Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pyrahna- Pyranha (1972)

Funky-as-can-be Swiss psych/prog LP from 1972. Is that even possible? Just check out the first track; "Clepsydre". Sounds like a smokin' hammond-soul riff on Neil Young's "Down By the River". Or, think Booker T. jamming "Ohio" at Miles' Live:Evil sessions. Either way, it gets a big "Yes!"

Mediafire Download Link: Pyranha- S/T (1972)

1 Clepsydre 7:08
2 Time 13 12:48
3 Soleil 2:56
4 Eglise 4:18
5 Mouette 11:46

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johnny ride said...

i dig this. this blog is right up my alley! i will be following this fer sure.