Friday, April 30, 2010

V/A- Yellow Pills: Prefill (Numero 004)

Yellow Pills: Prefill is a rocking powerpop rarities compilation, and the 4th release from the consistently incredible Numero Group . Since its now officially out of print, we've made it available for download here at Ghostcapital. Enjoy!

Download Link: Yellow Pills: Prefill (Numero004)

From the Numero Site:

SOLD OUT! You read that correctly, Yellow Pills is officially the first Numero title to go out of print. We encourage you to download it, for free or otherwise, and if you'd like the booklet, tray card, and slipcase, we've got plenty for the low low price of (postage paid). In 1993 Jordan Oakes curated his initial Yellow Pills release, the first of a series collecting power pop essentials from 20/20, Dwight Twilley, The Rubinoos, The Plimsouls, and five dozen others. The series rapidly became the sonic rosetta stone for a newer generation of poppers who, sans the skinny ties, held true to the power pop manifesto of harmony, melody and ringing, rocking 6 and 12 string guitars.

Yellow Pills O.D.'s

When we started Numero near-on seven years ago, we envisioned keeping every number in print. We had this romantic idea of someday making a 100 album box set that comes packaged with its own shelving unit. Retail price? Way too much.

That dream dies today.

Despite our best efforts to lock down an extension for all of the tracks on Yellow Pills: Prefill, we were unable to get one artist to accept our standard Most Favored Nations deal. As we have less than 40 copies of the double CD in stock , it makes sense to put the record gently to sleep instead of destroying a repress at the eleventh hour.


1-1 Luxury (4) - Green Hearts 3:01
1-2 Tweeds - I Need That Record 3:21
1-3 Colors, The (7) - All I Want 1:58
1-4 Speedies, The - You Need Pop 2:26
1-5 Shoes - Like I Told You 2:36
1-6 Sponsors, The - In And Out Of Love 2:34
1-7 Bats, The (2) - Not My Girl Anymore 3:20
1-8 Tweeds - She's The Girl (Who Said No) 3:09
1-9 Randy Winburn - Somebody Else's Girl 2:52
1-10 Luxury (4) - One In A Million 2:27
1-11 Toms, The - Sun 3:47
1-12 Luxury (4) - Countdown 2:30
1-13 Colors, The (7) - Rave It Up 2:17
1-14 Speedies, The - 1-2-3 3:09
1-15 Kids, The (4) - Hey Little Girl 2:12
1-16 Bats, The (2) - Mr. Peculiar 3:06
2-1 Toms, The - (I Wanna Be A) Teen Again 4:01
2-2 Bats, The (2) - Not Easy For Me 3:38
2-3 Treble Boys - Julie-Anne 2:45
2-4 Tommy Boy - Dream Rocker 3:17
2-5 Sponsors, The - Love I Can't Wait 1:32
2-6 Colors, The (7) - Growing Up American 2:10
2-7 Finns - Hello Mr. Jenkins 3:54
2-8 Tactics, The - Things I Am 2:33
2-9 Treble Boys - One Kiss 2:40
2-10 Trend, The (2) - She's Hi-Fi 2:17
2-11 LMNOP - Forever Through The Sun 3:12
2-12 Jack Stack A Track - Good Time Music 3:11
2-13 Randy Winburn - Sunshine U.S.A. 3:44
2-14 Toms, The - House Of Horrors 3:15
2-15 Brat - Long Time Away 2:59
2-16 Kids, The (4) - There Goes My Heart Again 1:57
2-17 Trend, The (2) - (I Feel Like A) Dictionary 2:28

La Monte Young- Theatre of Eternal Music & The Well-Tuned Piano

Two seminal long-form releases by influential American minimalist composer, La Monte Young.
This Theatre of Eternal Music release was a 1974 album recorded with Marian Zazeela.
"Pre Tortoise Dream Music" (Pt. 1)

"Young considers The Well Tuned Piano—a permutating composition of themes and improvisations for just-intuned solo piano—to be his masterpiece...One of the defining works of American musical minimalism, it is strongly influenced by mathematical composition as well as Hindustani classical music practice." (Wikipedia)

"The Well-Tuned Piano" (first portion of Pt. 1)

Mediafire Download Links:
Young/ Zazeela- Theatre of Eternal Music
The Well-Tuned Piano (Part One & Part Two)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baligh Hamdi & Magid Khan- Indo Arabic Varitiations

Egyptian Composer Baligh Hamdi meets Indian sitarist Magid Khan. Great Stuff. Here's an excellent review pulled from Waxidermy. Thanks again to "Owl", my semi-anonymous source for this one.

Mediafire Download Link: Baligh Hamdi & Maid Khan- Indo Arabic Variations

Cheap Trick- In Color (Steve Albini Mix)

Cheap Trick re-recorded In Color with Steve Albini in 1997, because they were unsatisfied with that album's original mix. Here's the unreleased (and in parts, unfinished) bootleg. It rules.

Mediafire Download Link: Cheap Trick- In Color (Steve Albini Mix)

"Hello There" (Live from Budokan)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Black Tamborine "For Ex-Lovers Only"

Kind of feeling this song right now- Its the lead track from the recently released Black Tambourine retrospective on Slumberland Records. As a native Virginian with a (sort-of) indie rock pedigree, I just can't believe I'd never heard Black Tambourine before now.

V/A- Creation Soup (Box Set)

Five cd box set of the first 50 singles released by influential British indie stalwarts, Creation Records.
Mediafire Download Link: Creation Soup- Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 5

Creation Soup Volume One [CRECD 101]
1 Legend, The* - 73 In 83
2 Legend, The* - You Were Glamorous
3 Legend, The* - Melt The Guns
4 Revolving Paint Dream - Flowers In The Sky
5 Revolving Paint Dream - In The Afternoon
6 Biff Bang Pow! - Fifty Years Of Fun
7 Biff Bang Pow! - Then When I Scream
8 Jasmine Minks, The - Think
9 Jasmine Minks, The - Work For Nothing
10 Pastels, The - Something's Going On
11 Pastels, The - Stay With Me 'til Morning
12 X-Men* - Do The Ghost
13 X-Men* - Talk
14 Biff Bang Pow! - There Must Be A Better Life
15 Biff Bang Pow! - Chocolate Elephant Man
16 Jasmine Minks, The - Where The Traffic Goes
17 Jasmine Minks, The - Mr. Magic
18 Loft, The - Why Does The Rain
19 Loft, The - Like
20 Legend, The* - Sings The Blues
21 Legend, The* - Arrogant Bastards

Creation Soup Volume Two [CRECD 102]
1 Pastels, The - Million Tears 2:54
2 Pastels, The - Surprise Me 4:28
3 Pastels, The - Baby Honey 6:57
4 X-Men* - Spiral Girl 3:02
5 X-Men* - Bad Girl 2:06
6 Les Zarjaz - One Charming Night 1:50
7 Les Zarjaz - My Baby Owns A Fallout Zone 2:06
8 Loft, The - Up The Hill & Down The Slope 4:20
9 Loft, The - Tuesday 3:15
10 Bodines, The - Godbless 2:19
11 Bodines, The - Paradise 3:07
12 Primal Scream - All Fall Down 2:14
13 Primal Scream - It Happens 2:06
14 Jasmine Minks* - What's Happening 1:53
15 Jasmine Minks* - Black & Blue 1:59
16 Slaughter Joe - I'll Follow You Down 3:15
17 Slaughter Joe - Napalm Girl 3:21
18 Meat Whiplash - Don't Slip Up 3:21
19 Meat Whiplash - Here It Comes 2:55
20 Loft, The - Lonely 3:02
21 Loft, The - Time 2:53
22 Slaughter Joe - Surely Some Of Joe's Blues 2:51
23 Slaughter Joe - Fall Apart 2:53

Creation Soup Volume Three [CRECD 103]
1 Five Go Down To The Sea* - Aunt Nelly 3:15
2 Five Go Down To The Sea* - Silk Brain Worm 3:29
3 Five Go Down To The Sea* - Women 3:03
4 Pastels, The - I'm Alright With You 3:18
5 Pastels, The - For What It's Worth 4:39
6 Pastels, The - Couldn't Care Less 1:55
7 Moodists, The - Justice & Money Too 4:23
8 Moodists, The - You've Got Your Story 2:52
9 Moodists, The - Take Us All Home 3:12
10 Biff Bang Pow! - Love's Going Out Of Fashion 3:20
11 Biff Bang Pow! - It Happens All The Time 3:22
12 Jasmine Minks* - Cold Heart 4:02
13 Jasmine Minks* - World's No Place 2:47
14 Primal Scream - Crystal Crescent 2:41
15 Primal Scream - Velocity Girl 1:27
16 Felt - Ballad Of The Band 2:49
17 Felt - I Didn't Mean To Hurt You 2:36
18 Weather Prophets* - Almost Prayed 2:42
19 Weather Prophets* - Your Heartbeat Breathes The Life Into Me 3:52
20 Bodines, The - William Shatner 3:49
21 Biff Bang Pow! - Inside The Mushroom 3:08
22 Jasmine Minks* - Black & Blue 1:58
23 Primal Scream - Spirea X 1:07
24 Felt - Ferdinand 1:59
25 Weather Prophets* - Frankie Lymon 3:38
26 Weather Prophets* - Wide Open 3:40

Creation Soup Volume Four [CRECD 104]
1 Weather Prophets, The - Naked As The Day You Were Born 4:04
2 Weather Prophets, The - In My Room 4:11
3 Felt - Rain Of Crystal Spires 3:54
4 Felt - I Will Die With My Head In Flames 1:37
5 Nikki Sudden - Jangle Town 4:33
6 Nikki Sudden - The Last Bandit 4:02
7 Biff Bang Pow! - Someone Stole My Wheels 2:47
8 Biff Bang Pow! - It Makes You Scared 2:57
9 Slaughter Joe - She's Out Of Touch 3:00
10 Slaughter Joe - See My Rider 4:17
11 Phil Wilson (2) - Waiting For A Change 2:59
12 Phil Wilson (2) - Even Now 3:52
13 Momus - Murderers, The Hope Of Women 5:19
14 Momus - Eleven Executioners 4:04
15 Momus - What Will Death Be Like 7:09
16 Biff Bang Pow! - Everything's Turning Brouchard 1:29
17 Biff Bang Pow! - The Death Of England 3:09
18 Bill Drummond - King Of Joy 2:48
19 Nikki Sudden & Rowland Howard* - Wedding Hotel 3:38
20 Nikki Sudden & Rowland Howard* - Girl With No Name 3:42
21 Nikki Sudden & Rowland Howard* - Hello Wolf 3:23

Creation Soup Volume Five [CRECD 105]
1 Baby Amphetamine - Chernobyl Baby 2:48
2 Baby Amphetamine - Cheque It Out 2:55
3 House Of Love, The - Shine On 3:21
4 House Of Love, The - Love 2:27
5 House Of Love, The - Flow 2:38
6 House Of Love, The - Real Animal 3:01
7 House Of Love, The - Plastic 2:04
8 House Of Love, The - Nothing To Me 3:12
9 Blow Up - Good To Me 2:24
10 Blow Up - To You 3:08
11 Phil Wilson (2) - Ten Miles 3:01
12 Phil Wilson (2) - A Jingle 3:30
13 Felt - The Final Resting Of The Ark 2:43
14 Felt - Autumn 1:55
15 Blow Up - Pool Valley 2:39
16 Blow Up - Smile 1:33
17 Emily (3) - Mad Dogs 3:02
18 Emily (3) - Reflect On Rye 2:14
19 Emily (3) - What The Fool Said 2:53
20 Emily (3) - Old Stone Bridge 3:10
21 Baby Amphetamine - Chernobyl Baby (Meldown Mix) 5:26
22 Blow-Up - I25 2:05
23 Blow-Up - I Won't Hurt You 2:45
24 Phil Wilson (2) - Jackson 3:45
25 Felt - Fire Circle 1:54
26 Felt - There's No Such Thing As Victory 2:19
27 Felt - Buried While Blind 1:08
28 Blow-Up - When You Smile 1:32
29 Blow-Up - Wish 2:12


Carl Craig- Landcruising (1995)

Landcruising is a classic Detroit Techno LP from Carl Craig. Originally released in 1995, and curiously hard-to-find.


Mediafire Download Link: Carl Craig- Landcruising (1995)
1 Mind Of A Machine 9:20
2 Science Fiction 8:04
3 A Wonderful Life 6:27
4 Technology 7:07
5 They Were 5:59
6 Landcruising 3:46
7 Einbahn 5:22
8 One Day Soon 5:03
9 Home Entertainment 6:43

Monday, April 26, 2010

M.I.A. "Born Free"

Whoa. M.I.A.'s "Born Free" has become an instantly controversial sensation. Be warned: This video's political narrative is delivered with shocking, unforgettable violence. Don't watch this if you're not up for being disturbed. Viewing also not recommended for school or office. Song samples "Ghost Rider" by Suicide.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Single Shot: Max Berlin- "Elle et Moi"

Max Berlin's "Elle et Moi" is a smooth rhythmic 1978 french disco track with whispered male vocals. Sounds a bit like a slow jam for sleazy old men. Regardless, this track is totally classic.

Mediafire Download Link: Max Berlin "Elle et Moi"

Hear it (sample):

Ruth Welcome- Zither Magic (1959)

Here's one of Ruth Welcome's wonderfully eerie instrumental zither albums. (Capitol Records 1959) This should easily appeal to fans of Santo & Johnny or even Joe Meek.

Mediafire Download Link: Ruth Welcome- Zither Magic (1959)

1 Take My Love
2 It Might As Well Be Spring
3 Hawaiian Wedding Song
4 Parisian Heiress
5 Allez-Vous-En, Go Away
6 Golden Earrings
7 Vaya Con Dios
8 The Girl That I Marry
9 Wunderbar
10 Galaway Bay
11 I Talk To The Trees
12 Memories Are Made Of This

Roland P. Young- Isophonic Boogie Woogie (1980)

Meditative and transcendant spiritual jazz opus from experimental American reedist, Roland P. Young. Originally released in 1980.

Mediafire Download Link: Roland P. Young- Isophonic Boogie Woogie

Read full review of Isophonic Boogie Woogie - ROLAND P YOUNG on ©

Deerhoof- Custom Made 2 x 7" (ATP)

Deerhoof's Custom-Made 2009 double 7" was released in edition of 1000 in Dec 2009 by All Tomorrow' Parties. Now out-of-print.

Mediafire Download Link: Deerhoof- Custom Made 7"

Read full review of Custom Made - DEERHOOF on ©

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- "Round and Round" (4AD)

The lead single for Ariel Pink's forthcoming album is (A) "Round and Round" with (B) "Mistaken Wedding". It'll be available as a limited 7" on April 26th. 4AD is offering a free download of the A-side right here.

Read full review of Round and Round - ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFFITI on ©

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Eagle!

Fresh eagle ink for yours truly, done by the amazing Brian Bruno at Absolute Art in Richmond VA. Holy crap, this bird is badass!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jesse Fuller- San Francisco Bay Blues (1963)

San Francisco Bay Blues is most well-known song and album by spirited one man band, Jesse Fuller- inventor of the fotdella . Lots of fun!

Mediafire Download Link: Jesse Fuller- San Francisco Bay Blues (1963)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Human Switchboard- Early Single & EP

Stripped-down late-70's Cleveland new-wave punk. The first Human Switchboard EP was mixed by Pere Ubu's David Thomas.

Mediafire Download Link: Human Switchboard Early Single & EP

I Gotta Know/ No! 7" 1978
A I Gotta Know
B No!

Human Switchboard EP 1977
1 Fly In 3:20
2 Distemper 2:15
3 Shake It Boys 1:55
4 San Francisco Nights 3:15

Friday, April 16, 2010

J.A. Caesar- Den'en Ni Shisu, Junreika & Jasumon

Here are three 70's cult film scores from Japanese theatrical composer, J.A. Caesar (also sometimes spelled Seazer). The films, which I'll venture to describe as Japanese gothic arthouse horror, were directed by Caesar's longtime Tenjō Sajiki creative partner Shuji Terayama. Pretty wild stuff. (DL links at bottom)

Den'en Ni Shisu (Death in the Country)- 1974


Junreika 1973

Jasumon 1972

"Song of the Madwoman"

Mediafire Download Links: Den'en ni Shisu, Junreika, Jasumon

The Chameleons- John Peel Sessions

Some of The Chameleons' best work is compiled on their Peel Sessions. Its beyond me why these haven't been reissued long ago.

Mediafire Download Link: The Chameleons- John Peel Sessions

1. Fan and The Bellows
2. Here Today
3. Looking Inwardly
4. Things I Wish I'd Said
5. Don't Fall
6. Nostalgia
7. Second Skin
8. Perfumed Garden
9. Dust to Dust/Return of the Roughnecks
10. One Flesh
11. Intrigue in Tangiers
12. P.S. Goodbye

Cleoma Falcon & Family

My buddy Greg made a great Cleoma Falcon compilation a few months back, after he realized there really wasn't one out there already. Nice work, buddy. And thanks. You've done us all a great service.

Mediafire Download Link: Cleoma Falcon & Family

1. Ma Meillure Valse
2. La Valse de Crowley
3. C'est un Peche De Dire Une Mentrie
4. Lulu Revnue Dans L' Village
5. Mon Bon Vieux Mari
6. La Valse de Marais Bouleur
7. Prends Donc Courage
8. Jai Passe Devant ta Porte
9. Ils Ont Vole Mon Traineau
10. C'est Si Triste
11. Mes Yeux Bleus
12. Leve Tes Fenetres Haut
13. Mon Couer T'Appelle
14. Le Vieux Soulard et sa Femme
15. Quand Je Suit Partis Pour le Texas (with Joe Falcon & Ophy Breaux)
16. Poche-Town (with Joe Falcon & Ophy Breaux)
17. Vas y Carrement (with Amedee & Ophy Breaux)
18. Ma Blonde est Partie (with Amedee & Ophy Breaux)
19. Les Tracas du Hobo (with Amedee & Ophy Breaux)
20. Aimer et Redre (Joe Falcon)
21. Egan One-Step (Beaux Freres)
22. T'as Vole Mon Chapeau (Beaux Freres)
23. Home Sweet Home (Beaux Freres)
24. Le One-Step a Martin (Beaux Freres)
25. La Valse du Bayou Plaquemine (Beaux Freres)
26. Tiger Rag Blues (Beaux Freres)

V/A- Girls in the Garage Vol. 1 & 2

Girls in the Garage: Two big volumes of 1960s all-female underground garage rock.

Mediafire Download Link: Girls in the Garage- Volume 1 and Volume 2

Vol. 1
1. What'll You Do Then / Denise
2. Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart / The Puppets
3. Bend Me, Shape Me / The Models
4. He's Not There Anymore / The Chymes
5. Hurtin' Kind / The Bittersweets
6. Those Ever-Lovin' Baby Blues / The Id
7. Come Back / The Belles
8. Melvin / The Belles
9. Up Down Sue / The Luv'd Ones
10. You Don't Love Me / Kim & Grim
11. The Girl He Needs / Lydia Marcelle
12. Medley of Junk / The Continental Co-ets
13. Only Seventeen / The Beattle-ettes
14. The Worst Record In The World / Aletha & The Memories
15. Oo Chang-a-Lang / The Blue Orchids
16. Chico's Girl / The Girls
17. How Do You Do It? / The Ladybugs
18. I'll Let You Hold My Hand / The Bootles
19. Tell Me / The Termites
20. Gonna Git That Man / The Sanshers
21. Nightmare / The Whyte Boots
22. Boy Is Gone / Lyn & The Invaders
23. Quite A Reputation / The Chymes
24. Don't Waste Me Time / The Daughters of Eve
25. I Don't Love You No More / The Continental Co-ets
26. Jungle Rock / The Chimes of Freedom
27. You Don't Love Me / The Starlets

Vol. 2
1. Go Back to Your Pontiac / Darby Sisters
2. Look for Another Love / Lonnies' Legends
3. Low Grades and High Fever / Lindy Lane
4. Cleo Cleopatra / Kari Lynn
5. Real Live Lover / Pat Downey & The Vistas
6. Turn Her Down / The Cupons
8. Tell Me That You Care / Ellaine & The Shandels
9. Hey Hey Ha Ha / Crazy Girls & the Javelins
10. I'm Never Gonna Cry Again / Joanna Gault
11. There You Go / Millie Rogers
12. Watermelon Man (Featuring Kari / Public Enemies
13. Hoochy Coo / Fatimas
14. You Just Gotta Know My Mind / Karen Verros
15. The Note / Venus Flytrap
16. I'm Not Gonna Do It / Little Frankie
17. Moon Beams / The Lawrence Comp
18. Want You / The Weekends
19. My Summer Love / Tammy & The Bachelors
19. Jelly Belly / Nai Bonet
20. Come on Home / Uncalled 4
21. Out of Your Mind / Lori Sanders
22. The Fool / S.H.E.
23. The Rider / Pussycats
24. Johnny Ande / Gale Haness
25. Take It Easy / Manuela Und Drafi
26. 7 Heures du Matin / Jacqueline Taib
27. You Cheated / Sunday & The Menn
28. He's Coming Home / The Indigos

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blo- Chapter One

Blo's first album. High quality Nigerian psychedelic rock. Following years in playing in various projects around Lagos, Blo formed as a trio (with B for Berkely “Ike” Jones –guitar-, L for Laolu “Akins” Akintobu -drums- and O for Mike “Gbenga” Odumosu –bass-) upon returning from a European tour under the band name Salt, which also featured Cream's Ginger Baker on drums. Chapter One was originally released on EMI (Nigeria) in 1972.

"Time to Face the Sun"

"Chant to Mother Earth"

Mediafire Download Link: Blo- Chapter One (1972)

1 Preacherman
2 Time to Face the Sun
3 Beware
4 We Gonna Have a Party
5 Dont
6 Chant to Mother Earth
7 We Are Out Together
8 Miss "Sagitt"

Ghostcapital Mix: 22nd Century

This is an older mix, but a good one- heavy on the soul & psych, with lots of good breaks. I made it a couple of years ago for my friend Torrance. Its named after the lead track, 22nd Century by Nina Simone. I later found out that this amazing song was originally written by Bahamian songwriter, Exuma. "The 22nd Century is the century of the Christian Era or Common Era in accordance with the Gregorian calendar." (Wikipedia) It also happens to be the subject of zillions of speculative sci-fi novels, including Noon: 22nd Century by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky (Russian version pictured above). The song, as a 9 minute "epic mystical speculative protest ballad" (my words), is also a fairly unorthodox way to start a mix. I reckon it won't be for everyone, but I just love it and besides it gets things going with a bang. The rest of the disc isn't bad either.

Mediafire Download Link: Ghostcapital Mix- 22nd Century

1. 22nd Century / Nina Simone 8:44
2. Soul Strokes / Sidney Pinchback & The Schiller St. Gang 2:41
3. Jamaica Bolero / Tommy McCook 3:20
4. Cosmic Sea-(w Mystic Moods) / The Mystic Moods 2:38
5. 65 Bars and a Taste of Soul / Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band 2:46
6. Mercy Mercy Mercy / Cannonball Adderley 5:09
7. Suzanne / Nina Simone 5:15
8. Compared To What / Roberta Flack 5:16
9. I'll Bet You / Funkadelic 6:14
10. Love, Love, Love / Pugh 3:20
11. Dizzy Dizzy / CAN 5:41
12. Space / Galt MacDermot 1:55
13. Je M'Appelle Geraldine (Mid-Tempo) / Jean-Claude Vannier 1:31
14. Theme from the Godfather / The Professionals 4:13
15. Yagmur / Erkin Koray/Same 3:34
16. Just as Long / Fikret Kizilok 3:29
17. House Of Mirrors / David McCallum 2:22
18. I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down / Ann Peebles 2:51
19. Divine Daze Of A Deathless Delight / Donovan 3:09
20. Tao Longe De Mim / Os Brazões 2:10
21. Count Your Blessings / Ken Parker 3:18

O.V. Wright

O.V. Wright is classic Memphis deep soul. He's also criminally overlooked by the casual soul fan. These first three albums are probably the best, but you really can't go wrong with any of them. Wright also happens to be one of the most sampled artists in hip-hop history.

(*I'm looking for a good DL copy of Into Something (Can't Shake Loose), if anyone has any leads...)

Download: If It's Only For Tonight (1965)

Download:8 Men And 4 Women (1967)

Download:Nucleus Of Soul (1968)

Download:Memphis Unlimited (1973)

Download:The Bottom Line (1978)

"Hats Off to (Roy) Harper"

British songwriter Roy Harper is difficult to box into a neat descriptive package. At times brilliant, rebellious, confusing, anachronistic, sad, crazy, strange or fun- Harper's well known for his excellent guitar work, but is perhaps most famous for being named in tribute on the closing track of Led Zeppelin III; "Hats off to (Roy) Harper". Needless to say, Page and Plant were big fans. In fact, Page plays on Harper's 1971 album Stormcock under the pseudonym "S. Flavius Mercurius". Anyway, he's pretty great....

Here are his first 5 albums:
Download: Sophisticated Beggar (1967) Listen: "Legend" & "October 12th"

Download: Come Out Fighting Genghis Smith (1968) Listen: "Freak Street"

Download: Folkjokeopus (1969) Listen: "Folkjokeopus Medley"

Download: Flat Baroque & Berserk (1970) Listen: "Another Day/ Tom Tiddlers Ground", "Francesca" & "Davey"

Download: Stormcock (1971) Listen: "Hors d'Oeuvres"

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010


GC is very excited about Souljazz Records' latest collection; DEUTSCHE ELEKTRONISCHE MUSIK- EXPERIMENTAL GERMAN ROCK AND ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1972-83. Just look at the track list!

1. Can — Aspectacle
2. Between — Devotion
3. Harmonia — Dino
4. Gila — This Morning
5. Kollectiv — Rambo Zambo
6. Michael Bundt — La Chasse Aux Microbes
7. E.M.A.K — Filmmusik
8. Popol Vuh — Morgengruss
9. Conrad Schnitzler — Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal
10. La Düsseldorf — Rheinita
11. Harmonia — Veterano
12. Faust — It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl
13. Neu! — Hallo Gallo
14. Cluster — Heisse Lippen
15. Ibliss — Hi Life
16. Dieter Moebius — Hasenheide
17. Amon Duul II — Fly United
18. Popol Vuh — Aguirre 1
19. Ash Ra Tempel — Daydream
20. Tangerine Dream — No Man's Land
21. Amon Duul II — Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse
22. Roedelius — Geradewohl
23. Can — I Want More
24. Deuter — Soham

The first seeds of German rock and experimental electronic music were planted in 1968, as students and workers in Paris, Prague, Mexico and throughout the world demonstrated against mainstream society, the war in Vietnam, imperialism and bourgeois values. The birth of a counter-culture, drug experimentation and social change expanded musical worlds. Germany experienced its own cultural revolution fuelled by these worldwide student and worker revolts and by a generation’s desire to rid itself of the guilt of war.

Many German youth turning their back on mainstream society. From the opening of the first collective/cooperative in 1967, Commune 1, in Berlin, to the formation of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group and the bombings, kidnappings and killings of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (RAF), young Germans sought out new values and a lifestyle outside of ‘the system’. These cooperative and communal experiences led to a number of new radical German bands including Amon Duul, Faust and Can.

Many artists and musicians believed a complete rejection of everything musically that had gone before was also necessary in order to build a new identity for German culture. At this time German music meant ‘schlager’ music – insipid pop music that hardly confronted the country’s recent historical events....

Read on at Souljazz Records

Droids- Star Peace

Droids. This is classic French space-disco silliness from 1978. Listen up & may the force be with you....

Mediafire Download Link: Droids- Star Peace (1978)

A1 (Do You Have) The Force, Part 1 4:17
A2 (Do You Have) The Force, Part 2 3:17
A3 Interspace 0:49
A4 Tchoung Fou 2:23
A5 Be Happy 6:10
B1 Shanti Dance, Part 1 3:13
B2 Shanti Dance, Part 2 3:15
B3 Renaissance De L'amour

Dashiell Hedayat- Obsolete (1971)

Obsolete is basically a little-known Gong album, featuring poet/musician Dashiell Hedayat on vocals & guitar. All in all, this is good Floyd/Barrett-influenced psych rock. Here's my favorite track:
"Long Song for Zelda" (featuring William S. Burroughs)

Mediafire Download Link: Dashiell Hedayat- Obsolete (1971)

1. Eh, Mushroom, Will You Mush My Room?
a. Chrysler — 6:40
b. Fille de L'Ombre — 2:18
c. Long Song for Zelda — 7:44
2. Cielo Drive/17 — 21:09

Pyrahna- Pyranha (1972)

Funky-as-can-be Swiss psych/prog LP from 1972. Is that even possible? Just check out the first track; "Clepsydre". Sounds like a smokin' hammond-soul riff on Neil Young's "Down By the River". Or, think Booker T. jamming "Ohio" at Miles' Live:Evil sessions. Either way, it gets a big "Yes!"

Mediafire Download Link: Pyranha- S/T (1972)

1 Clepsydre 7:08
2 Time 13 12:48
3 Soleil 2:56
4 Eglise 4:18
5 Mouette 11:46

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ersen- Metelik / Yine Seni Tanirim (1974)

A rare and excellent 1974 single from Turkish-psych hero, Ersen Dinleten. Top notch. Especially the B-side.

Audiosample at Diggers Delight (mid page)

Medafire Download Link: Ersen- Metelik / Yine Seni Tanirim (1974)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Numero Group: Eccentric Breaks & Beats

Cool Article from The Chicago Reader Blog on Numero Group's upcoming Eccentric Breaks and Beats cd:

The Numero Group Turns the Tables on a Bootlegger
Posted by Miles Raymer on Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 5:43 PM

I recently read an interesting book called Bootleg: The Secret History of the Other Recording Industry. It was written in 1993, when upgrading to CDs was the latest technological advancement in the gray-to-black-market music business. (Coincidentally, 1993 was also the year the first popular graphical Web browser was released, accelerating the mass adoption of the Internet—one of the only enemies bootleggers and legit labels would ever share.) But the bulk of the book's action is set in the 1970s, the golden age of bootlegging. At that time bootleggers actually drove innovation in the straight record business for a while. They created and sustained the massive popularity of live albums in the 70s, and legit labels tried and often failed to match the speed, quality, and popularity of the best bootleg releases. Bootleggers basically invented the B-sides and rarities compilation—along with its even more profitable bigger brother, the rarities box set—and the straight biz later adopted both formats.
A bootleg that became seriously popular would often be bootlegged in turn by another underground label. If it became seriously, seriously popular it would be bootlegged by a legit label. This is how Dylan's Basement Tapes and the entirety of his incredible Bootleg Series on Columbia happened. It's also how the Numero Group's upcoming Eccentric Breaks and Beats came to be.

This morning the label posted a blog entry announcing that they're pulling a Basement Tapes on a 40-minute mix of Numero-sourced samples and breaks first released anonymously as a 12-inch.

With our cease and desist letter ready to be dropped in the mail, an interesting thing happened: We kinda got hooked on the flawlessly arranged pastiche. Taking cue from the Bob Dylan Bootleg series, we turned the tables on the pirate. Seizing the plates from the pressing plant, we repurposed this underground release (preserving the contraband "Numbero" label) as the ultimate showcase for our seven years in business.
It's difficult enough for labels to get people to pay for legitimate releases, whose profits help sustain the artists who make the music. For bootleggers—whose material is often of unknown provenance and dicier audio quality—the sales situation is almost totally hopeless. The fact that someone went to the trouble and expense of pressing up vinyl on the sly—as opposed to, say, just sampling Numero's material sans license, which the label says Madlib and Mayer Hawthorne have done—is kind of a huge compliment. It's nice to see the Numero folks taking it as such.

*Ghostcapital says: Nice work, Numero. This just proves that your label is just as smart as you've always seemed.

Özkartal, Hüsnü Orkestrasi- Çağdaş Oyun Havaları

Rad 1972 Turkish instrumental psych/fusion LP with lots of freaky electric and/or fuzz-guitar overtop a hot rhythm section and cool folk instrumentation. Hard to categorize, other than "Bueno!"
"Su Derenin Sulari"

"Telegrafin Tellerine"

Download Link: Özkartal, Hüsnü Orkestrasi- Çağdaş Oyun Havaları (1972)
1 Oğlan, Oğlan-
2 Pınar Başı Ben Olayım
3 Ekin Ektim Gül Bitti
4 Yosmasın Derler
5 Evlerinin Önü Tahta Taraba
6 Telgrafın Tellerine
7 Şu Derenin Suları
8 Perişanım Vay Vay
9 Oyna Yarim Oyna
10 Karam
11 Erkilet Güzeli
12 Ayva Çiçek Açmış

Edu Lobo- Cantiga de Longe (1971)

Mellow bossa niceness from Edu Lobo in 1971. In the vein of Jobim. Good for a lazy Sunday.
"Casa Forte"

Medafire Download Link: Edu Lobo- Cantiga de Longe (1971)

1. Casa Forte
2. Frevo de Itamaraca
3. Come E Dorme
4. Mariana, Mariana
5. Zum-Zum
6. Aguaverde
7. Cantiga de Longe
8. Na Feira de Santarem
9. Zanzibar
10. Marta E Romao
11. Rancho de Ano Novo
12. Cidade Nova