Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waza: Blue Nile- Sudan (Wergo)

Recorded November 1982 and September to November 1983, in the Blue Nile Province of Sudan with a tape recorder Nagra IV-S and two microphones AKG CK 1.

Download Link: Waza: Blue Nile- Sudan (Wergo)

Waza - Trompeten-Gruppen - Trumpet Ensembles
1 Young Sir 2:04
2 If You Say My Name, I'll Fuck You 2:19
3 Al-Harib (The War) 4:49
4 A White Eagle Comes Into The Village 3:18
5 In Khartoum There Is Plenty Of Money, Nevertheless He Had To Come Back (Because Of Family) 4:01
6 What Are You Doing, Abu Sira? I Am Your Aunt! 3:16
7 What Woman Slept On An Old, Dirty Mat? 1:53
8 Akharo 2:43
9 Abrahiim Is Crying, Where Is My Brother? 2:09
10 Greetings By Aba Musa! 3:29
Bal Naggaro - Flöten-Trommel-Ensembles - Flute-Drum-Ensembles
11 Drum Signal 1:54
12 White Ant 6:06
13 The Little Khawaja Came To Gafilli 5:51
14 Bartha, The Winner 6:08
Balo Shuru - Flöten - Flutes
15 An Evening With The Flute Ensemble 2:24
Abangaran - Gesänge Zur Leier - Songs With Lyre
16 Where Do You Go? 6:50
17 Someone Enchanted A Girl With Black Magic 4:25
18 Oh Boys, Why Are You Waiting At The Water Hole? 3:53
Hokke - Das Erntfest - The Harvest Festival
19 The Harvest Festival 8:58


øשlqaeda said...

dunno what i mighta been doin when you dropped this, but i am happy twas you who shared it bruva. you got these wergo joints locked down mang :) but amazingly not one bloody comment. wtf? ftw! you are the ace of spades

nicholab said...

yeah man. need to keep it moving with the wergo. those folks have got it going on.

Anonymous said...

thanxxxabsolute!i ws looking this since i found the cd iv got w slsk-source mp3 was seriously damaged

Anonymous said...

This is so good I almost don't know what to do.