Wednesday, January 12, 2011

V/A- Cumbia Discos Fuentes (Domino Sound Cassette, 2011)

A steady-thumping, non-stop mixtape of choice Colombian cumbias from the Domino Sound camp. At least, that's what my spidey-sense is telling me. Nowhere on the packaging does it actually say that, but the screen printed cover and expert selection have left me feeling assured that I'm fully-correct. Hot stuff. Recommended listening for you like-minded mixtape revival types.

Download: V/A- Cumbia Discos Fuentes (Domino Sound Cassette, 2011)

Domino Sound Record Shack
2557 Bayou Rd
New Orleans, LA 70119
(504) 309-0871


Sandy Leonard Snaps said...

Me encanta mucho.

Holly said...

Oh, thank you, Nick!

D. Klein said...

I like it, I like it! Thanks a trillion.

cultdream said...

Hell yes ... have been wanting something like this! gr8 ty

Melvin said...

Love this, thanx man!

Melvin said...

There seems to be a mistake on the tracklist, as side one clearly starts out with 'cumbia campesina'- I think the two sides have been switched!

Anonymous said...

The link seems to be down? Very sad... Looks amazing

whiteanduptight said...

any chance of a repost or new link? me gusta cumbia!! muchas gracias!

roberth said...

yes please re up the cumbias!!!!!!!!!!

been enjoying your re ups
the adrive downloading site works
the best of any i have encountered
thanks for so many unsual listens

pushingplanet said...

What's wrong with all these 'multiupload' links not working? Can we get different links?

roberth said...

multiupload went down after
the fbi took down meguupload
and ghost has been steadily replacing the links