Monday, July 19, 2010

Peggy Seeger- American Child Ballads

In follow-up to GC's recent Long Harvest megapost, I've crafted a custom selection of my favorite Peggy Seeger songs from what's an otherwise epic tome. A little something for you casual listeners. Seeger sings them lovely, high & lonesome. Tragedy abounds. This is beautiful stuff.

Mediafire Download Link: Peggy Seeger- American Child Ballads

1. Hangman 2:58
2. The Heartless Lady 3:15
3. The Cambric Shirt 3:42
4. The Devil's Nine Questions 2:19
5. Barbry Allan 5:36
6. The Knight And The Shepherd's Daughter 2:19
7. The Fair Damsel From London 4:27
8. The Fatal Flower Garden 2:59
9. Little Saloo 2:26
10. The Burly Burly Banks Of Barbree-O 5:30
11. The Willow Tree 2:34
12. Earl Brand 4:31
13. The Dying Hobo 1:58
14. Young Collins 3:13
15. The Crow Song 2:18
15. Down By The Greenwood Sidey-O 1:32
17. Jimmy Randall 3:54
18. The Three Ravens 1:36
19. Turkish Rover (Canadian) 3:59
20. King Kong Kitchie 2:44
21. The False Fidee 1:59
22. Queen Jane 4:46 23.
23. The Lowlands Of Holland 2:33


jedrific said...

This is great: thank you so much! I loved the songs you posted from this boxed set, but the whole thing was rather sprawling for a neophyte: I really appreciate the tasteful distillation.

You're blog has been making my summer. Thank you for turning me on to so much wonderful music.

Best, Jedrific

Godard said...

Fantastic Selection, Peggy is sublime :)

nicholab said...

thanks for the encouraging words, you two. much appreciated!

HMPZ said...

As jedrific said, 10 volumes are too much for me to digest right now, therefore it's all the more appreciated that you've selected an "abridged version" for a possible new fan of Seeger :-)

Anonymous said...

Primal beauty. Thanks very much.

beetor said...

Thank you so much!