Friday, April 16, 2010

The Chameleons- John Peel Sessions

Some of The Chameleons' best work is compiled on their Peel Sessions. Its beyond me why these haven't been reissued long ago.

Mediafire Download Link: The Chameleons- John Peel Sessions

1. Fan and The Bellows
2. Here Today
3. Looking Inwardly
4. Things I Wish I'd Said
5. Don't Fall
6. Nostalgia
7. Second Skin
8. Perfumed Garden
9. Dust to Dust/Return of the Roughnecks
10. One Flesh
11. Intrigue in Tangiers
12. P.S. Goodbye


zennon said...

Great band.

Anonymous said...


HMPZ said...

Delivers. Thank you !

HMPZ said...

After giving this now excessive and repeated playtime, I have to extend my comment from the end of august and call this one a almost legendary recording. The likes of Interpol and Editors really standing on the shoulders of giants.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention!