Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bowerbirds- Mississippi Studios, PDX 8/2/09

I took Lex to see Bowerbirds last week. We had a fantastic time. She even wrote a great little piece about it for her blog, Girl In The Holocene...

Bowerbirds- August 2nd, 2009

Last night Nick & I saw the Bowerbirds at Mississippi Studios, which is quite near my new place. It is not the first show I’ve seen since the Little One was born, but it was the very best show. Their new record, Upper Air, has been in frequent rotation since it came out.

There’s a lot to love about their music, but the most compelling thing to me is the constant connection to nature in the lyrics. There’s a real romance with the natural world in their songs (and their lives, it seems, read their blog Olive Hearts). Working on my book, I often felt like I was geeking out with the references to glaciers and whales and moss and birds, like others would find this maudlin. But I wanted the natural world to be a character with whom the heroine has a profound and complicated relationship. When I listen to Bowerbirds I feel a kinship, in this way.

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My Mind- Path Masher

I found a special message from Mr. Tim Westberg of Philadelphia's most excellent spazz-pop wizards, My Mind, waiting in my inbox just the other day. So rad! If you don't already know, you need to dig this awesomeness-

My Mind has finally finished our first record! "Path Masher" is eleven songs on a 7" with a lovely front-artwork by Margaret Rolicki (click here or see attached file for a scan of the art and inserts).

If you'd like a copy of the record, please reply to with your current mailing address and I'd be delighted to send you one.

If you don't have a turntable/record player, here are the mp3s.
A few of the songs have been posted to our myspace page, so please have a listen.

Couple other things:
  • In mid-August (probably Friday, Aug. 14th at 4500 Kingsessing) Hot Guts and we will do a "proper" release show for this record and the new Hot Guts 7" (also on Badmaster).
  • "U.S. Out of My Mind/Stay Out of the Territories" -- a 60 minute cassette tape of improvised "jamz" and a couple of remixes from the same source material, featuring vocal and bass guitar contributions from Drums Like Machine Guns' Brian Morsberger. Soon available from Linear B Tapes.
  • I've begun posting music at, so please have a look/listen.