Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reportage- Spela Själv (1970)

Weirdo Swedish commune psych from 1970.

february 2010 release ; picture-perfect reissue of this highly obscure(d) 1970 lp (originally released on the pre-caprice expo norr label alongiside sides by thorkell sigurbjörnsson, karl-birger blomdahl, and others) featuring a bunch of amazing field-recorded & tape-sound laced folk-psych instrumentals captured & channeled by solveig bark & tråd grås och stenar / (international) harvester / pärson sound’s bo anders persson ...

travelling throughout sweden that year (landing at many of the yearly festivals more famously worked by tgos & ih-offshoots ) bark & persson both documented & participated in an improvised array of ad-hoc violin, hand-percussion, mouth-harp and bass/guitar/harp “jams”, captured in-situ (along with lots of environmental sounds ; children laughing, wind, crowds) with persson capturing everything in blurry detail on his portable tape-machine (the outcome of which makes up the contents of the music herein) ...more info & audio samples at Mimaroglu Music Sales.

Posted for download at id Reverberations. (Mediafire/ 192)

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