Sunday, July 25, 2010

Robbie Basho- Early & Out of Print

Spent the better part of this morning tracking down the earlier, out-of-print discography of Robbie Basho. I just love zoning-out to this fellow's far out, eastern-tinged guitar and occasional yodels. If you're hip to Fahey & Rick Bishop but don't know Robbie Basho, you should fix that, pronto.

Robbie Basho- The Seal of the Blue Lotus (1965) (

Seal Of The Blue Lotus 7:40
Mountain Man's Farewell 8:38
Dravidian Sunday 6:36
Bardo Blues 7:27
Sansara In Sweetness After Sandstorm 6:08
Black Lotus - Hymn To Fugen 9:04

Robbie Basho- The Grail & The Lotus (1966) (@ gaia-black-circle)
The Grail & The Lotus 6:02
The Dharma Prince 10:06
Oriental Love Song 5:57
The Golden Shamrock 8:43
Street Dakini 6:31
Chung Mei - The Chinese Orchid 8:10

Robbie Basho- Basho Sings! (1967)
A1 Salangadou
A2 Dance Colinda
A3 Katari Takawaitha
A4 Basket Full Of Dragons
A5 Solilquoy
A6 Tibetian Bach
B1 Allons Au Ball Colinda
B2 Basho's Blues
B3 Black Mare Moan
B4 New Lhassa New Year's Chorale

Robbie Basho- Venus in Cancer (1969) (

Venus In Cancer 9:30
Eagle Sails The Blue Diamond Waters 6:45
Kowaka D'Amour 9:45
Song For The Queen 9:30
Cathedrals Et Fleur De Lis 8:00
Wine Song (Sweet Wine Of Love) 5:50

Robbie Basho- Song of the Stallion (1971) (
A1 Song Of The Stallion 4:59
A2 A North American Raga 11:18
A3 The Lady She Is Waiting 5:01
B1 Roses And Snow 7:42
B2 California Raga 9:11
B3 The Hajj 5:12
B4 Khatum 2:03

Robbie Basho- The Voice of the Eagle (1972) (
A1 The Voice of the Eagle 7:19
A2 Wounded Knee Soliloquy 5:31
A3 Blue Corn Serenade 10:42
B1 Joseph 5:20
B2 Omaha Tribal Prayer 3:35
B3 Sweet Medicine 4:50
B4 Roses and Gold 3:04
B5 Moving Up A'Ways 6:33

Robbie Basho- Zarthus (1974) (
A1 Zarthus 2:55
A2 Khoda E Gul E Abe 9:31
A3 Mehera 3:20
A4 Khalil Gibran
A5 Bride Divine
B1 Rhapsody in Drz 19:54

(V/A) Contemporary Guitar- Spring 1967 (
A1 Max Ochs - Raga
A2 John Fahey - Sampler
A3 Bukka White - Old Man Walking Blues
B1 Max Ochs - Raga
B2 Harry Taussig - Water Verses
B3 Harry Taussig - Children's Dance
B4 Robbie Basho - The Thousand Incarnations of the Rose


Jerry Orbach said...

If you need any of these to fill out your collection, then let me know. Obviously, the earlier works are the best, but there's still some good things to be found in the later stuff

Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12
Bonn ist Supreme
Rainbow Thunder
The Falconer's Arm I & II
The Voice Of The Eagle
twilight peaks
Visions of the country

Jerry Orbach said...

And if you're still in the mood for more stuff of this sort you might like these (that is, if you don't already have them)

Oh, if you still want The Boards of Canada e.p. I can upload it for you.

nicholab said...

Thanks Jerry! Actually, I couldn't pin down The Voice of The Eagle, and haven't tried yet for Visons of the Country. So, either or both of those would be much appreciated. Paz.

Jerry Orbach said...

Here you go.

nicholab said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like the grown so ugly blog has died. FYI. In case you want to post your own rips.

Burningbluesoul said...

If anmybody has the Grail and the Lotus, it would be AWESOME if you could post it not that Grown So Ugly has moved into the realm of blog ghostland.

nick said...

the grail & the lotus


will update the post soon.

Anonymous said...

Contemporary Guitar Spring 67 here:

HMPZ said...

Thank you for linking to those great records !

Anonymous said...

thanks lots

Anonymous said...

Can someone post a link to rainbow thunder it's the only one I can't find? thanks for all the great links!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a link to rainbow thunder I'd love to hear it!

LeeBx said...

Another re up of The Grail & The Lotus would be great. Alternately, you could just sell me yr vinyl copy...

Claude Overleaf said...

Pathfinder by Robbie Basho from the 1981 L.P. Rainbow Thunder. meshed with a Condensed cut-up pf Peter Fonda's The Hired Hand...ENJOY!

Claude Overleaf said...

Pathfinder by Robbie Basho from his 1981 L.P. Rainbow Thunder(Late but Great) Meshed with a condensed cut-up of Peter Fonda's elegiac Western The Hired Hand (1971).....ENJOY!