Monday, January 31, 2011

Los Yetis- Nadaismo A-Go-Go! (Munster, 2009)

"Compilation of the wildest moments of the best sixties garage-pop band from Colombia. 21 Nadaist (revolutionary pre-punk movement) tracks about war, revolution and girls. Both formats include previously unseen band photos and extensive notes. In 1966, a certain go-go fever takes over Medellín. The name of the virus: LOS YETIS. The city, one of the most conservative in Colombia, started to feel the shakes in its foundations as thousands of teenagers danced to the new sound, willing to distance themselves from the tango and bolero favoured by their parents. To achieve this, what better than the go-go spirit embodied by a fury and abominable snowman? Their true entrance to the music industry comes in February 1966 through the record label Discos Fuentes, with the support of a promotion strategy unheard-of in Colombia until then. They would become the new idols of thousands of teenagers infected by the go-go craze that The Beatles had originated a few years earlier. Los Yetis combined covers of international hits with their own songs, which, even if a little tame, had a wild spirit and lyrics with attitude set to beat, surf and garage rhythms." (Munster)

Download Link: Los Yetis- Nadaismo A-Go-Go! (Munster, 2009)*

*Muchas Gracias to Small Wett for this 320 rip!

1. El Tito / Mi Primer Juguete
2. Cantemos
3. Yo Grito
4. Revolucionando
5. Mr Shoemaker
6. Delirio
7. Llegó El Desorden
8. Ya No Te Aguanto Más
9. Pedimos La Paz
10. Love
11. Me Siento Loco
12. Mary Mary
13. Sabes Cuánto Te Quiero
14. No Me Digas Adiós
15. Te Espero En La Guerra
16. Llegaron Los Peluqueros
17. Flying High
18. Amor Sideral
19. La Tierra De Las Mil Danzas
20. Tres Grados Bajo Cero
21. Soy Un Hombre

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Orquesta Popular Colombiana- Flute Indienne de Colombie (Vogue: Collection Loisirs, CLVLX 548)

Hypnotic Colombian wooden flutes swirl through the polyrhythmic thump of tropical percussions. Cover notes indicate nothing beyond the name of the ensemble. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: Orquesta Popular Colombiana- Flute Indienne de Colombie (Vogue: Collection Loisirs, CLVLX 548)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bob Seger- Never Mind the Bullets (Myonga CD-R, 2010)

Well, I guess that 2010 is the year it became cool again to rock some Seger. I've definitely started seeing that Bob Seger System LP on good record shelves everywhere. At least partly responsible for this is Never Mind The Bullets; a cool bootleg CD-R of pre-Silver Bullets stuff that surfaced last year on ILXOR & copped a good number of votes on the Village Voice's 2010 Pazz & Jop Album Poll (#111). I retagged the original rip first upped at Ilxor. The bit rates are sort of all over the place, but hey- sounds good + free music, so...* Big thanks to Steve for passing this my way. "Rock 'n Roll Never Forgets..."

Download Link: Bob Seger- Never Mind the Bullets (Myonga CD-R, 2010)

1. East Side Story
2. Persecution Smith
3. Heavy Music
4. Chain Smokin'
5. Sock It To Me Santa
6. Ballad Of The Yellow Berets
7. Vagrant Winter
8. 2+2=-
9 Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
10. Tales of Lucy Blue
11. Down Home
12. Death Row
13. Lonely Man
14. Innervenous Eyes
15. noah
16. Highway Child
17. Mongrel
18. Lucifer
19. Leanin on My Dream
20. Lookin' Back
21. Love the One You're With
22. Rosalie
23. Back In '72
24. I've Been Workin'
25. Get Out Of Denver
26. Cross of Gold
27. U.M.C. (Upper Middle Class)

*If do you happen to have a more uniform, less trancodey rip of this, please hit a dude up!

Betty Chung- Bang Bang

Still struggling with my system folks...In the meantime, here's super-slick Chinese version of Cher's "Bang Bang". This song was originally written by Sonny Bono, though its more well-known as a Nancy Sinatra hit*. I'm currently unsure of the Chung track's original year. The B-side to this Stoned Circus reissue 45, "Black Room" by Jun Mayazumi can be found on the Nippon Girls compilation (!). Dig it.

Betty Chung- Bang Bang

*Ajda Pekkan also cut a righteous version of this track in 1967.

Friday, January 21, 2011

technical difficulties

hey folks- so, i've spent the last few days troubleshooting a sudden grounding buzz in my stereo setup that has started to seriously impair my ability to produce fine quality vinyl rips. haven't lost steam here, yet. i will get this fixed and be up and running again as soon as i possibly can. cheers.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Letha Melchior Rodman Cancer Fund

This just arrived in my inbox. Give it a good look, would you?

Letha Melchior Rodman Cancer Fund

As you probably know, the life of a musician playing independent music is not a lucrative one. So when one hits a snag in life that taps the resources and makes working an outside job impossible, times get really hard. This is where Dan and Letha Melchior find themselves right now. You know Dan as one of the best underground rock & roll songwriters around. He's released records on labels such as In the Red, Hangman, S.S., Siltbreeze, Daggerman and others, and played with his bands the Broke Review and Das Menace, as well as Billy Childish and Holly Golightly. Letha is a member of Das Menace and contributes to a lot of Dan's record jacket art/design, not to mention Dan's partner.

A few months ago Letha was diagnosed with cancer and since then she's been in a pretty hard fight, requiring some operations and much treatment. She's been unable to work. Dan's role as her caretaker has taken him out of the work force. Letha has basic medical insurance but that really doesn't mean a whole lot in the USA. Debt is piling up. And the state that they live in, North Carolina, doesn't offer much in the way of aid. Dan and Letha need our help.

Independent of Dan and Letha, we are asking people to help them out. The Melchior name has given us a whole lot of great music; now it is time to give a little back. We know times are hard for a lot of people, so we are asking that you give what you can afford. Please know that the money donated to Dan and Letha goes directly to them via their paypal account. Please pass this message around

Donate Here


Scott Soriano (S.S. Records)
Tom Lax (Siltbreeze Records)
Rich Kroneiss (Terminal Boredom)
Brian Turner (WFMU)
Mario Solis (Plastic Idol Records)
Ryan Wells (Z Gun Magazine)
Eric Holmgren (Daggerman Records)
Mitch Cardwell (Budget Rock)
Jerry Connolly (SmartGuy Records)
Billy Childish (Hangman's Daughter)
Steve Lowenthal (Swingset Magazine)
Erin Sullivan (A Frames/AFCGT)
Min Yee (A Frames/AFCGT)
Harry Howes (Almost Ready Records)
Brent Tipton (Dull Knife Records)
Benjamin Holesapple (Columbus Discount Records)
Adam Smith (Columbus Discount Records)
Sean Wright (Columbus Discount Records)
Shawn Reed (Night People)
Jeff Green (Sweet Rot Records)
Otis Hart (Dusted Magazine)
Allan Henry (Topplers Records)
Tim Foster (Trouble Makers/Losin' Streaks)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

V/A- Les Grands Artistes Du Monde Arabe Vol. 4 (Music For Pleasure/ EMI, 1978)

A cool French-issued Arabic hits LP, featuring two songs from the immortal Farid El Atrache, a superb Omar Khorshid instrumental, and "Ya Hala Bil Dayf" by Samira Tewfic (*later sampled by Brian Eno & David Byrne on "Secret Life" from My Life in a Bush of Ghosts), among others. Classic sounds. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: V/A- Les Grands Artistes Du Monde Arabe Vol. 4 (Music For Pleasure/ EMI, 1978)

1. Fog Ghosnek Ya Lemona / Farid El Atrache 8:09
2. Ah Ya Zein / Omar Khorshid 4:18
3. Al Korniche / Taroub 5:53
4. Ya Bou Dahka Guenan / Farid El Atrache 5:39
5. Ya Hala Bil Dayf / Samira Tewfic 6:54
6. Merjane Khateb Merjane / Issam Raggi 6:03

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arizona Dranes- Complete Recorded Works (1926-1929)

”'Juanita' Arizona Dranes was born in Dallas, Texas around 1905. Born blind, Dranes is believed to have been of Mexican and African-American heritage, and was raised in the Church of God in Christ in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Dranes’ enthusiastic shouting and piano playing were so dynamic that they practically recommended themselves, and she was only about 20 years of age when a Fort Worth-based minister, Samuel Crouch, suggested to Okeh talent scout Richard M. Jones that Dranes be given a recording test. Blues singer Sara Martin agreed to travel to Fort Worth and help the blind Dranes make it to Chicago for her test on June 17, 1926. It was so successful that the six records resulting from it were all issued...Dranes’ last two selections of June 17, 1926 can best be described as sanctified barrelhouse piano solos, practically unique in the 1920s. Yet they are representative of a sound and style within gospel piano playing that may be heard yet today." (Source)

"New evidence shows that Arizona Dranes, the blind Pentecostal piano player who inspired everyone from Mahalia Jackson to Jerry Lee Lewis, attended the Institute for Deaf, Dumb and Blind Colored Youths at 4104 Bull Creek Road from 1896 until graduating in 1910. Let that sink in for a sec: The first person to ever play piano on a gospel record, the musician Sister Rosetta Tharpe credited with influencing her raucous, syncopated style, learned how to play in Austin.

Dranes remains virtually unknown today, with only a single blurry photo ever found, but she's celebrated by prewar gospel and blues enthusiasts." (Michael Corcoran)

Magnificent & highly recommended, folks.

Download Link: Arizona Dranes- Complete Recorded Works (1926-1929) [Mono, VBR] *all thanks to psb for this rip

Bye and Bye We’re Going To See The King
Don’t You Want To Go
God’s Got A Crown
He Is My Story
He’s Coming Soon
He’s The Lily Of The Valley
I Shall Wear A Crown
I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go
I’m Glad My Lord Has Saved Me
I’m Going Home On The Morning Train
In That Day
It’s All Right Now
John Said He Saw A Number
Just Look
Lamb’s Blood Has Washed Me Clean
Let Us Therefore Come
Lord Who Shall Abide In Thy Tabernacle
My Soul Is A Witness For The Lord
Soon We’ll Gather At The River
Sweet Heaven Is My Home
Where He Leads Me I Will Follow

*Arizona Dranes at the piano, bottom-right.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

V/A- Cumbia Discos Fuentes (Domino Sound Cassette, 2011)

A steady-thumping, non-stop mixtape of choice Colombian cumbias from the Domino Sound camp. At least, that's what my spidey-sense is telling me. Nowhere on the packaging does it actually say that, but the screen printed cover and expert selection have left me feeling assured that I'm fully-correct. Hot stuff. Recommended listening for you like-minded mixtape revival types.

Download: V/A- Cumbia Discos Fuentes (Domino Sound Cassette, 2011)

Domino Sound Record Shack
2557 Bayou Rd
New Orleans, LA 70119
(504) 309-0871

Monday, January 10, 2011

Della Humphrey- Don't Make the Good Girls Go Bad / Your Love is All I Need (Arctic, 1968)

Classic deep-soul stunner from Della Humphrey of (Miami?) FL, issued on Philadelphia's Arctic Label in 1968. Legend has it that young Della was just twelve years old when she cut this amazing side. *FYI- Some of you scoundrels might better recognize co-songwriter C. Reid as the one & only Blowfly!

Download Link: Della Humphrey- Don't Make the Good Girls Go Bad / Your Love is All I Need (Arctic, 1968) Arctic 144. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Ghost Capital: A Mixtape

Hey peeps, this latest Ghostcapital Mix comes courtesy of Aquarium Drunkard; a top quality free-form Sirius show based out of Los Angeles. I'll be hosting the second hour of the show this Friday. Listen if you can!

Aquarium Drunkard's weekly two hour show airs on SIRIUS/XMU, channel 26 (SIRIUS), and channel 43 (XM), every Friday – Noon EST with an encore broadcast at Midnight EST on SIRIUS 175

Check it: Aquarium Drunkard Presents :: Ghost Capital: A Mixtape *Re-upped 4/21/12 via Adrive Enjoy!

Side A
Group Lewlewal – Ligeey
Duo Ouro Negro – Lemanjá
Pov Vannary – Youm Os Tirk Pnake
Lucho Bermúdez – Tolú
The Blonde Bomber – I Am To Blame
Ajda Pekkan – Kaderimin Oyunu
Rikki Ililonga & Musi-O-Tunya – The Sun
Parasites of the Western World – Flying
Deutsche Wertarbeit – Auf Engelsflügeln
Alberto Ruiz y su Lira Incaica – Paceñita (Bolivia)
Otis Wright – It’s Soon To Be Done

Side B
Dan Bau Vietnam – Rider In The Sky
Al Balabil – Title Unknown
Henry Thomas – The Fox And The Hounds
Peggy Seeger – The Cambric Shirt
Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun – There Are Many Tears Here Gained
Barış Manço – 2023
Os Kiezos – Comboio
Plearn Promdan – Wan Maha Sanook
Index – Shock Wave
Emeralds – Now You See Me

Friday, January 7, 2011

Farida Khanum- Meri Pasand Vol. 1 & 2 (EMI Pakistan)

"Farida Khanum has a distinctive style of singing. It is an attractive blend of ghazal gaayaki and tarannum (recitation), reflecting her training in classical music under the tutelage of such illuminaries as Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and Ustad Ashique Ali Khan." (

The classic ghazals of Pakistan's Farida Khanum are out-&-out astounding. Resonant mystical heartbreaks of the highest order. Perfect music. Just listen to the "Queen of the Ghazal".

Download: Farida Khanum- Meri Pasand Vol. 1
1. Voh Ishq Jo Humse 6:03
2. Sham-E-Firaq Ab Na 7:32
3. Main Ne Pairon Mein Payal 3:55
4. Raat Jo Tum Ne Deep 6:59
5. Kuchh Ishq Tha Kuchh 5:11
6. Voh Mujh Se Huwe 6:57
7. Yun Saja Chand 10:56
8. Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo 7:14
9. Bairi More Nainan 4:26

Download: Farida Khanum- Meri Pasand Vol. 2
1. Mangwa De Jhumka 5:58
2. Be Chain Bohat Phirna 5:06
3. Suey Maikade Na Jate 7:54
4. Dil Pe Ik Turfa Qayamat 3:58
5. Uzr Aane Main Bhi 7:15
6. Chand Niklee Kisi Janib 8:03
7. Naina Re Naina 8:44
8. Na Rawa Kahiye 7:50
9. Es Tarah Qissa Mera 4:57

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Abner Jay- Last Ole Minstrel Man (Mississippi, 2011)

A short 10" EP of the late, great Abner Jay's very last studio sessions from Atlanta, 1994. Raw. Can't help but wonder if this will be the last release in Mississippi Records' sustained effort to canonize Mr. Jay as a lost hero of American folk. This one comes lovingly packaged with lots of great photos, inserts & copious liner notes from Jack Teague about his time getting to know Jay in Georgia, and how this recording came to happen. Makes for an illuminating read, I think, but... If you really want all that, I guess you should stop mooching here and go buy the record, no?

BTW- Turns out the best & cheapest way to score MSR releases is to write directly to

Download Link: Abner Jay- Last Ole Minstrel Man (Mississippi, 2011) 320 Vinyl rip by yours truly. *Re-upped 7/20/12


1. I Cried
2. Sitting On Top of the World
3. My Middle Name is the Blues
4. Love Wheel
5. Cocaine Blues
6. Too Poor to Live, Too Poor to Die

Sunday, January 2, 2011

V/A- Java-Java: Indonesia Screaming Fuzz Vol.1 (NoSmoke, 2010)

"NoSmoke Records attacks again... Now looking back to the Indonesian legacy of garage and rock'n'roll. Those bands wrote some history by theirselves during the 60's and confronted the Indonesian regime with music. Some of these bands migrated to Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and helped out creating a new musical movement called Indo-Rock. Bands like The Peels, Swallows, Tielmann Brothers or Rolling Beats have been part of that movement. Lots of fuzz and rock'n'roll, making their own revolution trough the fuzz pedal. Among these, other bands confronted the regime inside Indonesia, like Dara Puspita or Koes, among others. Don't look for protest ballads or even traditional songs here, there's only room for garage, raw beat and indo-rock at its best." (NoSmoke)

Just like it says- raw Indonesian & Indo-Rock garage stompers. Hadn't heard The Swallows (Singapore) before. I keep thinking "La Ngomber", their riff on the Kinks' "You Really Got Me Now" sounds a little like a sped-up version of The Magic Bands' "Dropout Boogie" (Minus those Beefheart vocals, of course). Good stuff. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Purchase the LP from Forced Exposure.

Download Link: V/A- Java-Java: Indonesia Screaming Fuzz Vol.1 (No Smoke, 2010)


1. Dara Puspita / Bertamasja
2. Koes Bersaudara / Poor Clown
3. Swallows / La Ngomber
4. Rolling Beats / Sweeter Than You
5. Pattie Bersaudara / What Am I Supposed to Do
6. Peels / Tinggalkan Ku Sa Orang
7. Los Indonesios / Can't You Hear
8. Panber's / Together We Dance
9. Females / Talik Kum Bang Djati
10. Steps / Kitijir Kitijir


1. Koes Plus / Kelelawar
2. Tielman Brothers / Marabunta
3. Dara Puspita / Believe Me
4. Rolling Beats / Don't Ask Me Why
5. Swallows / Angkok Angkok Bilis
6. Black Magic / Surfin' Gipsy '63
7. Peels / Marilah Ke Mari
8. S.Mona Rita & the Kingstons / Be Kalan Satria
9. Benjamin S / Digebukin

Al Balabil- Sahret avec El Balabil (BMDA 1169) البلابل @World Service

Wow! The World Service blog has just posted a fresh and coveted rip of a bona fide vintage Al Balabil cassette. Amazing. An auspicious start to the new year, indeed!

*FYI- Months ago, when I posted my custom Youtube-ripped Al Balabil collection, it would appear that I'd mistranslated this group's name as "The Hummingbirds". I'm pretty sure Google translate led me down that path. Since then, those who seem to know have offered that Al Balabil really means "The Nightingales." Maybe one of these days I'll get around to correcting the info on my original upload. So it goes....