newell's 1985 masterpiece "Songs For A Fallow Land". Newell, mastermind of UK d.i.y. group The Cleaners From Venus, crafted these songs in an old stable building in self-described "extreme poverty" resulting in an extremely inspired and highly personal realization of perfect underground psychedelic pop. Originally released in an edition of 100 cassettes, F.I. has remastered each song from Martin's original chrome tapes to be issued on LP in a limited pressing of 500 copies containing liner notes by the "Wild Man Of Wivenhoe" himself..." (Fixed Identity)

A banner specimen of oddball home-taped solo pop. It also has me kind-of enjoying this notion of "Failure Pop" that I've just run across over at Altered Zones. I'd been sitting the fence on a ripping the LP, as Small Batches upped the original tape back in '08. I mean, this album is far from hi-fi anyway, and its not like my rips are professional grade. But the remaster has a fuller sound at the low end, so, as you can see, I went at it. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Martin Newell - Songs for a Fallow Land (1985 *Fixed Identity, 2011)

A1 Sun Comes To The Wood
A2 Julie Profumo
A3 Soul Monday
A4 Gamma Ray Blue
A5 Heroin Clones
B1 Winter Palace 2
B2 Golden Lane
B3 Stars Are Cold
B4 Late Night (*by Syd Barrett)
B5 Beyond......

Sleeve notes from Newell:

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fikret Kızılok - Fikret Kızılok (World Psychedelia, 2005) *Flac & 320 mp3

"Ace collection of singles by Turkish protest singer FIKRET KIZILOK much-beloved by young musicians in the underground scene in Turkey, but virtually unknown anywhere else! The fifteen tracks included here (all from 1970-1974) sport some heavy grooves ('Leylim, Leylim,' 'Gözlerinden Bellidir,' 'Gün Ola Devran Döne,' and the fuzz-guitar heavy 'Koyverdin Gittin Beni'), but also tantalizes with moody, introspective musings in an Eastern vein ('Akyin Vari, Akyin,' 'Haberin Var Mi' and the sitar-laced 'Köroglu Daglary'! Very highly recommended!" (Sounds of the Universe)

It'd be tough to overstate my love for the classic Kızılok. Turkish psych heaven. This 2005 collection from the World Psychedelia (bootleg) label stands as my very first Flac offering here at Ghostcapital. And to you Turkish speakers: the Flac conversion process (via xAct) totally mangled your umlats & cedillas. So sorry. Enjoy.

Fikret Kızılok - Fikret Kızılok *Singles 1970-74 (World Psychedelia, 2005) *Flac & 320 mp3

1 Leylim, Leylim 3:55
2 Gözlerinden Bellidir 3:51
3 Gün Ola Devran Döne 2:58
4 Koyverdin Gittin Beni 2:57
5 Söyle Sazyım 2:37
6 Akyin Vari, Aykyin 5:44
7 Haberin Var Mı (Instrumental) 4:48
8 Köroğlu Dağları 4:08
9 Yumma Gözünü Kör Gibi 2:52
10 Bacın Önde, Ben Arkada 3:54
11 Anadoluyum 2:38
12 Güzel, Ne Güzel Olmuşsun 2:16
13 Haberin Var Mı 4:31
14 Vurulmuşum 3:11
15 Yağmur Olsam 2:26

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Otto Manic presents Israeli Psych Funk

Otto Manic presents Israeli Psych Funk by Cosmic Shake

Received this custom mix of Israeli Psych from DJ Otto Manic, in (critical) response to my Parvarim rip a few weeks back. This was his effort to school me & Owl on the real dope out of Israel in the 1970s. As these cuts are all new to me, I'd like to thank him kindly for delivering....*DL via the Down Arrow on the Soundcloud link. Let me know when it goes away and I'll up it anew.

Says Otto Manic:

" A token of appreciation for the two masters of cool sounds, owl and ghostcapital, two completely unknown people that caused for a lot of pleasure and confusion the last year.
check them out!

mixed live by Otto Manic in his room in Berlin

some of the tracks were ripped directly from vinyls and some were downloaded from the internet, therefore the quality isnt balanced so well. also i must appologize for a few shitty mixes, i got some new equipment recently and im still trying it out.
oh, and if you are interested in coming to parties in Berlin, or watch an ocassional youtube clip of what im hearing at the moment, check out my facebook page

Peace and Love to us all!"

1 Arik Einstein - Hayo Haya
2 Shlomo Gronich - Al Na Telech
3 Shmulik Kraus - Shishi Cham (hot friday)
4 Aharit Hayamim - Hit'amlut Boker
5 Danny Ben Israel - Capara
6 Hazohar Ha'shvi'i - Metziltayim
7 Hasmenim Vearazim - Yeah Yeah Ma Yaeh
8 Zohar Levi - Ani Bedarki Lamosad Hasagur (im on my way to the asylum)
9 Shimshon Miel - Hitnasut Be Amsterdam (an exeperience in Amsterdam)
10 The Churchills - Debka (sung in english)
11 Aris San - Boom Pam (sung in greek)
12 Zohar Argov - Et Dodim Kala
13 Lehakat Tzlilei Haoud - Neimat Pop Oud
14 Aliza Azikri - Yafo
15 Jacky Galil - Tachposet Chadasha
16 Yoram Arbel - Ani Etsba Et Ha'Shalechet
17 Hagashash Hachiver - Toda Raba (thanks a lot)

Kickstarter: Music from Saharan Cellphones LP!

Help a dude out. An eminently worthy project from Sahel Sounds.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Khánh Ly + Trịnh Công Sơn ~ Sơn Ca 7 [Sơn Ca, 1974] (@320 + skans/txt)

Like manna from the earthly dew, early Khan Ly & Trịnh Công Sơn rips have since materialized for us all after having posted those haunting video clips a week or so back. The first came from anonymous source in that post's comments. Much appreciated! True to form, the mighty Owl has likewise handed down this superior 320 rip of a 1974 Vietnamese double LP from these two luminous collaborators. Its a true beauty... Sublime. Eternal thanks to owlqaeda for all the generosity.

Download: Khánh Ly + Trịnh Công Sơn ~ Sơn Ca 7 [Sơn Ca, 1974] (@320 + skans/txt)

A1 - Tuổi đá buồn
A2 - Tình nhớ
A3 - Tình sầu
A4 - Nhìn những mùa thu đi

B1 - Cát bụi
B2 - Cho một người nằm xuống
B3 - Thương một người
B4 - Tình xa

C1 - Như cánh vạc bay
C2 - Biển nhớ
C3 - Ru em từng ngón xuân nồng
C4 - Nối vòng tay lớn
C5 - Diễm xưa

D1 - Ướt mi
D2 - Gọi tên bốn mùa
D3 - Hạ trắng
D4 - Nghe những tàn phai

Ghostcapital Guest Mix: Double Dip Obsesh (*by Tim Westberg)

Howdy folks. This 3rd installment in Ghostcapital's Guest Mix seriescome from my pal Tim Westberg. He's a member of a Philly-VA-Toronto group called My Mind, whom I've featured here before. This mix is signature Tim---With an inimitable love of the artful pop hook forever tempered by a predilection toward extemporaneous social/political didacticism. I'll admit that the Abba track starting this mix caught me off guard at first. Repeated listens, however, allowed me to hear beyond the schmaltz: Good song! And thematically appropriate...Had it kind-of on repeat for the past week or so. As evidenced by such tracks by Kriegshög and Leather, Westberg's also one of those folks who'll carry his hardcore roots with him forever. No doubt, Tim's gonna stay young until he dies...

Says he:
"Steve Jobs stepping down as C.E.O. of Apple Corps is a great example of how volatile and unpredictable the world is, and the troubled economic times we live in. At the time of this writing, Apple stock has dropped 5% during after-hours trading. No one is immune to the cruel fluctuations of the stock market, much in the same way that no one can prepare themselves for city-shaking earthquakes or predict glacier-melting global temperature changes. In our kontemporary era, characterized by the universal influence and inherent volatility of a kleptocratic global political-economy and the auto-erotic asphyxiation of our planet, things like art and music recede in importance. Does music provide a purely aesthetic balm to apply to the wounds of modernity? Does it function as yet another ingredient in the karmic honeypot, enticing us to further greed and entrapment? Van Dyke Parks (here represented with his uncredited production work on Allen Toussaint's "Southern Nights") described the "song form" as "the most powerful political weapon of our time," so perhaps despite the apparently imminent collapse of human society, further investigation into the arts may be warranted? "

Download: Ghostcapital Guest Mix: Double Dip Obsesh (*by Tim Westberg)

1. ABBA - Move On
2. Nick Lowe - (Hope to God) I'm Right
3. Allen Toussaint - Southern Nights
4. The Symbolics - Conflict
5. Kriegshög - Evolution
6. Tickley Feather - Roses of Romance
7. A. More - Judy Get Down
8. Leon Russell & Marc Benno - Death of the Flowers
9. Missionaires + 4 Religious Drummers - Yesu Ka Mkwebase (Rwanda)
10. Criaturas - Paranoide
11. James Booker - He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
12. Paul McCartney - The Pound is Sinking
13. Don Everly - Safari
14. The Quick - Teacher's Pet
15. Little Ann - What Should I Do
16. Fielded - Red Queen
17. Colin Newman - But I...
18. Leather - Zek
19. Mincemeat or Tenspeed - Song for Danny the Street
20. The Kinks - Marathon