Monday, May 31, 2010

David Welsh- Blue Lightning Accent (1980)

Blue Lightning Accent is a bona fide holy-grail of idiosyncratic outsider rock. To these ears, David Welsh might just be the electric shredder's Jandek. Check out this article on the Numero Group's blog about a recent Welsh performance in Columbus Ohio. Welsh has also finished his first album in 30 years album under his new name: Jimi Paulix- Posters. A thousand thanks to Dinosaur Mahaffey for passing this one along.

Download Link: David Welsh- Blue Lightning Accent (1980)

1. 6's,9's Tens &Towers
2. The Climb Into Heaven
3. Rock Drummer
4. Water Fall
5. Blue Lightning Accent
6 .The Time Is On
7. Cross Angle
8. Blue Morning
9. Keeping Pace


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Thank you so much for posting this incredible record. It is truly the cure for the blues.

nicholab said...

my pleasure....

Anonymous said...

amazing. i have been wanting to hear this whole album for a very long time. thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

This is great - thanks a lot.


D. Klein said...

Holy shit!
Truly incredible. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any chance for a re-up? Thanks for all.

Charles Hodgson said...

Any chance of re-upping the two David Welsh recordings? THanks!