Friday, April 30, 2010

La Monte Young- Theatre of Eternal Music & The Well-Tuned Piano

Two seminal long-form releases by influential American minimalist composer, La Monte Young.
This Theatre of Eternal Music release was a 1974 album recorded with Marian Zazeela.
"Pre Tortoise Dream Music" (Pt. 1)

"Young considers The Well Tuned Piano—a permutating composition of themes and improvisations for just-intuned solo piano—to be his masterpiece...One of the defining works of American musical minimalism, it is strongly influenced by mathematical composition as well as Hindustani classical music practice." (Wikipedia)

"The Well-Tuned Piano" (first portion of Pt. 1)

Mediafire Download Links:
Young/ Zazeela- Theatre of Eternal Music
The Well-Tuned Piano (Part One & Part Two)


David said...

Hi. I have downloaded the two ZIP files for the The Well-Tuned Piano twice from Mediafire, on two separate computers, and each time I attempt to unzip them there are errors. The Theatre of Eternal Music file is okay.

Ozzy said...

Thanks a lot for thos albums.
Timeless, priceless.

Cam said...

Yeah, Disc 2 and 5 won't open at all, but the other 3 work fine, sound great. Thanks so much for this, wish they would just put out a CD set at a purchasable price..