Monday, May 31, 2010

Dr. Strangely Strange- Kip of the Serenes (1969)

More far-out British psych-folk. This 1969 debut LP by Dr. Strangely Strange has them sounding like the second coming of the Incredible String Band.

"Strangely Srange but Oddly Normal"

"Dr Dim & Dr Strange"

Mediafire Download Link: Dr. Strangely Strange- Kip of the Serenes (1969)

A1 Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal 4:28
A2 Dr. Dim & Dr. Strange 7:33
A3 Roy Rogers 5:37
A4 Dark-Haired Lady 4:25
A5 On The West Cork Hack 2:32
B1 Tale Of Two Orphanages 3:49
B2 Strings In The Earth And Air 1:52
B3 Ship Of Fools 6:18
B4 Frosty Mornings 3:59
B5 Donnybrook Fair 8:48

Belly Dance- Hommage a Baligh Hamdi

GC has been on the receiving end of some killer suprise gifts and neighborly goodwill all day. Sometimes when it rains at pours. First came the semi anonymous copy of BLA (previous post, below). Then, Owl over at Holywarbles just up and laid this superfly Baligh Hamdi joint right down on my digital doorstep. He knows I love this man. Must say, that Owl is a solid mate.

Mediafire Download Link: Belly Dance- Hommage a Baligh Hamdi

David Welsh- Blue Lightning Accent (1980)

Blue Lightning Accent is a bona fide holy-grail of idiosyncratic outsider rock. To these ears, David Welsh might just be the electric shredder's Jandek. Check out this article on the Numero Group's blog about a recent Welsh performance in Columbus Ohio. Welsh has also finished his first album in 30 years album under his new name: Jimi Paulix- Posters. A thousand thanks to Dinosaur Mahaffey for passing this one along.

Download Link: David Welsh- Blue Lightning Accent (1980)

1. 6's,9's Tens &Towers
2. The Climb Into Heaven
3. Rock Drummer
4. Water Fall
5. Blue Lightning Accent
6 .The Time Is On
7. Cross Angle
8. Blue Morning
9. Keeping Pace

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reportage- Spela Själv (1970)

Weirdo Swedish commune psych from 1970.

february 2010 release ; picture-perfect reissue of this highly obscure(d) 1970 lp (originally released on the pre-caprice expo norr label alongiside sides by thorkell sigurbjörnsson, karl-birger blomdahl, and others) featuring a bunch of amazing field-recorded & tape-sound laced folk-psych instrumentals captured & channeled by solveig bark & tråd grås och stenar / (international) harvester / pärson sound’s bo anders persson ...

travelling throughout sweden that year (landing at many of the yearly festivals more famously worked by tgos & ih-offshoots ) bark & persson both documented & participated in an improvised array of ad-hoc violin, hand-percussion, mouth-harp and bass/guitar/harp “jams”, captured in-situ (along with lots of environmental sounds ; children laughing, wind, crowds) with persson capturing everything in blurry detail on his portable tape-machine (the outcome of which makes up the contents of the music herein) ...more info & audio samples at Mimaroglu Music Sales.

Posted for download at id Reverberations. (Mediafire/ 192)

Climaco Sarmiento y Su Orchestra- Grandes Exitos (Discoss Fuentes)

Increíble cumbias colombianas clásico y más de Climaco Sarmiento y Su Orchestra! Publicado en el sello discográfico Discos Fuentes.Tiempo bailando! Disfrutar...

"La Pata y el Pato"

"Cumbia Sabroso"

"Noche de Estrellas"

"Bombo y Maracas"

Download Link: Climaco Sarmiento y Su Orchestra- Grandes Exitos (Disco Fuentes)

1. Antioqueñita.
2. Baila Pacho.
3. Bombo Y Maracas.
4. Caracoleando.
5. Conchita.
6. El Tirabuzon.
7. El Zuñigazo.
8. Juanchito.
9. La Cigarra.
10. La Gaita Marciana.
11. La Pata Y El Pato.
12. La Tembladera.
13. Maquina Landera.
14. Moliendo Cafe.
15. Negro No Te Vayas.
16. Noche De Estrellas.
17. Palenque Candela.
18. San Marcos

Dando Shaft- S/T (1971)

Dando Shaft were a righteous 70's British psych-folk group in the vein of Pentangle, or an acoustic Fairport Convention. Thanks to Aidan for the tip. Thanks to Time Has Told Me for the rip. (192)

Download Link: Dando Shaft- S/T (1971)

1. Coming Home To Me
2. Railway
3. Whispering Ned
4. Sometimes
5. River Boat
6. Kalyope Driver
7. Waves Upon The Ether
8. Dewet
9. Till The Morning Comes
10. Pass It On
11. Prayer
12. Lullaby (Bonus Track)
13. Thruxton (Bonus Track)
14. Spring Clog Dance (Bonus Track)
15. Sun Clog Dance (Bonus Track)

The Travelling Songster & Travellers: Songs, Stories and Tunes from English Gypsies (Topic Records)

Album: TOPIC 12TS304 "The Travelling Songster"
Artists: Phoebe, Minty, Jasper & Levy Smith.
Recorded: Mike Yates 1975-76:
TOPIC album 12TS395 "Travellers."
Songs, Stories and Tunes from English Gypsies.
Travellers by nicholab

Just scored these from Gonzo Archive. Some of the wildest stories & accapellas. All sorts of curses, death & devils...


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aphex Vids

Just a couple of amateur-style videos that I made years ago, sync-ed to some sweet Aphex Twin tracks.




"Every Day" from Hangable Auto Bulb

Experimental travel video. Uses "Rhubarb" from Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2:

Friday, May 28, 2010

The F*****n' Flyin' A-Heads: Swiss Cheese Back/ Watching T.V. (1980)

The Fucking Flying A-Heads were a band from Hawaii most commonly construed as "punk", tho they might provide one of the more exciting links between a more typified conception of "punk", and that of "noise". If the A side of this hybrid genre is the final aggregate regimented elements of deconstructed hard core that Harry Pussy by way of Magic Band displayed, the flip is the excess of Experience inspired freedom and recklessly abandons anything that even vaguely resemble "form". Perhaps the most radically mixed recording, ever (to the extent that you might wonder if they just fucked up, or were working with a broken machine). A completely astounding spin ..(De Stijl)

Their first review is a riot :

from Damage Magazine, DEC 1980

White noise this pure must take lots of to work to perfect. Somewhere far away there is a 60s endless guitar solo, bass playing 2 notes, a cymbal being hit at a constant 2 / 4 beat, and a distorted voice talking. But mostly there is white noise, simultaneously complex and simple. It's quite disturbing when cranked up. I like to play this record and watch TV. It instantly gives a surreal sense to the most mundane images. Not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure. ~ M.C. Parker

*Basically, this sounds like something that should've been originally released on Siltbreeze. Scott was playing this at Exiled yesterday when I walked in, and I was sold immediately. I see its been posted for download before at the Devildick blog. No matter, I'm here to spread the wealth with my own 320 rip of the newly reissued 7-inch. Best played loud.

Mediafire Download Link: The Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads: Swiss Cheese Back/ Watching T.V. (Otaro 1980)

Tor Lundvall- Sleeping and Hiding

Limited 2009 LP from NY ambient songwriter Tor Lunvall. Ripped at 320 by yours truly. Recommended for folks who dig Peter Broderick, Type Records, Labdraford...from his website:

"City Rain"


Mediafire Download Link: Removed

A1 City Rain
A2 Spring Song
A3 Falling Trees
A4 Midnight Ride
A5 Hiding
B1 Dusk
B2 Dark Roads
B3 Bird Girl
B4 The Dead Period
B5 Sleeping

Byron Lee & The Dragonaires- Reggay Roun' the World (1973)

It's easy to forgive Byron Lee's cornball proclivities when he can lay down such a hot version of Gershon Kingsley's "Popcorn". So tight!

Popcorn- Byron Lee & The Dragonaires by nicholab

Mediafire Download Link: Byron Lee & The Dragonaires- Reggay Roun' the World (1973)

A1 Breakfast In Bed 3:02
A2 Cotton Jenny 2:15
A3 Three Bells (Les Trois Cloches) 2:20
A4 Howdy Tenky 2:25
A5 Popcorn 2:40
A6 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 2:45
B1 Black On 2:35
B2 City Of New Orleans 3:01
B3 In The Mood 2:05
B4 Your Love Is Amazing 2:35
B5 Back Stabbers 2:30
B6 Spanish Lace 2:25

Om Kalsoum- Seret El Hob [The Narrative of Love] (1946)

Went looking for more great Om Kalsoum/ Baligh Hamdi recordings. Found this classic somewhere random, and fixed up some cooler cover art for it.

Labeled "indisputably the Arab world's greatest singer" by World Music: The Rough Guide, Egyptian singer Umm Kalthum (alternately spelled Kalthoum or Kalsoum) is regarded as a treasure of Middle Eastern culture. In a career that lasted more than 50 years she became known as "the voice and face of Egypt" with a voice powerful enough to shatter glass but that was used more often to capture the emotional depth of the poems she set to music. Her importance to Egyptian music in particular and Middle Eastern music in general prompted her biographer, Virginia Danielson, to write on the All Music Guide website: "Imagine a singer with the virtuosity of Joan Sutherland or Ella Fitzgerald, the public persona of Eleanor Roosevelt and the audience of Elvis and you have Umm Kulthum, the most accomplished singer of her century in the Arab world."

Music : Baligh Hamdi
Lyrics: Morsi Gamil Aziz

Mediafire Download Link: Om Kalsoum- Seret El Hob
MP3 | 224Kbps | 39m:15s | 65mb |

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Residents- Diskomo / Goosebump [with Snakefinger] (1979)

Side A: Diskomo- 12" 'Disco Remix' of the Residents' LP Eskimo

Side B: Goosebump (with Snakefinger)
"All sounds heard on Goosebump were originated on toy instruments which were provided by Toys-R-Us, Inc."


Download Link: The Residents- Diskomo / Goosebump [with Snakefinger] (1979) @320

1. Diskomo (Theme From The Walrus Hunt, Bladder Music, Crossing The Tundra, Spirit Battle, Sunrise / Reprise Theme) 8:00
2. Disaster 3:48
3. Plants 3:14
4. Farmers 5:27
5. Twinkle 1:58

Lennie Hibbert- Creation (Studio One, 1969)

Supremely badass instrumental funk from Studio One vibraphonist Lennie Hibbert. I truly love this album. Ripped at 320 by yours truly.

Download Link: Lennie Hibbert- Creation (Studio One, 1969)

A1 Soul Shack 3:05 *Original Jamaican Vinyl- warps & all!
A2 Rose Zen 4:00
A3 Twilight Zone 3:30
A4 Lights 2:27
A5 Strolling 3:30
A6 Peaches
B1 Village Soul 3:00
B2 Real Hot 2:30
B3 Mighty 2:20
B4 Sweet Loving 4:10
B5 Creation 2:32
B6 Nature Boy 2:28

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ghostcapital DJ Night: Wed 6/2 @ Tanker Bar

Hey Portland: Be There!

Tanker Bar
4825 SE Hawthorne
Portland, OR 97215
(503) 445-4635


O-Beat/ Jasmin by Les Lee

Here's an off-kilter '60s Hong Kong crooner single in a solidly Elvis-as-loverboy fashion. "Just promise me this, I'll give you all my kiss..."

Mediafire Download Link: O Beat/ Jasmin by Les Lee (Zodiac ZEP-402, Hong Kong 196?)

1. Jasmin
2. (So Deep in the Night)
3. Pleasant Dream
4. I Dream of You the Whole Night Through

Japanese Mystery Record- Hibari No Hanaemaki (Columbia AL-104, 1957-8) ひばりは

Another of my Thrift Store treasures. This is a Japanese theater performance of Hibari No Hanaemaki issued on 10" record by Nippon Columbia in 1958(?). Ripped at 320 by yours truly. Golden!

Hibari No Hanaemaki #9 (Japanese Mystery Record) by nicholab

Download Link: Japanese Mystery Record- Hibari No Hanaemaki (Columbia AL-104, 1957-8)

Javad Ma'roufi- Golden Dreams and Other Romantic Melodies جواد معروفی طلایی رویاهای کلاسیک ایران پیانو

I have no idea which thrift store I was mining when I scored this gem of record; but it was somewhere in Virginia. Well, I've had it now for probably 10 years and it has definitely become one of my personal favorites. For the record, romantic piano is not normally my thing, but this one appeals to the Satie fan in me. Ma'roufi's compositions are heady, meditative and and exotic (to my ears) without feeling the slightest bit new age.

The Tracklist:
1. Prelude no. 1
2. Prelude no. 2
3. Prelude no. 3
4. Prelude no. 4
5. Prelude no. 5
6. Golden Dreams
7. Kou Kou
8. Jila
9. Fantasie on an Armenian Theme Pt. 1
10. Fantasie on an Armenian Theme Pt. 2
11. Fantasie on an Armenian Theme Pt. 3
12. Fantasie in La Minor

Mediafire Download Link- Javad Ma'roufi- Golden Dreams and Other Romantic Melodies

Messenger Girls Trio- Excelsior Salon Trio (2010)

This is The Messenger Girls' first since 2003. They are Richard Bishop, Jeffrey Taylor & Rob Millis from the Climax Golden Twins and Dave Knott. Uzu003, 2010. Issued in an edition of 545. Ripped at 320 by yours truly. All tracks untitled.

Sample and/or purchase Excelsior Salon Trio at Mimaroglu Music Sales

Mediafire Download Link: Messenger Girls Trio- Excelsior Salon Trio (2010)

*Download their 2003 LP at Grown So Ugly

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Duo Ouro Negro- Selections

Duo Ouro Negro were an amazing longstanding Angolan harmony group. They are criminally unknown outside the Portuguese speaking world. I've just crafted myself a personal favorites compilation, culled from the highlights of two other official hits collections; 40 Años, 40 Exitos & O Melhor do Duo Ouro Negro. My goals were to remove the weaker late 70s/80s tracks, and to generally not include tracks from Duo Ouro Negro com Sivuca, which is a stand-alone masterpiece*. FYI, I'm always looking to download of their original albums, especially those prior to the mid 70s. Please hit me up if you have a lead. These guys are seriously the best!

Duo Ouro Negro- Selections

Mediafire Download Link: Duo Ouro Negro- Selections

1. Twizengue 2:00 * This track is from com Sivuca
2. Kuemba Ritoko 2:02
3. Dio Come Ti Amo 3:31
4. A Minha Mulata 2:59
5. Maria Rita 4:25
6. Garota 2:30
7. Mãe Preta 2:13
8. N'Guina Kalabula 1:53
9. É Verão 2:46
10. La Mamma 3:39
11. Agora Vou Ser Feliz 2:14
12. Suliram 2:40
13. Maria Provocação 2:25
14. Distância 3:54
15. Amanhã 4:33
16. Georgina 2:39
17. Menino de Braçanã 2:28
18. Vou Indo Por Aí 4:42
19. Trem das Onze 2:54
20. Salomé 2:54
21. Maihetso 2:22
22. Ondyaiya 3:58
23. Vou Levar-te Comigo 4:07

James Ensor

James Ensor was a 19th & 20th Century Belgian maniac painter. He's up there with Darger & Arbus as one my favorite "modern" artists. Basically, I dig the freaks.

Self-Portrait With Flowered Hat (1883-8)

Les Musiciens Terribles (1891)

The Dangerous Cooks (1896)

Skeletons Trying To Warm Themselves (1889)

The Baths At Ostend (1890)

Masks Mocking Death (1888)

My Aunt Asleep Dreaming of Monsters (1888)

Christ's Entry Into Brussels (1889)

Doctrinaire Nourishment (1889)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sagor & Swing - Melodier Och Fåglar (2002)

Nice 2002 LP from wistful Swedish organ & drum duo, Sagor & Swing. Sort of surprised they haven't been used in a Sofia Coppola soundtrack, or something. Originally released on the Hapna label. Thanks to Fason Jellows for originally playing this for me, way back when.

"In I Skogen"

Mediafire Download Link: Sagor & Swing - Melodier Och Fåglar (2002)

1 Apollons Aftonsång
2 In I Skogen
3 Klonkmelodin
4 Flickan Och Jätten
5 Valsen Fortsätter Vidare
6 En Dag I Ruperts Rike
7 Aningar
8 Fantasilandet Raseras
9 Vagga Min Själ
10 Efterklanger

Friday, May 21, 2010

Barış Manço- 2023 (1975)

Another tight Turkish psych-prog jam from Mr. Barış Manço. 2023 is a futuristic concept LP originally released in 1975. (Open invite to any Turkish speakers- I'd like to know what exactly this album's concept is) Just ripped and uploaded from a new vinyl reissue. 320kbps. Guaranteed highest quality you'll find on the (free) market. Enjoy!


Download Link: Barış Manço- 2023 (1975)

A 1 Acih'da Bağa Vır! 3:37
A 2 Kayalarin Oğlu 2;56
A 3 2023 6:37
A 4 Yol Verin Ağalar Beyler 3:52
A 5 Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım 5:00
B 1 Yine Yol Göründü Gurbete 3:12
B 2 Baykoca Destanı 13:00 (approx)
B 2.1 Gülme Ha , Gülme
B 2.2 Gelinlik Kızların Dansı
B 2.3 Kara Haber - Turnanın Ölümü
B 2.4 Vur Ha , Vur
B 2.5 Durma Ha , Durma
B 3 Tavuklara Kissst De 2:15
B 4 Kol Bastı 7:11

Acid Mothers Temple- Tour CDs & Family Compilation

The AMT put on a great live show. See 'em pretty much every time they come through Portland, thanks to Jastin!

AMT Live:

"Pink Lady Lemonade"

Mediafire Download Links:

Acid Mothership Live (Tour 2008)
1 Galactic Attack No. 1 5:53
2 Dark Stars In The Dazzling Sky 22:21
3 La Le Lo 14:17
4 Pink Lady Lemonade 31:12

Power House of Holy (Tour 2006)
1. Dark Stars In The Dazzling Sky (aka. Dark Star Blues)
2. Pink Lady Lemonade

Do Whatever You Want, Don't Do Whatever You Want- Acid Mother's Temple Family Compilation: Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3

1-1 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.* - Pink Lady Lemonade (You're So Sweet) 60:22
2-1 Floating Flower - Shizuku No Youni 3:30
2-2 Maquiladora - So Far Away 4:32
2-3 Zoffy - Bésamé La Mucho 3:48
2-4 Kido Natsuki* - Disco, Space, Baby 7:41
2-5 Fursaxa - Mon Lion 2:24
2-6 Gopal With Tsuyama Atsushi* - Gandaki Wari G.P. 4:41
2-7 Cosmic Riders - Galactic Bomber (Roll Over Captain Ultra!) 3:33
2-8 Pardons - Pardon Monsieur (Smash Hits Mix) 5:45
2-9 Frédéric - Le Lapin 2:02
2-10 Wild Riders, The - Hello Baby 5:30
2-11 Magic Aum Gigi - Love Potion 26 2:18
2-12 Tsuyama Atsushi* - No More Red Nightmare 3:11
2-13 Alien Social Dance Party* - Blues For Mrs. Triple H 4:10
2-14 Zoffy - White Room 3:04
2-15 Nipponianippon - Valley Of The Wind 7:31
2-16 Seikazoku - Brahmagnpatirana (Early Mix) 4:02
2-17 Father Moo & The Black Sheep - Untitled (Vanishing Version) 0:27
2-18 Ueh - Cambous 5:48
3-1 Kawabata Makoto* & Miyamoto Naoaki* - Concurrence 10:27
3-2 Shogo-nari With Kawabata Makoto* - White Flowers On The Hilltop 5:55
3-3 Space Machine With Kawabata Makoto* - Planet Of Somnolence 13:00
3-4 Uchu - Uchu (Comet Comforter Mix) 8:46
3-5 Tsurubami - Dohkoku 8:47
3-6 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.* - Third Eye Of The Whole World (Long Version) 8:39
3-7 Kawabata Makoto* - I Want You To Kiss Me Again 16:23