Sunday, January 2, 2011

Al Balabil- Sahret avec El Balabil (BMDA 1169) البلابل @World Service

Wow! The World Service blog has just posted a fresh and coveted rip of a bona fide vintage Al Balabil cassette. Amazing. An auspicious start to the new year, indeed!

*FYI- Months ago, when I posted my custom Youtube-ripped Al Balabil collection, it would appear that I'd mistranslated this group's name as "The Hummingbirds". I'm pretty sure Google translate led me down that path. Since then, those who seem to know have offered that Al Balabil really means "The Nightingales." Maybe one of these days I'll get around to correcting the info on my original upload. So it goes....

1 comment:

WrldServ said...

What a delight to see another video of these ladies! Thank you!
I must add that I hope to post some more tracks by them in the future.