Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Billy Bao- Urban Disease (2010)

Free-Noise/Improv, wrapped in a thick blanket of anarcho-theoretical such & such. Eons of sudden silence between the crackles, thuds and screeches. Recommended for high-minded, low-brow contrarians, et al. Pretty good. Harsh. If you've never cared for Merzbow or Peter Brotzman, for instance, then basically don't even bother.

I'm not long-winded enough to wax philospohical on this one. Go ahead and read some of the write-ups here for all that.

Mediafire Download Link: Billy Bao- Urban Disease (Pan, 2010)

Richard Schneider Jr.- Dreamlike Land (1977)

Some Euro pysch-prog. Kind of sweet and creepy at the same time: Dreamlike Land has been ruling my breakfast on this fine morning. Features Jaki Leibezeit on drums. Richard Schneider's a suprise new discovery for me, compliments of my buddy Tim. Originally posted at The Growing Bin.

Mediafire Download Link: Richard Schneider- Dreamlike Land

A1 High 6:10
A2 Illusion 3:49
A3 Samba-Trip 5:53
A4 Crazy World 4:47
B1 Hello Beach-Girls! 6:40
B2 Visions 5:29
B3 Samba-Session 3:49
B4 Silent Cry 8:22

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jose Cunhill- Rabbit Rumba: Primera Antologia de la Rumba

From Dusty Groove:
Spanish Hammond grooves -- and a madly jumping little set that really lives up to its title and cover! The record features both piano and organ from Jose Cunill -- played over percussive rhythms that have plenty of spirit, and a much older sound than you'd guess from the 70s date of the record -- more in a 50s jazz mambo mode overall, which makes for a really wonderful sound! Other instrumentation includes a bit of guitar -- but most numbers are mostly focused on percussion and keyboards -- and although there's a bit of vocals on the record, those are usually folded strongly into the rhythms -- feeling more like exclamations inspired by the grooves, instead of actual lyrics. Includes an insert with vintage photos and notes in Spanish -- and titles that include "No Se", "Gitano Anton", "Para Elisa", "Belen Belen", "Nuestro Ayer", "Borriquito", and "Caramelos".

Mediafire Download Link: Jose Cunhill- Rabbit Rumba: Primera Antologia de la Rumba

Jacques Loussier - Tu Seras Terriblement Gentille (1968)

From Light in the Attic:
This mythical and rare record, also known as “You Only Love Once” , the title of its English pressing, is quite simply one of the most wonderful soundtracks of the 60s. A shining, precious jewel which unabashed, accepts its comparison with the so British elegance of another masterpiece, the famous “Bedazzled” by Dudley Moore, released in the same era. Effectively, the two records share the same disconcerting melodic agility, a taste for crafted pop ornamentations and unfailingly inventive instrumentation. An accomplished jazz pianist, Loussier gives free reign to his virtuosity and has fun creating the most luscious tracks taking on exuberant and often unique formats. Brilliantly shifting from ethereal theme to spellbinding melody and a series of electronic jerks which doesn’t disown the Henry/Colombier duo (the winning quartet for “Ballet Photo Rouge”, “Poursuite Jaguar”, “Leslie’s Jerk” and “Clara’s Jerk”), Loussier also allows himself some sweet but heavy going easy listening and bossa tracks, while keeping a tight reign within the realms of a delicate, subtly pop-tinged jazz of which only he knows the secret. And so, prepare yourself to discover a flamboyant, crazily classy record, the perfect embodiment of the elegance of the swingin’ sixties. Audiosamples here.

Mediafire Download Link: Jacques Loussier - Tu Seras Terriblement Gentille (1968)

A1 Generique Début 3:40
A2 Ballet Photo Rouge 2:29
A3 Ballade Dans Paris, La Nuit 3:31
A4 Poursuite Jaguar 2:43
A5 Promenade Au Luxembourg 2:20
A6 Kam-Tsch-Tka 1:41
A7 Baiser 1:03
B1 Leslie's Jerk 2:34
B2 Sortie Metro 2:10
B3 Clara's Jerk 2:41
B4 Top Cover Girl 2:37
B5 Ballade Dans Paris 1:40
B6 Robe Rose 2:00
B7 Generique Fin 2:44

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chocolate Watch Band- The Inner Mystique

Not the first to post this album, and I certainly won't be the last. Killer garage psych. A total favorite.

"I Ain't No Miracle Worker"


Download Link: Chocolate Watchband- The Inner Mystique (320)

1 Voyage Of The Trieste 3:38
2 In The Past 3:06
3 Inner Mystique 5:35
4 I'm Not Like Everybody Else 3:42
5 Medication 2:06
6 Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go 2:15
7 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 3:11
8 I Ain't No Miracle Worker 2:49
9 She Weaves A Tender Trap 3:29
10 Misty Lane 3:16
11 Baby Blue (Original Single Version) 3:12
12 Sweet Young Thing 2:55

Hamza el Din- Eclipse

A classic from Oud master, Hamza el Din. Includes "Nubian Song" performed in the video below. Why hasn't that riff been turned into a heavy Sabbath/Stoner track? rock*If anyone has a better scan of this album's original cover, please hit me up.

Just removed my mediafire link, as it was just pointed out that Hamza el Din- Eclipse is available on the cheap at Rhapsody. *They're calling it an EP and charging a lower than usual rate.

1. Helalisa (Nubian Song) 3:36
2. The Visitors 9:47
3. Ollin Arageed 8:00
4. Your Love Is Ever Young 18:30
5. Mwashah 3:44

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fred Lowery- Whistles Your Gospel Favorites

Yet another scratchy Thrift Store favorite. This guy ain't just whistlin' dixie, folks. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Word Records WST-6326-LP.

Mediafire Download Link: Fred Lowery- Whistles Your Gospel Favorites

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shankar Jaikishan- Title Songs

From this LP's back cover:

'"Innovation is the life's breath of art", says Raj Kapoor, "And in the field of movie-making and movie-music, Shankar Jaikashan can be proud of a record of innovation which began nearly twenty years ago"

...Shankar Jaikishan's music is marked by a richness of texture and an immense variety so that the songs composed by them are not only catchy but lasting as well. They have their finger on the pulse of the masses, and as a result their songs are the songs of modern India.

This Record offers a sampling of the creations of the the title-songs which Shankar Jaikishan have composed in this genre in their long and variegated career.'

320 Vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Shankar Jaikishan- Title Songs

1. Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai (Lata Mangeshkar) 3:35
2. Mujhko Apne Gale Lagalo (Mubarak Begum & Mohd. Rafi) 3:16
3. Love in Tokyo (Mohd. Rafi) 4:08
4. Diwana Mujhko Log Kahen (Mukesh) 3:28
5. Chahe Mujhe Koi Junglee Kahe (Mohd. Rafi) 3:46
6. Aawara Hoon (Mukesh) 3:11
7. Bol Radha Bol (Mukesh) 3:14
8. Gumnaam Hai Koi (Lata Mangeshkar) 3:39
9. Aman Ka Farishta (Mohd. Rafi & Chorus) 3:20
10. Pyar Mohabbat Ke Siva (Mohd. Rafi & Ashe Bosle) 3:22
11. Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai (Mohd. Rafi) 3:32
12. Aaha Ayee Milan Ki Bela (Mohd. Rafi, Asha Bhosle & Chorus) 3:14

Toumani Kone- Vol. 2

A friend scored this sweet tape in Harlem, NY. Based on his name and the hypnotic griot-folk style of his music, I can safely assume that Toumani Kone hails from Mali. Many thanks to Small Wett for the dub!

Mediafire Download Link: Toumani Kone- Vol. 2

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ernest Ranglin- Boss Reggae

This here's great early Ranglin rocksteady collection. 320 Vinyl Rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Ernest Ranglin- Boss Reggae

A1 Grandfather's Clock
A2 Soulful I
A3 Liquidation
A4 Dr. No-Go
A5 Everybody´s Talking
B1 Pop-A-Top
B2 Sweet Sensation
B3 Scoopy
B4 There´s A Fire
B5 My Elusive Dreams

Icky Renrut- Jack Rabbit / In Your Eyes Baby (1959)

Jack Rabbit is a wacky, blown-out, stomping mess of a rock song, clearly inspired by Chuck Berry. Icky Renrut is just a silly psuedonym for Ike Turner. Probably best heard through a broken tin-can boombox- for maximun distorted effect.

Mediafire Download Link: Icky Renrut- Jack Rabbit / In Your Eyes Baby (1959)

Warda- Esmaouni (1974) وردة

Warda is a French-born Algerian singer, who eventually moved to Egypt and married composer Baligh Hamdi. He wrote the music for Esmaouni. This album was a Sout el Hob production from Atef Montasser & Co, Cairo. Manufactured and Distributed by EMI Greece. 1974. I fixed up this custom cover art till I can get a proper scan.

Look how rad this orchestra is...

Download Link: Warda- Esmaouni (1974)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soeur Marie Keyrouz- Cantiques de L'Orient

Soeur Marie Keyrouz is a Melkite nun, originally from Lebabon- now based in Paris. She's a well-regarded singer and scholar of ancient and Eastern church music. She has a stunning voice.

Mediafire Download Link: Soeur Marie Keyrouz- Cantiques de L'Orient

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Friend Rain

My Friend Rain is a recently Released DVD on Sublime Frequencies...SF0059. It is also the name of one of my favorite Sun City Girls tracks.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

PALENQUE PALENQUE: Champeta Criolla & Afro Roots in Colombia 1975-91

Palanque Palenque! The latest release from Soundway is a hot one. They're doing a killer job exploring African influences on Colombia music, as of late. More info at the Soundway site. *Does that 2nd track "Pim Pom" sound like classic Fela, or what?

Palenque Palenque: Champeta Criolla & Afro Roots in Colombia 1975 - 91 by Soundway

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RickRab- Music for Babies

My friend Nick- also known RickRab- made this fly mix for our mutual friends' sweet baby girl. Its totally good: My son Amos and I were just playing legos to it on the living room floor.

Music for Babies (mix) by Rick RAb

dedicated to all babies all over the world
especially to a few special babies: this is for you!
-encourage kinesthetic experience / body movement
-develop pan-global perspective, respect for other cultures and languages
-foster positive emotions, an inquisitive nature and a sense of wonderment

download the MP3 at


Vibracathedral Orchestra - A Mirrored Pyramid (for JS)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Insomnia
Eddie Henderson - Scoprio / Libra
Cluster - Caramba
President - Morrocan Business
Blue Daisy - The Fall
Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolook (first song)
Lonnie Liston Smith - Visions of a New World (part 1)
Lonnie Liston Smith - Visions of a New World (part 2)
Will Rogers - Adventures In Success (Dub Copy)
German Language CD
Bernt Berger + Don Cherry
Wally Badarou - High Life
Trouble Funk - Trouble Funk Express
Los Van Van - Que Palo Es Ese
Art Ensemble of Chicago - Thema de Yoyo
Khaira Arby - Lili Yore

Chris Jordan- Message From the Gyre


Monday, June 14, 2010

Ready When You Are, JB: The Very Best of John Barry's Early Soundtracks *Redux

Here's an excellent custom-expanded John Barry collection from soundtrack wizard, Nate Ashley.

A note from Nate:

"The skinny on Ready When You Are J.B.-

This album has been out of print for a while. The original being 12 tracks, which I revamped to 25. Any James Bond themes are instrumental versions from the original soundtracks, making it a purely instrumental record. There are some real classics on here that I searched hard for. The original album was released in 1970, with John Barry rerecording his 'best' soundtrack songs with a more stripped-down ensemble, which, in my opinion, are superior to some of the original orchestral versions. My dad had this on vinyl when I was a kid and passed it on to me, a true classic. Enjoy.

P.S.- I used [read: Nate made] new art for it, of course. :)"

*Thanks so much, Mr. Nate!
The Persuaders- John Barry

Mediafire Download Link: Ready When You Are, JB: The Very Best of John Barry's Early Soundtracks *Redux

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Esin Engin ve Orkestrasi- Anadolu (1975)

Instrumental 70s Turkisk psych-folk from Esin Engin & his Orchestra.


"Saffet Efendi"

Mediafire Download Link: Esin Engin ve Orkestrasi- Anadolu (1975)

A1 Oynak
A2 Çiçek Dağı
A3 Mor Koyun
A4 Anadolu Çiftetellisi
A5 Kentvari
A6 Şeyh Şamil
B1 Metelik
B2 Yesin Onu Ninesi
B3 Halkalı Şeker
B4 Kordon Zeybeği
B5 Saffet Efendi
B6 Sivas Halayı

V/A- Vroommm: Funk Cinematique- High Performance 70's Turbo Sounds For Sprint Exotic Movie Scenes

Arawak- "Shotgun"

E. Roncarati- "Central Park"

Mediafire Download Link: V/A- Vroommm: Funk Cinematique- V/A- Vroommm: Funk Cinematique- High Performance 70's Turbo Sounds For Sprint Exotic Movie Scenes (192kbps)

1. Bracconiere - Giuliano Sorgini
2. Honda - Giuliano Sorgini
3. Sgambetto - R. Ducros
4. Bossa Astratta - L. Zitto
5. Blues Elena - V. Stagni
6. Crisi Dell'industria - Francesco Tamponi
7. Ineguale - U. Fusco
8. Plutone - G. Chiti, S. Montori
9. Propagazione Meccanica - G. Ugolini
10. Central Park - E. Roncarati
11. Una Partita Agitata - R. Ducros
12. Pressing - R. Ducros
13. Black California - P. Cannizzo
14. Shotgun - Arawak
15. Spiritoso - Braen
16. Struble Day - Francesco Tamponi
17. Nervoso - Astemix
18. Saudade de Brasil - R. Ducros
19. Iron Suite - M. Molino
20. Rimonta - R. Ducros
21. Contropiede - R. Ducros
22. For Me - M. Molino

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Prunes- Tracks From the Darkside (1996)

Moody mid-90's hip-hop instrumentals. I had this dubbed on cassette back in high school. It was put on as the B-side to the first Dr. Octagon record. Totally wore out the tape from playing it so much.

Mediafire Download Link: The Prunes- Tracks From the Darkside (1996) *320kbps

1. Theme Pt 1. (Makes You Schitt) (0:58)
2. Pissed (3:25)
3. Somethin' Funky (3:24)
4. KMW (2:37)
5. Mute (2:46)
6. Not What You Think (3:18)
7. Vinyl Anal (3:18)
8. Theme Pt. 2 (Some Real Schitt) (2:39)
9. Blaalyn Express (4:25)
10. D.S.B. Style (3:41)
11. Agony (2:54)
12. Orgy (3:59)
13. P.I.K. (3:52)
14. Outro (0:37)

Aidan Coughlan- Auburn Eternally

I am basically an acolyte for the music of Portland, OR's Aidan Coughlan. His surrealist folk ballads are easily some of the best songs being written today. His most recent collection was recorded in '08 on reel to reel by The Graves' Greg Olin.

"Mrs. Jones"

Mediafire Download Link: Aidan Coughlan- Auburn Eternally

Tom Zé- Grande Liquidação (1968)

Tom Zé is one of the lesser-known heros of Brazilian Tropicália. This is his first album.


Mediafire Download Link: Tom Zé- Grande Liquidação (1968)

Dion McGregor- The Dream World of Dion McGregor & The Further Somniloquies

Dion McGregor was the world's most notorious sleep-talker. Recorded here are some of the craziest, creepiest dreams imaginable. Some folks like to hate on this guy because they think its all faked. If that were true, I honestly believe I'd be even more impressed. Incredible....FYI, Tzadik's Dion McGregor Dreams Again is another excellent collection of his stuff.

"Our Town"

"Food Roulette"

"Horseshoe Crab"

Mediafire Download Links:
The Dream World of Dion McGregor
Dion McGregor- The Further Somniloquies

Kroncong, Early Indonesian Pop Music of the 78 rpm Era

This incredible kroncong collection was once made available at the fabled Holywarbles blog (RIP). After numerous requests, I'm re-upping it here.

Joseito Mateo- Pa' Lante y Pa' Trás (Discos Fuentes)

Found this excellent merengue album from Joseito Mateo somewhere random. Went looking for more info, and saw that Global Groove had posted it some time ago. No matter--that blog is huge, and this album is worth a re-up right here

Mediafire Download Link: Joseito Mateo- Pa' Lante y Pa' Trás

1 La secretaria
2 La yerbita
3 Quisqueya
4 Merengue yeye
5 La justicia
6 Picolina
7 Pa' lante y pa' trás
8 La fiesta de los monos
9 Festival de merengues
10 Agarralo que eso es tuyo
11 Un domingo sin ti

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yaşar Erdem- Kışlada Bahar (Ibibikler) / Çile Bende Dert Bende

Found this Turkish 45 by Yaşar Erdem in a Virginia thrift store, years ago. Not sure when it was originally released. I can tell you that Kişlada Bahar means Spring in the Barracks, and that "ibibikler" is the Turkish word for the hoopoe bird. According to Google, Çile Bende Dert Bende translates roughly to I Was Annoyed I Worry. Label Info: Palandöken Plak 761 (Side A: TT-159, Side B: TT-160). Enjoy.

Mediafire Download Link: Yaşar Erdem- Kışlada Bahar (Ibibikler)/ Çile Bende Dert Bende

Friday, June 4, 2010

Men's Recovery Project- The Golden Triumph of Naked Hostility (VMFM 40, 1998)

Owl just totally beat me to the punch in posting some classic MRP. Growing up not far from Richmond, VA, these guys were the seminal punk-absurdists of my high school years. Wish I had a scan of the back cover- Helpfully, they listed these 60 songs in alphabetical, rather than numerical, order.

Men's Recovery Project by nicholab

"The Humans", a short movie by MRP

Mediafire Download Link: Men's Recovery Project- The Golden Triumph of Naked Hostility (VMFM 40, 1998)

1 Intro 0:30
2 Abort 0:54
3 Goats in the Field 1:10
4 Ye, Part 1 1:10
5 Ye, Part 2 1:18
6 Good Friday, 2033 3:12
7 Signal Processor Failure 0:20
8 Why We Are Lazy 2:27
9 Man Urinating, Laughter 0:31
10 Ant Propolis 0:33
11 Losing Cohesion 1:08
12 Explanation of Arm Troubles 0:35
13 Man Hole 1:42
14 Enjoy Life 2:12
15 Total Lockup System 0:31
16 Use the Brain 0:54
17 E-Mail Is a Men's Room 1:08
18 Ronald Reagan 1:27
19 Ye, Part 9 0:22
20 New York Times 1:01
21 My Demands 0:24
22 Problem? 0:30
23 Men's Recovery Project 1:18
24 Encounter 0:06
25 America 1:13
26 Normal Man 2:27
27 !!! 0:07
28 The Fat Lady Is Singing 0:48
29 You Pay Attention to Me, Not Vice Versa 1:33
30 Tense Equality Problem 0:59
31 Important Man 0:24
32 Tiny Quarts of Life 1:25
33 Botanica Mysteria 0:41
34 Unexplainable Difficulties 1:57
35 Safety Hole 0:08
36 Clark in My Car 1:31
37 Like Me, for Instance 0:56
38 Never Work Again 1:32
39 Biological Events 0:21
40 Nerve Damage 0:21
41 Our Alaskan Brothers 0:48
42 New Human 0:52
43 Undigested Food 0:33
44 My Body Is a Jerk 1:36
45 *** 0:32
46 Restraining Order 0:17
47 Rude Scientist 0:36
48 Split Your Own Damn Atoms 0:19
49 Misc. 0:37
50 Etc. 0:13
51 Get Your Dick Out of My Food 1:47
52 Remove Pants 0:23
53 Well Hidden Sausage 0:34
54 I'm w/ Tipper 1:18
55 Ant Arctica 1:08
56 Abort 0:25
57 Thaw Walt 0:58
58 Military Gelatin Crockle 0:14
59 The Smell of Burning Wires Every Astronaut Fears 1:19
60 Bottomless Pit 5:22

Omar Khorshid- Belly Dance From Lebanon [Voix d' Orient - GVDL 521] 1975(?)

Thanks again to the Owl for coming through for a friend with this choice Omar Khorshid LP. Dig it...

Download Link: Omar Khorshid- Belly Dance From Lebanon [Voix d' Orient - GVDL 521] 1975(?)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

High Rise- High Rise II (1986)

Ear-busting 2nd album from Japanese Heavy Psych combo, High Rise.

"Turn You Cry"

"Wipe Out"

Mediafire Download Link: High Rise- High Rise II (1986)

1 Cycle Goddess 0:54
2 Turn You Cry 3:05
3 Cotton Top 4:18
4 Last Rites 2:49
5 Wipe Out 5:13
6 Pop Sicle 13:09
7 Monster a Go Go 5:22
8 Induced Depression 3:58

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Judy & Barbara: The Blind Slye Twins- It's Me Again Lord

*Another Thrift Store favorite. This one definitely came from a store called Gift & Thrift when it was still in downtown Harrisonburg, VA.

From Lari Goss:

Barbara and Judy Slye, are a singing legend duo from Virginia. Hailing from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, the Blind Slye twins moved often, also living in Riverdale, Maryland, and Purcellville Virginia. Their father, a minister, had his church in Purcellville. They often toured on the road , singing at churches, camp meetings, and other social events where their father preached. They recorded a few LPs in the 1960s and 1970s,- often accompanied by the Goss Brothers, including "Its Me Again Lord" and "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus". They have been blind since birth and our lovingly referred to as "Beep and Bop". They currently reside not far from Harrisonburg, VA and continue to perform at family affairs. Their nephew, Billy Brett*, plays in the popular Harrisonburg duo, "Buck Gooter".

"For several years, my brothers and I furnished background music and vocals for quite a number of groups. It 's hard to remember everyone, but one group I will never forget is the Sly Sisters. Their harmonies were incredible and their personalities were of such that you felt as if you had known them all your life. My brothers and all agreed that they were one of those groups you will never forget. I was thrilled to hear, after all these years that they are still singing. I wish them the best and may God continue to bless them with more beautiful harmonies."

"God is Everywhere"

Download Link: The Blind Slye Twins- It's Me Again Lord

1. It's Me Again Lord 2:55
2. The Price He Paid 4:23
3. How Can I Forget The Day 3:07
4. God Is Everywhere 3:00
5. The Shepherd and I 2:56
6. When I Pray 3:15
7. The Wrong Side of Me 2:44
8. Brother Have You Heard About Jesus 2:31
9. I Found the Way 2:38
10. I Wouldn't Trade 2:22
11. How Long Has It Been? 2:44

*I actually sort-of know Billy Brett from my days working at The Little Grill. I just found out today-looking for album info- that these ladies are his aunts.