Tuesday, July 20, 2010

John Hassell & Brian Eno- Fourth World, Possible Musics Vol. 1 (Editions E'G, 1980)

I'm going to assume we all know Brian Eno, here.

"Jon Hassell (born March 22, 1937) is an American trumpet player and composer. He is known for his influence in the world music scene and his unusual electronic manipulation of the trumpet sound."(wikipedia)

"...Hassell, a student of both Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pandit Pran Nath, created a deadly combination that would resonate for decades in world-music compositions: the ghostly sound of his trumpet lost in nightmarish electronic background. His trumpet was both a call of the wild and a wail of grief, both as ancestral as possible in a modernist setting." (text from here)


Mediafire Download Link: John Hassell & Brian Eno- Fourth World, Possible Musics Vol. 1

Editions EG EEGCD-7

1980 • 45:05

1 Chemistry (Hassell/Eno) 6:50
2 Delta Rain Dream (Hassell/Eno) 3:26
3 Griot (Over "Contagious Magic") (Hassell) 4:00
4 Ba-Benzélé (Hassell) 6:15
5 Rising Thermal 14° 16' N; 32° 28' E (Hassell/Eno) 3:05
6 Charm (Over "Burundi Cloud") (Hassell) 21:29

Jon Hassell—trumpet, Prophet 5 touches, Arp loops, "Aular" loop
Brian Eno—background cloud guitars, Prophet 5 "Starlight" background, high altitude Prophet, rare MiniMoog & treatments
Percy Jones—bass
Nana Vasconçelos—ghatam, low congas, congas, loop drum
Ayib Dieng—ghatam, low congas, congas
Michael Brook—bass
Paul Fitzgerald—electronics
Jerome Harris—bass
Gordon Philips, Andrew Tomar,
Tina Pearson—handclaps
Night Creatures of Altamira

You can delve deeper into Hassell at Microphones In The Trees and/or Funkysouls.


litlgrey said...

This is an exceptional and unforgettable album.

icastico said...

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M.J. said...

Love this one; I'm lucky enough to have a copy on vinyl