Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lal & Mike Waterson- Bright Phoebus (1972)

I've long loved The Watersons' Bright Phoebus, thanks in large part to my buddy Aidan. Its an outright mystery to me why this album hasn't been given the deluxe reissue treatment, with liner notes by Devendra Banhardt, or some such other "freak folk" luminary. Looks like the download link over at Time Has Told Me appears to be defunct, so I've decided to repost. In case you're interested in reading up, here's the THTM rap about this album.
"Bright Phoebus"

"Fine Horseman"

"Magical Man"

Mediafire Download Link: Lal & Mike Waterson- Bright Phoebus 1972


Owl Qaeda said...

i told you before we were charting similar territory. i myself just posted this yesterday ;D i dig how u gave yr buddy who hipped u to it a shout, most don't even bother that kinda sentiment. you're a dam good egg ghostcapital. everyone needs to know about this divine record. the more the merrier eyed say. hope owl is well in stumptown. paz

nicholab said...

That's too funny about the timing. And thanks to yourself for the props. Where are you located anyway, Owl? (I kind of doubt its Peshwar)

gilhodges said...

Searching for a Bright Phoebus DL link to include in my weekly newsletter (R.I.P. Mike Waterson), why am I not shocked to find Owlqaeda and Ghostcapital far ahead of the curve? Great blessings to both you generous gentlefolk.