Monday, October 31, 2011

The Falcons - You're So Fine : The Falcons' Story Part One (Flick 8005)

"The Falcons were certainly one of the most underrated and unappreciated of the hundreds of vocal groups who recorded rhythm and blues in the mid-to-late 1950's. Usually ignpred by ardent fans of r&b group harmony who preferred the smooth stylings of the Moonglows, Five Keys, or Spaniels to the rougher, gospel-tinged tones of the Falcons, the guys from Detroit are more often venerated for the great lead singers who once sang with the group. How many other r&b groups could boast both an Eddie Floyd and a Wilson Pickett, not to mention the great Joe Stubbs, lead on "You're So Fine," or Mack Rice, later of "Mustang Sally" fame?...

This, the first Falcons' album ever, spotlights the versatility and talent of Eddie Floyd and Joe Stubbs, two powerful lead voices who could shine on any kind of r&b songs. Whether it be traditional group harmony ballads, jumps, or the gospel-influenced melodies of "You're Mine" or "You're So Fine," the raw talent and professionalism of the group are evident....[T]his LP contains ten unreleased songs by the group from their first recording sessions in the late fifties." (Cover Notes)

"Often credited as having cut the first true soul record in 1959 with "You're So Fine," a host of '60s soul stars called themselves Falcons at one time or another, including founder Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett, Sir Mack Rice, and 100 Proof Aged in Soul's Joe Stubbs. Originally an integrated R&B group headed by Floyd, the Falcons debuted on Mercury in 1955. Under the production aegis of Robert West, the Falcons' sound became more gospel-based as time passed, and with Stubbs as lead, the seminal "You're So Fine" was a major hit in 1959." - Bill Dahl

Rare & killer r&b from Detroit's Falcons, whom, retrospectively, can easily be considered something of an early soul supergroup. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

DL: The Falcons - You're So Fine : The Falcons' Story Part One (Flick 8005)

1. You're So Fine 2:27
2. Please Don't Leave Me Dear 2:13
3. Just For Your Love 2:12
4. (When) You're In Love 2:33
5. Girl Of My Dreams 2:02
6. LetItBeMe 2:29
7. Goddess Of Angels 2:47
8. Sent Up 2:37
9. You're Mine 2:17
10. Baby That's It 2:13
11. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere 2:04
12. I Wonder 2:27
13. Juke Hop 1:45
14. No Time For Fun 1:57
15. Whose Little Girl Are You 2:22
16. I'll Never Find Another Girl Like You 2:09

Sunday, October 30, 2011

(V/A) -- Unholy Hymns: Written in Blood Vol. 6 (Left-Handed Label, 2011)

As Samhain rapidly approaches, the one & only Nate Ashley has just dropped off a surprise 6th volume in his essential Written In Blood soundtrack series. Dig:

"In keeping with the rest of the Written In Blood series, Unholy Hymns offers more classic, out-of-print, or unreleased horror soundtrack music. Taken from DVD or VHS sources when unattainable elsewhere; I tried to get the best quality available to provide an enjoyable listening exprience for the music connoisseur. Charles Berstein and Stelvio Cipriani were stand out composers for me on this volume, while Luchi De Jesus's track "Diggin' For Parts" proved to be nearly impossible to find, but worth every funky second. Hope you have a horribly fun time with these sinfully good songs." ~ Nate

DL: (V/A) -- Unholy Hymns: Written in Blood Vol. 6 (Left-Handed Label, 2011) *Reupped 7/20/12

V/A- Written in Blood *320 upgrades added all week @ Nate Ashley’s new blog

1. The Fog (Main theme/Reprise) / John Carpenter
2. Incubi Ricorrenti 1 (Opening Titles) / Stelvio Cipriani & Goblin
3. Inside Out / Michelini, Luciano
4. Night Stalker / Gil Melle
5. Cambi di Umore (Valentina) / Ferrio, Gianni
6. The Secret Of Dorian Gray / Peppino De Luca
7. Vento Dautunno / Bruno Nicolai
8. Non Puo' Essere Vero / Ennio Morricone
9. Seq. 7 / Gianfranco Coletta & Mauro Lusini (as Trans Europa Express)
10. Werewolves On Wheels (edit) / Don Gere
11. Underwater Mood / Stelvio Cipriani
12. Fixed Idea / Pulsar Music Ltd.
13. Zombie Parade / Nico Fidenco
14. Matthias the Victor (edit) / Ron Grainer
15. Seq. 17 / Gianfranco Coletta & Mauro Lusini (as Trans Europa Express)
16. Indagando / Luis Bacalov
17. Diggin' For Parts / Luchi De Jesus
18. The Other Face (9) / Roma Violenta
19. From Another World / Nico Fidenco
20. Malcontento Popolare / Alessandro Alessandroni
21. Blue Song (#3) / Guido E Maurizio De Angelis
22. End Credits / Charles Bernstein
23. It's Still Alive / Michelini, Luciano
24. Silent Hill / Stanton Shows
25. Opening / Jeff Grace
26. Voci Dal Nulla / Fabio Frizzi
27. Pursuited - Jennifer's Recall / Bruno Nicolai

Thursday, October 27, 2011

(V/A) -- Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Hair - Norwegian Folk Jazz 1971-77 (Plastic Strip, 2009)

"...[T]his release aims to present the early folk jazz scene in Norway between the years 1971-1977, when the Norwegian folk song heritage was interpreted in different progressive ways by some of Norway’s top musicians.?This compilation contains music from the different folk jazz LP releases by Anne Karin Tønset & Harald Gundhus Å de va du, å de va je; Various artists Østerdalsmusikk; Egil ‘Bop’ Johansen Samse tak!I; Roy Hellvin Roy Hellvin; Arne Domnérus Sekstett Ja, vi älskar; Søyr Søyr; Christian Eggen Ufuge as well as unreleased recordings by Egil Kapstad and Helge Hurum & Birgitte Grimstad taken from the NRK Radio Archives.

The music ranges from the beautiful trio recordings by Egil Kapstad and Roy Hellvin to the psych excursions by Egil "Bop" Johansen with Terje Rypdal on fuzzrock madness. You will hear some obscure dancefloor fillers by Østerdalsmusikk and Anne Karine Tønset & Harald Gundhus, the latin grooves of the band Søyr and for the first time you will get to listen to banned jazz version of the Norwegian national anthem Ja vi elsker by Arne Domnerus Sextett which caused a national outcry when it first was released in 1976. ?But the jazz musicians found in this compilation weren't the first musicians to reclaim traditional Norwegian folk music in a modern context: Norwegian classical composers like Edvard Grieg and Harald Sæverud had already been diggin` in the crates and used folk melodies in their compositions since the late 19th century. The first Norwegian folk jazz tune was recorded way back in 1929: Norwegian Jazz fantasy part 1 & 2 by Kristian Hauger Jazzorkester. A major breakthrough occurred in 1963 when Swedish pianist Jan Johansson released the album Jazz på svenska (Jazz in Swedish) - combining modal jazz improvisations with Swedish folk songs."(Plastic Strip)

A nicely rewarding set of of groovy 70s, folk-inspired jazz compositions out of Norway. This fine 320 rip was kindly thrown this way by none other than owlqaeda, supreme reigning champion of musical web-fu, after helping him out with a some small bit of amateur typography on his killer new mixtape. Big thanks friend for keeping me afloat with this -- October has been tough on me, and its its been a minute since I've managed to up a proper rip. Enjoy.

...And more vinyl from ye olde personal stash coming up in the next few days.

DL: (V/A) -- Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Hair - Norwegian Folk Jazz 1971-77 (Plastic Strip, 2009)

1 Anne Karin Tønset & Harald Gundhus – Sautrall 3:42
2 Anne Karin Tønset & Harald Gundhus – Hallingen Åt'n Nystuen 4:45
3 Østerdalsmusikk – Bukkehornlåt 4:36
4 Østerdalsmusikk – Pols 3:16
5 Egil "Bop" Johansen – Samse Tak 5:51
6 Egil "Bop" Johansen – Pålevise 3:49
7 Egil Kapstad – Jag Lagde Meg Så Silde 2:17
8 Roy Hellvin – Hu Hei, Kor Er Det Vel Friskt Og Lett Oppå Fjellet 4:25
9 Helge Hurum / Birgitte Grimstad – Setermorgen 5:25
10 Helge Hurum – Det Va Je Og Det Va Du / Setervollsdans 3:54
11 Arne Domnérus Sekstett – Ja, Vi Älskar 2:22
12 Arne Domnérus Sekstett – Över Berg Og Dalar 3:41
13 Søyr – Halling Nr.2 6:09
14 Christian Eggen – Bondepreludium 1:13
15 Christian Eggen – Sæterjentas Tirsdagskvæd 2:13
16 Christian Eggen – Å hvis je' var i bøgda No.1 2:32
17 Christian Eggen – A' Marit Rop In Karane Tel Duggur'n 2:20
18 Christian Eggen – Revejakt 2:01
19 Christian Eggen – Kulokk 1:30
20 Christian Eggen – Å Hvis Je' Var I Bøgda Nr. 2 1:45
21 Christian Eggen – Ufuge 1:54
22 Christian Eggen – Postludium 0:23

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Ghost Capital II (A Mixtape)

Hey friends, this here's the second mixtape I've had the honor of curating for Aquarium Drunkard . This time, I thought I'd try to pretend that I'm a regular DJ on their weekly show. A generous helping of new & favorite rock, folk & soul rotation from ye olde home studio (aka my living room). The way I see it, AD blends dusty golden grooves and real-time cool with such admirable integrity, that I thought it would be fun to try my hand at it too. A good excuse to flip the script on myself. Not sure I really pulled it off, per se, but I sure had a good time trying. Dan Melchior, Mikal Cronin, Moon Duo, Mariee Sioux, and my pal Mike Coykendall lend their blessed talents to the more contemporary angle. (And FYI - Mike's song is as-of-yet unreleased. It's featured his excellent new album, which he's currently shopping around to various labels, etc.) At times, the flow does embody something of a somber mood. Just couldn't be helped. I do hope, for better or worse, that the downer vibe does resonate with some of you readers. And if you have Sirius/XM access you can tune to AD's weekly program this Friday at noon. I'm totally hosting the show. Also, big ups to the benevolent Owl for throwing me the Gene Clark joint. And love to Eugene Von Bruenchenhein for the stunning image up yonder. Word.

"Our mixtape series returns with our second set featuring Nick Barbery of the Portland, OR based Ghost Capital. Find his first entry, here. With an ear bent toward the obscure and out-of-print, digging globally, Ghost Capital mines the secret shafts of psych, folk, blues and beyond."

Ghost Capital is my guest, this Friday, during the second hour of the AD show on SIRIUS/XMU.

Grab it: Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Ghost Capital II (A Mixtape) *Re-upped 7/20/12 via Adrive

Side A

1. I Go To Sleep (Demo Version) / The Kinks
2. Casey’s Last Ride / Kris Kristofferson
3. Nothing To Be Done / The Pastels
4. Poison Pete’s Holiday / Dan Melchior und Das Menace
5. Green and Blue / Mikal Cronin
6. Psychedelic Texas / The McGoohans
7. As Long As I Have You / Garnet Mimms
8. Lead Me On / Bobby “Blue” Bland
9. Little Baby / The Blue Rondos 1
10. Love On My Brain / Jim Ford
11. Katie Cruel / Karen Dalton
12. Supernatural / Vic Chesnutt

Side B

1. Mr. Fly / Mike Coykendall
2. Full Circle Song / Gene Clark
3. Late again / Stealers Wheel
4. No Place to Fall / Townes Van Zandt
5. Winter / Moon Duo
6. Frowning Atahuallpa — My Inca Love (Ghostcapital Edit) / Tyrannosaurus Rex
7. Air / Incredible String Band
8. Naked Ladies & Electric Ragtime / Michael Chapman
9. Buried In Teeth (45 Version) / Mariee Sioux
10. Tea / Michael Hurley
11. Duchess / Scott Walker
12. I Get Up (Ghostcapital Edit) / Yes
13. Waltz For A Spaniel / Tony, Caro And John

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Les 4 Guaranis- 2ème Récital (BAM LD304, 1953)

Romantic folk harmonies and more from this versatile Paraguayan string band. Recorded in 1953. Cool Paraguayan harps throughout. 10" microgroove LP release on the french label, La Boite a Musique. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Full scans included.

Les 4 Guaranis- 2ème Récital (BAM LD304, 1953)

1. Che Lucero Aguai 2:24
2. Hasta Otro Dia 2:08
3. Llegada 2:25
4. Ay Para Navidad 2:00
5. Burrerita 3:31
6. Zamba de Mi Pago 3:24
7. Que Bonito es el Carmelo 2:44
8. India 4:17
9. La Tropilla 1:56
10. Virginia 2:31
11. Vidala del Culampaja 4:13

Friday, October 7, 2011

(V/A) 'Spiew Juchasa: Song of the Shepherd -- Songs of the Slavic Americans (New World Records, 1977 **NW283)

"[This] record offers a concentrated look at one area of eastern Europe through the music of its transplanted peoples.The many other recordings deserve attention and further reissuing, as does the music of all the others they have made over the years equally who brought old traditions to the New World and preserved them for us on recordings." (New World Records)

Yet another richly rewarding Dick Spottswood project, released by New World Records in 1977 in their crucial LP series supporting the Recorded Anthology of American Music (*now known as DRAM) around the time of of the U.S. Bicentennial (thanks for the lead, Gil). 78rpms of raw Polish & Ukranian delights. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. PDF of the liner notes included. Dig it.

(V/A) 'Spiew Juchasa: Song of the Shepherd -- Songs of the Slavic Americans (New World Records, 1977 **NW283) *Re-upped 7/20/12

Side A

1. J. Baczkowskiego Orkiestra - Oberek Pulawiak (Oberek from Pulawy)
2. Orkiestra Dukli - Zawzieta Dziewczyna (Stubborn Girl)
3. Orkiestra Karol Stoch - Wspomnienia Sabaly (Reminiscences of Sabala)
4. Bruno Rudzinski - "Na Obi Nogi" Polka ("On Two Feet" Polka)
5. Sichelski i Bachleda i Karola Stocha Oryginalna Góralska Muzyk - Piesn Zbójników (Song of the Bandits)
6. Sichelski i Bachleda i Karol Stoch - Nie Bede Sie Zynl (I Will Not Marry)
7. Karola Stocha Oryginalna Muzyka Góralska - ’Spiew Juchasa (Song of the Shepherd)
8. Sichelski i Bachleda i Karola Stocha Oryginalna Góralska Muzyk - Zakopianska Piosnka (Song from Zakopane)
9. Sichelski i Bachleda w/Karol Stoch - Dye Se Dolu Bialka (Down the Bialka Valley)

Side B

1. Ukrainska Orchestra Pawla Humeniuka - Kozak Zawydija (Fast Kozak)
2. Ukrainska Orchestra i Chor Pawla Humeniuka - Bohacki Zaruczyny (Engagement Ceremony Among the Rich)
3. Ukrainska Orchestra Pawla Humeniuka - Na Wesiliu Pid Chatoju (At a Wedding Under The Eaves)
4. Ukrainska Selska Orchestra - Ukrainskyj Trisak (Ukrainian Trisak)
5. Wiejska Czwórka "Bracia Kuzian" - Sztajer z Gory Baraniej (Dance from the Sheep Mountains)
6. Ukrainska Orchestra Michala Thomas - Hutzulka w Semereczyni (Hutzulka from Semereczyn)
7. Zlozyw i Widohraw Solo Skrypkowe Pawlo Humeniuk - Poprawyny (Second-Day Feast)
8. Zlozyw i Widohraw Solo Skrypkowe Pawlo Humeniuk - Wiwczar na Supylci (Shepherd Playing the Flute)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

(V/A) -- Eileen Aroon (Ghostcapital + Holywarbles c120 Mixtape *Autumn 2011)

A wealth of autumnal glory. The reflective third volume in our Holy*Ghost mixtape continuum. Spectral folk traditions from the British Isles, and beyond. And beyond the beyond...At 120 minutes, Owl & I ran the gauntlet from joy to sorrow (and back again) to get this magic right. We do hope you enjoy it.

(V/A) -- Eileen Aroon c120 (Ghostcapital + Holywarbles Mixtape *Autumn 2011)

Side A (Holy)

01. Kathleen McPeake ~ Eileen Aroon, 1963
02. John Jacob Niles ~ John Henry, 1940
03. Barbara Dickson ~ Down In Yon Forest, 1969
04. Tia Blake ~ Rising of the Moon, 1971
05. Peggy Zeitlin ~ Spin Spider Spin, 196x?
06. Shirley Collins ~ Bonnie Boy, 1967
07. Anne Briggs ~ Living By The Water, 1971
08. Bert Jansch ~ Wishing Well, 1968
09. Lal Waterson & Bob Davenport ~ Child Among The Weeds, 1972
10. Donald MacLeod & Congregation ~ Stroudwater - Psalm 46 vv. I & 2, 1975
11. Trees Community ~ Psalm 45 [owl edit], 1975
12. Baby Dee ~ Look What the Wind Blew In, 2001
13. Sibylle Baier ~ I Lost Something In the Hills, 1970
14. Bonnie White ~ The Dragon's Song, 1971
15. Jan & Lorraine ~ Number 33, 1969
16. Tower Recordings ~ The Nine Billion Names of God, 1997
17. Agincourt ~ When I Awoke, 1970
18. Amps For Christ ~ Edward, 1998
19. David Mitchell & Denis Roughan ~ Grey Funnel Line, 1991

Side B (Ghost)

1. David Hammond ~ Tis Pretty to Be in Ballinderry, 1959
2. Sweeney's Men ~ Willy O' Winsbury, 1968
3. Martin Carthy ~ The Wind That Shakes the Barley, 1965
4. A.L. Lloyd & Alf Edwards ~ The Unfortunate Rake, 1960
5. Edith Perrin ~ When I Die, 1941
6. Michael Coleman ~ Tarbolton, Longford Collector, The Sailor's Bonnet, 193x?
7. Fred and Finvola Redden ~ The Banks of Claudy, 1956
8. Shirley Collins ~ The Irish Girl, 1959
9. Peggy Seeger ~ The Three Ravens, 1967
10. John Sheridan ~ Killarney, Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, 1928
11. Deirdre Ní Fhloinn ~ Seotholó Thoil (Hush-a-by My Dear), 1958
12. Dave Swarbrick ~ My Singing Bird, 1976
13. Peter Bellamy ~ A-Roving On A Winter's Night, 1979
14. Jean Ritchie ~ One I Love, 1965
15. Aidan Coughlan ~ In My Youth, 2005
16. Planxty ~ Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór, 1973
17. Nic Jones ~ Farewell to the Gold, 1980
18. Jack Armstrong, Chevy Chase ~ The Cott 19xx?
19. The McPeake Family ~ Will Ye Go Lassie, Go, 1963