Sunday, September 16, 2012

Escola De Samba Da Cidade ‎– Batucada Nº 3 : The Exciting Rhythm Of The Wild Brazilian Carnival (Philips, 1971)

"This album was conceived and produced by Armando Pittigliani, one of the biggest music producers in Brazil. He produced the first albums of bossa nova by [artists like] Carlos Lyra, Nara Leão, Os Cariocas and Tamba Trio, was also producer of Baden Powell, Jair Rodrigues, CY Quartet, Jackson do Pandeiro, Agnaldo Timothy, Elis Regina, among many others. [He] played an important role in song festivals, as a juror, collaborator and producer. It was he who had the bright idea to record the likely winning songs before the end of the festival. So, when the winner was announced, the recording was ready. The next day, stores had the disc with the winning songs on the shelves....

This album, recorded in 1971, aims to present some typical Brazilian rhythms, especially those related to samba. The album is entirely instrumental, and the rhythms are shown in a very didactic [way]" (Acervo Origens)

A boss 70s brazilian LP of crisply recorded (studio) batucada. Breaks all day for you beat-diggers out there. Many thanks to my compadre, Bill, who was kind enough to rip this outstanding record for GC. Enjoy!

Escola De Samba Da Cidade ‎– Batucada Nº 3 : The Exciting Rhythm Of The Wild Brazilian Carnival (Philips, 1971)***320kbps mp3

1.   Batucada De Apresentação 5:07
2.   Partido Alto 4:15
3.   Samba Em Vários Andamentos 6:53

1.   Apito Na Batucada 3:12
2.   Samba De Roda 5:03
3.   Improvisos Na Batucada 5:05
4.   Ritmo De Macumba 3:55

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Massive Re-Ups #3 (Lots of requests)

Spent most of today getting busy with this massive batch of re-ups. Lots of requests honored down below. Some of these date way, way back to the very first months of GC -- Well before I had a scanner, or was even ripping things in 320, much less lossless. Old-School jams and whatnot.


Wendell Stuart & The Downbeaters (197x, Elite ER-1006)