Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Novi Singers- Novi Sing Chopin (1971)

The Novi Singers were a wildly innovative Polish vocal quartet. Their name is an acronym standing for New Original Vocal Instruments. On this 1971 album, they render their unique style toward a handful of classic Chopin compositions. Highly recommended.

"Preludium E-moll Op. 28 Nr 4"

Mediafire Download Link: The Novi Singers- Novi Sing Chopin (1971)

1 Preludium E-Moll Op. 28 Nr 4
2 Preludium Des-Dur Op. 28 Nr 15
3 Mazurek F-Dur Op. 68 Nr 4
4 Grande Valse Brillante Op. 34 No.2
5 Scherzo H-Moll Op. 20 (Molto Più Lento)
6 Mazurek A-Moll Op. 17 Nr 4
7 Preludium Fis-Dur Op. 28 Nr 14
8 Mazurek E-Moll Op. 41 Nr 2
9 Preludium H-Moll Op. 28 Nr 6
10 Walc Des-Dur Op. 64 Nr 1
11 Ballada F-Moll Op. 52 (Fragment)


PinkJazzCat said...

Truly amazing! Thank you very much!

Owl Qaeda said...

yeppers, a marvelous dig. this is probably my fav from these kids too. as owlwheys, superb taste brother.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much. i tried 2 find this record for a long time.

Bananabang said...

Why you good ass motherfucka!
Nah, truly thanks. Been looking for this for a while :)