Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blo- Chapter One

Blo's first album. High quality Nigerian psychedelic rock. Following years in playing in various projects around Lagos, Blo formed as a trio (with B for Berkely “Ike” Jones –guitar-, L for Laolu “Akins” Akintobu -drums- and O for Mike “Gbenga” Odumosu –bass-) upon returning from a European tour under the band name Salt, which also featured Cream's Ginger Baker on drums. Chapter One was originally released on EMI (Nigeria) in 1972.

"Time to Face the Sun"

"Chant to Mother Earth"

Mediafire Download Link: Blo- Chapter One (1972)

1 Preacherman
2 Time to Face the Sun
3 Beware
4 We Gonna Have a Party
5 Dont
6 Chant to Mother Earth
7 We Are Out Together
8 Miss "Sagitt"

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