Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sandwidi Pierre - Le Troubadour de la Savane (Production Kouri, PK 002 : Nigeria, 1984?)

Fresh Nigerian recorded synth-funk from Sandwidi Pierre (of Burkina Faso), possibly released in 1984. Groovy dancing sounds and killer keys. And the slow burners are all killing me softly. Le Troubadour de la Savane is part of a small stack of amazing wax recently lent to me by my pal Jason Urick of Galaxy My Dear. Big thanks! 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Sandwidi Pierre - Le Troubadour de la Savane (Production Kouri, PK 002 : Nigeria, 1984?)

Side A

Nab Wind Sigda
Fils du Sahel (Wenega)
Mousso Gwe (Balafon)

Side B

Pang Nooma (Calao)
Je Suis un Salaud (Slow)
Lucie (Slow Disco)

Monday, February 27, 2012

New Posts or Reposts?

OK friends, please pardon the epic sabbatical. My high hopes of returning full force this January were wounded by Google's sudden deletion of Holywarbles (RIP), not to mention the fullforce federal takedown of Megaupload. For me, these things amounted, respectively, to a mournful tragedy and one major inconvenience. It's been hard to summon inspiration since then, but here I am missing that thing that I do, ready to exert the overpowering musical wanderlust that seems to persist somewhere in the mix between my head, heart & gut.

Here's my first question for you folks: Should I focus more right now on fresh rips (See the photo above: Ghostcapital's partial vinyl backlog currently in queue) or mediafire re-ups?

See now, my time for gratis vinyl ripping is limited. Now, more than ever. And likewise, the time has come when I need a new computer, a new turntable, needles, and a scanner. I've been posting from much of the same equipment since the get-go, and things are getting laborious and slow. I profit not from this endeavor and I'd like to ask for just a little help, because I can't afford to fund this much needed overhaul alone. I don't want adds here, do you?

So, If you like what I do, and want me to keep it fresh, please do consider a humble donation to keep this ship afloat. FYI, Re-up requests will be more promptly addressed via PayPal message. I mean that with love.