Sunday, January 2, 2011

V/A- Java-Java: Indonesia Screaming Fuzz Vol.1 (NoSmoke, 2010)

"NoSmoke Records attacks again... Now looking back to the Indonesian legacy of garage and rock'n'roll. Those bands wrote some history by theirselves during the 60's and confronted the Indonesian regime with music. Some of these bands migrated to Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and helped out creating a new musical movement called Indo-Rock. Bands like The Peels, Swallows, Tielmann Brothers or Rolling Beats have been part of that movement. Lots of fuzz and rock'n'roll, making their own revolution trough the fuzz pedal. Among these, other bands confronted the regime inside Indonesia, like Dara Puspita or Koes, among others. Don't look for protest ballads or even traditional songs here, there's only room for garage, raw beat and indo-rock at its best." (NoSmoke)

Just like it says- raw Indonesian & Indo-Rock garage stompers. Hadn't heard The Swallows (Singapore) before. I keep thinking "La Ngomber", their riff on the Kinks' "You Really Got Me Now" sounds a little like a sped-up version of The Magic Bands' "Dropout Boogie" (Minus those Beefheart vocals, of course). Good stuff. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Purchase the LP from Forced Exposure.

Download Link: V/A- Java-Java: Indonesia Screaming Fuzz Vol.1 (No Smoke, 2010)


1. Dara Puspita / Bertamasja
2. Koes Bersaudara / Poor Clown
3. Swallows / La Ngomber
4. Rolling Beats / Sweeter Than You
5. Pattie Bersaudara / What Am I Supposed to Do
6. Peels / Tinggalkan Ku Sa Orang
7. Los Indonesios / Can't You Hear
8. Panber's / Together We Dance
9. Females / Talik Kum Bang Djati
10. Steps / Kitijir Kitijir


1. Koes Plus / Kelelawar
2. Tielman Brothers / Marabunta
3. Dara Puspita / Believe Me
4. Rolling Beats / Don't Ask Me Why
5. Swallows / Angkok Angkok Bilis
6. Black Magic / Surfin' Gipsy '63
7. Peels / Marilah Ke Mari
8. S.Mona Rita & the Kingstons / Be Kalan Satria
9. Benjamin S / Digebukin


icastico said...

Also check out

Madrotter also has lots of Koes and Panbers

nicholab said...

nice! thanks for the hot tip...

Ryan Shepard said...

Benjamin S.'s regret-and-whiskey soaked freakout "Digebukin" kind of steals the show here, but it's Koes Plus who are the real discovery - I'd like to hear more from them!

Holly said...

Thank you Nick & icastico!

Ryan - Sublime Frequenceis reissued a bunch of Koes Plus last year, s/b easy to explore :-)

ferrucciosanto said...

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Winbert Hutahaean said...

How can these 20 tracks are printed on to one vinyl only? this is not CD where we can put many tracks. On Vinyl the more tracks are the lesser sound quality will be.

This supposes to be printed on 3 vinyls instead of one.

Anonymous said...

These were all taken from mp3s available on various sites. What's the point of transferring mp3s to vinyl and back again?!

Anonymous said...

6. Peels / Tinggalkan Ku Sa Orang
should be "Tinggalkan Ku Seorang"
10. Steps / Kitijir Kitijir
"Kitjir Kitjir"

Anonymous said...

9. Females / Talitik Kumbang Djati

Sun Ira said...

Ghost, Loving the wackiness. Any chance you can redo a link without the multiupload?

Sun Ira said...

Ghost, I'm loving the wackiness. Any chance on a reup with new links?