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Erkin Koray- 45rpm Singles 1967-1976

Just discovered this nice little goldmine on an extremely random messageboard in the nether regions of the interweb. After a wee bit of research, I found that it was posted once in early '08 at the Hippy-dj kit. Their link is dead, and this is a must, so enjoy!

From the write-up at Hippy-dj kit:

Erkin Koray (born June 24, 1941), has been in the Turkish rock music scene since the late 1950s. He is widely acclaimed as being the first person to ever play rock and roll in Turkey in 1957, he and his band gained notoriety by playing covers of Elvis Presley and Fats Domino. He was also one of the first Turkish musicians to embrace the electric guitar and modern amplification.
By the late 1960s, he was already a major figure in Turkish psychedelic music and Anatolian Rock, beginning with his first psychedelic single Anma Arkadaş in 1967. Koray followed this with a number of singles, both by himself and in collaboration with others, that established him as a force to be reckoned with on the Turkish rock scene.

Koray became a controversial figure in Turkey during the 1960s and 1970s he was actually assaulted in Istanbul, and on one occasion stabbed, for having long hair.


Mediafire Download Link: Erkin Koray - 45 rpm Singles 1967 - 1976 Turkey

1. Erkin Koray - Anma Arkadaş (4:04)
2. Erkin Koray - Kızları da Alın Askere (3:34)
3. Erkin Koray - Aşk Oyunu (3:08)
4. Erkin Koray - �i�ek Dağı (2:36)
5. Erkin Koray - Hop Hop Gelsin (4:03)
6. Erkin Koray - Sana Birşeyler Olmuş (3:04)
7. Erkin Koray - Seni Her G�rd�ğ�mde (3:19)
8. Erkin Koray - Aşkımız Bitecek (3:19)
9. Erkin Koray - İlahi Morluk (2:36)
10. Erkin Koray - Senden Ayrı (4:16)
11. Erkin Koray - Yağmur (3:37)
12. Erkin Koray - Aşka İnanmıyorum (3:30)
13. Erkin Koray - Hor G�rme Garibi (3:53)
14. Erkin Koray - Z�leyha (5:13)
15. Erkin Koray - Mesafeler (3:37)
16. Erkin Koray - Silinmeyen Hatıralar (4:07)
17. Erkin Koray - Fesuphanallah (3:39)
18. Erkin Koray - Komşu Kızı (4:02)
19. Erkin Koray - Krallar (3:50)
20. Erkin Koray - Dost Acı S�yler (3:05)
21. Erkin Koray - Şaşkın (4:23)
22. Erkin Koray - Eyvah (2:59)
23. Erkin Koray - Estarabim (5:20)
24. Erkin Koray - Sevince (5:14)
25. Erkin Koray - Arap Sa�ı (3:50)
26. Erkin Koray - Tımbıllı (3:52)
27. Erkin Koray - C�mb�r Cemaat (4:46)
28. Erkin Koray - G�n�l Salıncağı (4:08)
29. Erkin Koray - Hayat Bir Teselli (5:18)


icastico said...

The ultimate Turkish archive...

Or at least it was. No recent postings, but the last time I checked it a link, it worked.

nicholab said...

sweet! can't wait to get home and grab this stuff...thanks

Anonymous said...

thanks from Greece!!!

untel said... still remains to be a great resource for info but most links do not work because dear Cemil Yuce, who put that site together, was looking into moving it to another location, but he passed away and is no longer with us.

Pedro Homero said...

thanks for this, anatolian rock / psych is just great!

Sip the Light Umbongo said...

Ahh many many thanks.. a great find. Discovered Erkin a few months back and its great to have more tracks :)

Anonymous said...

yeah erkin koray! king of turkish rock, still active today! great classic songs, 1000s of hits... everybody know them in turkey!
he is working on a new line up with guys from the states, i'm very curious...

thanks for the listing of my blog on your blog list
ghostcapital great blog! so much different stuff i like...

Anonymous said...

a big thank you for putting this together - yoooowser!

Lowdjo said...

Thx for this! just wanted to let you know about my last m!x..


Ozzy said...

Thank you Sir!

Unknown said...

Does anyone have a new link for this?

Brent said...

Also looking for a new link for this, or any of Koray's records. I recently discovered his music, and was in Turkey, I found an original copy of Koray's "2" at a store--it was scratched to hell, and they still wanted about $250 for it!