Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Travelling Songster & Travellers: Songs, Stories and Tunes from English Gypsies (Topic Records)

Album: TOPIC 12TS304 "The Travelling Songster"
Artists: Phoebe, Minty, Jasper & Levy Smith.
Recorded: Mike Yates 1975-76:
TOPIC album 12TS395 "Travellers."
Songs, Stories and Tunes from English Gypsies.
Travellers by nicholab

Just scored these from Gonzo Archive. Some of the wildest stories & accapellas. All sorts of curses, death & devils...


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Gonzo said...

Welcome chum, glad you like the oddities.
I could do with the information about your player sometime, code, how to set up etc...