Friday, July 16, 2010

The Outlaws- Dream of the West (Joe Meek, 1961)

1961 instrumental quasi-western concept outing from Joe Meek's house band. Includes some less over-the-top shades of I Hear a New World. The awesome space/western video below uses the Blue Men & Outlaws versions of two such analogous tracks.

1. The Blue Men - Orbit Around The Moon (1960).
2. The Outlaws - Husky Team (1961).
3. The Blue Men - Entry Of The Globbotts (1960).
4. The Outlaws - Tune For Short Cowboys (1961).

Check it:

"The Outlaws"

Mediafire Download Link: The Outlaws- Dream of the West (Joe Meek, 1961)

1 Dream Of The West
2 The Outlaws
3 Husky Team
4 Rodeo
5 Smoke Signals
6 Ambush
7 Barbecue
8 Spring Is Near
9 Indian Brave
10 Homeward Bound
11 Western Sunset
12 Tune For Short Cowboys


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What a gem!

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