Thursday, October 27, 2011

(V/A) -- Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Hair - Norwegian Folk Jazz 1971-77 (Plastic Strip, 2009)

"...[T]his release aims to present the early folk jazz scene in Norway between the years 1971-1977, when the Norwegian folk song heritage was interpreted in different progressive ways by some of Norway’s top musicians.?This compilation contains music from the different folk jazz LP releases by Anne Karin Tønset & Harald Gundhus Å de va du, å de va je; Various artists Østerdalsmusikk; Egil ‘Bop’ Johansen Samse tak!I; Roy Hellvin Roy Hellvin; Arne Domnérus Sekstett Ja, vi älskar; Søyr Søyr; Christian Eggen Ufuge as well as unreleased recordings by Egil Kapstad and Helge Hurum & Birgitte Grimstad taken from the NRK Radio Archives.

The music ranges from the beautiful trio recordings by Egil Kapstad and Roy Hellvin to the psych excursions by Egil "Bop" Johansen with Terje Rypdal on fuzzrock madness. You will hear some obscure dancefloor fillers by Østerdalsmusikk and Anne Karine Tønset & Harald Gundhus, the latin grooves of the band Søyr and for the first time you will get to listen to banned jazz version of the Norwegian national anthem Ja vi elsker by Arne Domnerus Sextett which caused a national outcry when it first was released in 1976. ?But the jazz musicians found in this compilation weren't the first musicians to reclaim traditional Norwegian folk music in a modern context: Norwegian classical composers like Edvard Grieg and Harald Sæverud had already been diggin` in the crates and used folk melodies in their compositions since the late 19th century. The first Norwegian folk jazz tune was recorded way back in 1929: Norwegian Jazz fantasy part 1 & 2 by Kristian Hauger Jazzorkester. A major breakthrough occurred in 1963 when Swedish pianist Jan Johansson released the album Jazz på svenska (Jazz in Swedish) - combining modal jazz improvisations with Swedish folk songs."(Plastic Strip)

A nicely rewarding set of of groovy 70s, folk-inspired jazz compositions out of Norway. This fine 320 rip was kindly thrown this way by none other than owlqaeda, supreme reigning champion of musical web-fu, after helping him out with a some small bit of amateur typography on his killer new mixtape. Big thanks friend for keeping me afloat with this -- October has been tough on me, and its its been a minute since I've managed to up a proper rip. Enjoy.

...And more vinyl from ye olde personal stash coming up in the next few days.

DL: (V/A) -- Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Hair - Norwegian Folk Jazz 1971-77 (Plastic Strip, 2009)

1 Anne Karin Tønset & Harald Gundhus – Sautrall 3:42
2 Anne Karin Tønset & Harald Gundhus – Hallingen Åt'n Nystuen 4:45
3 Østerdalsmusikk – Bukkehornlåt 4:36
4 Østerdalsmusikk – Pols 3:16
5 Egil "Bop" Johansen – Samse Tak 5:51
6 Egil "Bop" Johansen – Pålevise 3:49
7 Egil Kapstad – Jag Lagde Meg Så Silde 2:17
8 Roy Hellvin – Hu Hei, Kor Er Det Vel Friskt Og Lett Oppå Fjellet 4:25
9 Helge Hurum / Birgitte Grimstad – Setermorgen 5:25
10 Helge Hurum – Det Va Je Og Det Va Du / Setervollsdans 3:54
11 Arne Domnérus Sekstett – Ja, Vi Älskar 2:22
12 Arne Domnérus Sekstett – Över Berg Og Dalar 3:41
13 Søyr – Halling Nr.2 6:09
14 Christian Eggen – Bondepreludium 1:13
15 Christian Eggen – Sæterjentas Tirsdagskvæd 2:13
16 Christian Eggen – Å hvis je' var i bøgda No.1 2:32
17 Christian Eggen – A' Marit Rop In Karane Tel Duggur'n 2:20
18 Christian Eggen – Revejakt 2:01
19 Christian Eggen – Kulokk 1:30
20 Christian Eggen – Å Hvis Je' Var I Bøgda Nr. 2 1:45
21 Christian Eggen – Ufuge 1:54
22 Christian Eggen – Postludium 0:23


Brakhage said...

Nice! If you don't know Jan Johansson's 'Jazz på Svenska' LP check it out ... Swedish folk jazz

Flash Strap said...

Hate to hear of your sufferings. Hang in there, man. Let me know if there's anything a distant friend can do to ease the burden.

As for this drop- it's sublime, and couldn't come at a more perfect time of year.

IX said...

I second that Jan Johansson recommendation. I have a low quality rip, I'd be happy to share (or have improved ;) ).

RRR said...

Thanks boys. Loving it