Sunday, January 16, 2011

V/A- Les Grands Artistes Du Monde Arabe Vol. 4 (Music For Pleasure/ EMI, 1978)

A cool French-issued Arabic hits LP, featuring two songs from the immortal Farid El Atrache, a superb Omar Khorshid instrumental, and "Ya Hala Bil Dayf" by Samira Tewfic (*later sampled by Brian Eno & David Byrne on "Secret Life" from My Life in a Bush of Ghosts), among others. Classic sounds. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: V/A- Les Grands Artistes Du Monde Arabe Vol. 4 (Music For Pleasure/ EMI, 1978)

1. Fog Ghosnek Ya Lemona / Farid El Atrache 8:09
2. Ah Ya Zein / Omar Khorshid 4:18
3. Al Korniche / Taroub 5:53
4. Ya Bou Dahka Guenan / Farid El Atrache 5:39
5. Ya Hala Bil Dayf / Samira Tewfic 6:54
6. Merjane Khateb Merjane / Issam Raggi 6:03


øשlqæda said...

dag son, where ya find deez pearls? thx so much! a lil known(?) fact... farid el atrache is asmahan's older brother

Mr Tear said...

I can't believe that Music for Pleasure released this treasure. That label was responsible for so many easy listening/light classical horrors. When I was a kid I had the lp Geoff Love's Orchestra play Science Fiction Themes, which was on MFP.

nicholab said...

i had only just realized that, owl, when i discovered asmahan two or three months ago. late out of the gate with her.

mr. tear- so true. just look at the other albums being advertised by mfp on the backside of this lp cover. no thanks!

Anonymous said...

dude sorry for the slightly negative comment from the other day. it just sometimes pangs me that people who have obviously advanced palettes seem to harbor prejudice toward certain aesthetics and genres (new urban music for instance).

anyhow, been sick the past few days and went through your entire blog. have already done the GEEHADIST earlier... thanks for all the great music.

Holly said...

Thank you, Nick!

moOnNeighBouR said...

Thank dude for all the stuff you are posting and sharing with us but please refresh the link of this LP, it's dead.
I really want to listen to this arabic music, please refresh it.
Thank you in advance