Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Richard Schneider Jr.- Dreamlike Land (1977)

Some Euro pysch-prog. Kind of sweet and creepy at the same time: Dreamlike Land has been ruling my breakfast on this fine morning. Features Jaki Leibezeit on drums. Richard Schneider's a suprise new discovery for me, compliments of my buddy Tim. Originally posted at The Growing Bin.

Mediafire Download Link: Richard Schneider- Dreamlike Land

A1 High 6:10
A2 Illusion 3:49
A3 Samba-Trip 5:53
A4 Crazy World 4:47
B1 Hello Beach-Girls! 6:40
B2 Visions 5:29
B3 Samba-Session 3:49
B4 Silent Cry 8:22

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Holly said...

Looking forward to this -thank you!