Sunday, January 23, 2011

Betty Chung- Bang Bang

Still struggling with my system folks...In the meantime, here's super-slick Chinese version of Cher's "Bang Bang". This song was originally written by Sonny Bono, though its more well-known as a Nancy Sinatra hit*. I'm currently unsure of the Chung track's original year. The B-side to this Stoned Circus reissue 45, "Black Room" by Jun Mayazumi can be found on the Nippon Girls compilation (!). Dig it.

Betty Chung- Bang Bang

*Ajda Pekkan also cut a righteous version of this track in 1967.


Holly said...

1968 per

Also comped on the great (but only semi legit, I think) 'Let's a Go Go! - Singapore & Southeast Asian Pop Scene 1964-69'.

Superb cover of a superb song. But I think Nancy still owns my heart.

Anonymous said...

Great version this, I really like French Ye Ye lady, Sheilas' version too.

Wayne said...

I have a Betty Chung ep with this on it. Here's a picture of the cover, it's pretty groovy.

Anonymous said...

and i have the lp from ajda with this song on it and this single of course too! vinyl lover