Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Luk Thung 45 : Riam Daranoi - Chan Ru Than "I Know What You're Up To" + Don Denduang - Suai Ching Muai "Muai, The True Beauty" (LK 154)

I scored this Luk Thung 45 (LK 154) from a bargain bin 1ast week and just had to share it, pronto. Look at the front jacket! Easily one of the wildest covers in my collection.

The thing is, the record that came with it (LK 094) doesn't match. This might've been a source of eternal lament if the mismatched record wasn't itself such a pearl. To get the real scoop on these, I sought the expert counsel of my good pal Peter over at monrakplengthai. Enormous thanks, man. Knowing the deal makes this artwork even stranger. Check it:

"the jacket advertises the song "kot mai fai daeng (law of the "red light" [period])" by phanida sutthicharoen... and yes, that's "period" as in menstruation.. thus the blood-soaked cover: bizarre!

...the record inside is "chan ru than (i know what you're up to)" by riam daranoi, who shows up on both of chris menist's recent compilations for soundway (DL) & finders keepers. she is great! the b-side is "suai ching muai (muai, the true beauty)" by don denduang. both songs are with the "sit suraphon (suraphon's disciples)" band (after "king of luk thung" suraphon sombatcharoen)"

So, Thai speakers, please pardon the somewhat false inclusion of the Red Light cover. The image was just too astounding not to include here. I'm have every hope that one day we're able to hear The Law Of The Red Light LK 094, but in the meantime....Enjoy LK 154. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Riam Daranoi - Chan Ru Than "I Know What You're Up To" + Don Denduang - Suai Ching Muai "Muai, The True Beauty" (Luk Thung 45 - LK 154)*

*Featuring Sit Suraphon (Suraphon's Disciples)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

(V/A) Hits From Telugu Films Vol. 5 (Odeon/EMI - India, 1967)

"Melodies From N. T. Rama Rao Starrer Pictures"

An exquisite collection of classic Telugu playback tracks from the 1950s & 60s, all of which were originally featured in the films of N.T. Rama Rao. All legendary songs, with no filler. Heavy on the Ghantasala and P. Susheela, which is a very good thing. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Highly recommended!

(V/A) Hits From Telugu Films - Volume 5 : Melodies From N. T. Rama Rao Starrer Pictures (Odeon/EMI - India, 1967) *Re-upped 7/20/12


1. Kalavaramayemadhilo (Film: Pathala Bhairavi) -- Ghantasala & P. Susheela
2. Lechindi Mahila Lokam (Film: Gundamma Katha) -- Ghantasala
3. Brindavanamidhi (Film: Missamma) -- A.M. Raja & P. Susheela
4. Janani Sivakamini (Film: Narthanasala) -- P. Susheela
5. Kanupa Pa (Film: Chiranjeevulu) -- Ghantasala & P. Leela
6. Adakaichina (Film: Dagudu Moothalu) -- Ghantasala & P. Susheela
7. Ravoyee Chandamama (Film: Missamma) -- A. M. Raja & P. Leela
8. Anthaka Nanuchoodaku (Film: Manchi Manishi) -- Ghantasala & P. Susheela
9. Edu Kondalavada (Film: Pellichesichoodu) -- P. Leela Ghantasala
10. Athey Athey (Film: Ramudu Bheemudu) -- P. Susheela & Ghantasala
11. Amma Nanna (Film: Panduranga Mahatmyam) -- Ghantasala
12. Lahiri Lahiri (Film: Maya Bazaar) -- Ghantasala & P. Susheela

Unrelated to the Telugu record above, but reasonably still on-topic -- Check out this Cubano flavored playback stunner from Puthiya Paravai. This jam is dynamite:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guitar Slim Green's "Stone Down Blues" -- With Johnny and Shuggie Otis (Kent, 1970)

"A great deal has been written about the blues and the people who sing them. Most enthusiasts are familiar with the names of Elmore james, Muddy Waters, Sonnyboy Williamson, Lightnin' Hopkins and Little Walter, for these are the names of artists who have won wide recognition for their talents and their contributions not only to the blues, but to Rock & Roll as well.

However, one should be aware that there were others, some still around, that were equally as talented, but not as fortunate. All too often their contributions were quickly recognized, borrowed or stolen and the artists themselves ignored and forgotten. Such was almost the tragedy that occured with GUITAR SLIM GREEN..." (Cover notes)

I've said it before, the Boogie Blues aren't generally my thing. I tend to be fairly selective. This 1970 Kent outing by Norman "Guitar Slim" Green is good & solid, though. Kept me steady rocking through a huge load of dishes tonight, with no complaints. (Well, aside from the dishes.) The back-up from Johnny and Shuggie Otis doesn't hurt much, either. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Word.

Guitar Slim Green's "Stone Down Blues" -- With Johnny and Shuggie Otis (Kent, 1970) *Re-upped 7/20/12


1. Shake 'Em Up 2:11
2. Bumble Bee Blues 3:26
3. Make Love All Night 2:36
4. My Little Angel Child 3:57
5. 5th Street Alley Blues 3:13
6. Old Folks Boogie 2:13
7. This War Ain't Right 3:04
8. You Make Me Feel So Good 2:05
9. Big Fine Thing 2:48
10. Play On Little Girl 3:10

Pepe de Almeria -- Guitara Flamenca : 45 Tours (196x - Symphonium, SEP 6)

Real-deal flamenco dynamite from heroic Spanish Gitan, Sr. Pepe de Almeria. Blazing hot, folks. Legendary axe. 45 rpms. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Pepe de Almeria -- Guitara Flamenca : 45 Tours (196x - Symphonium, SEP 6)

1. Malaguena
2. Soleares

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Les 4 Guaranis - Musique Folklorique d'Amerique Latine (BAM, 1953 *Paraguay)

Another early & great 4 Guaranis release. Romantic folk harmonies and more from this versatile Paraguayan string band. Recorded in 1953. Cool Paraguayan harps in many spots. 10" microgroove LP release on the french label, La Boite a Musique. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Les 4 Guaranis - Musique Folklorique d'Amerique Latine (BAM, 1953 *Paraguay)

1. El Chupino 1:48
2. El Humahuaqueño 2:26
3. Musiqueada Jazmin Guype 3:18
4. Viva Jujui 2:09
5. Entre San Juan y Mendoza 2:26
6. Chococué Purajhei 2:26
7. Mazamorreando 2:24
8. El Arriero 4:12
9. Pájaro Campana 3:09
10. Guapo Mi Viejo Buey 3:16
11. Grito del Pueblo

Friday, November 11, 2011

Farid El Atrache -- Original Soundtrack Album From: El Hob El Kebir + El Khourouj Men El Gana (Voice of Lebabon, VLMX. 17)

Greek-pressed Lebanese LP of classic Egyptian film songs from the immortal Farid Al Atrache. The slick cover of him by the hi-fi is not to be trifled with. Thanks to David H for this record. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Farid El Atrache -- Original Soundtrack Album From: El Hob El Kebir + El Khourouj Men El Gana (Voice of Lebabon, VLMX. 17)

1. Bitomor Al Rass Oul Eyn 6:17
2. Ya Weili Men Hobbo 9:16
3. Ala Bali Ala Bali 6:28
4. Adnaytani Bil Hajr 10:01
5. La Ouaeynayki 5:59
6. Ana Ouenta Ou Ba Bass 8:29

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Childrens Bizarre: The Story of Fire + The Story of Thunder & Lightning (Child Guidance Records)

Folks, after obsessing for months over the visual amazements on display over at the incredible 50 Watts, I've humbly decided to start a new blog that's heavy on oddball visual culture. I'm calling it The Childrens Bizzare. It'll be dedicated entirely to weirdo kids ephemera. Basically, I want to feature illustrations, books, toys, music and videos, originally made by or marketed to kids, which come across as particularly strange or even creepy, bordering on inappropriate. I do find it somewhat funny that, now that I have a three year old son, I've up & started collecting the sort of vintage kids stuff that I feel compelled to hide from him. Go figure. Literally top-shelf artifacts, with plenty of Hi Resolution Scans. And reader submissions are VERY welcome. If you have any specific ideas for content, please drop a comment at the new spot, or email me at this brand new address: childrensbizarre[at]hotmail[dot]com

With that, I present TCB's very first LP rip. The Story of Fire + Thunder & Lightning must be one of the most frightening & inept story-time educational records ever made. Its one in a series by "Famous" Child Guidance Records of Philadelphia, PA. They "Make Learning Fun". Just listen to these highlights, and try not to get the creeps.

Download: The Story of Fire + The Story of Thunder & Lightning (@ The Childrens Bizarre)


The banner is still in-progress, but I've definitely decided to retain the Bizzare misspelling. Seems like a kind of a Bob Ross flavored "happy accident."

Edmundo P. Zaldivar -- Carnavalitos (Pampa, LRS 15021 *Argentina)

Edmundo P. Zaldivar seems to be a a deeply revered purveyor of the celebratory Andean-Argentinian folksong known as the Carnavalito. At least, that's what I think the back cover says. I personally have a deep love for Andean melodies, and was more than a little pleased with the magic of the arrangements herein. The occasional addition of piano, violin, dulcimer(?) & bassoon(?) seems to offer a charming, otherworldly sense of surprise to the sound of Zaldivar's wonderful conjunto. Spanish/English bilterates, if any of you have the time & energy, I would truly love to know what these cover notes are telling us. Just found this luminous treasure for only 3 bucks a few weeks back. !0" microgroove. Year unknown. 320 rip by yours truly. Enjoy.

DL: Edmundo P. Zaldivar -- Carnavalitos (Pampa, LRS 15021)

01 El Humahuaqueño
02 Palomitay
03 Gallito Ciego
04 Mañana al Alba
05 Carnavalito
06 Albahaquita
07 Soy Carnaval
08 Cholita

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Celeste Rodrigues - Lisbon's Great Celeste Rodrigues (Capitol, 1958)

Born in Lisbon in 1923, Celeste Rodrigues's professional singing career did not start until 1951. As good a singer as she was, her name always stood in the larger-than-life shadow of her older sister Amália, with whom she remained very close through the years. Although she did have a few hits ("Fado Celeste," "Lenda das algas"), she did not record very extensively, preferring the warmth and intimacy of live performances. She spent some time in Canada in the 1970s, and throughout her career, she appeared at important concert halls in places like Paris and Rome. Unlike Amália, whose singing style was more commercial, Celeste will always be associated with a more traditional kind of fado, the so-called fado castiço: "It was [in Lisbon] that Portuguese ships set out in the fifteenth century to navigate the world," she says, "and it was in the heart of a sailor that fado was born." (All This Is Fado)

An intimate live performance of Celeste Rodrigues' mournful and romantic fado, recorded beautifully in Lisbon by Rui Valentim in 1958. Has a handful of charming audience sing a long moments, too. Wonderful stuff. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

DL: Celeste Rodrigues - Lisbon's Great Celeste Rodrigues (Capitol, 1958)

"Exciting Portuguese Songs Actually Recorded 'Live' At the Viela, Rua das Taipas, 14."

T 10153

1. Vira Do Mondego 2:53
2. Vento 3:53
3. Romarias Do Norte 2:16
4. Igreja De St. Estavao 4:27
5. Antigamente 2:56
6. Uma Casa Portuguesa 4:13
7. Maria Do Outeiro 3:59
8. Mira Me Miguel 1:58
9. Festa Na Aldeia 3:25
10. Conta Errada 3:11
11. Senhor Da Serra 2:30
12. Vira Da Minha Rua 3:04

Saturday, November 5, 2011

John Jacob Niles - Sings American Folk Songs (1956 - RCA Camden, CAL 245)

"Over coffee and liqueurs we would sometimes listen to John Jacob Niles' recordings. Our favorite was 'I Wonder As I Wander,' sung in a clear, high-pitched voice with a quaver and a modality all his own. The metallic clang of his dulcimer never failed to produce ecstasy. He had a voice which summoned memories of Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere. There was something of the Druid in him. Like a psalmist, he intoned his verses in an ethereal chant which the angels carried aloft to the Glory seat. When he sang of Jesus, Mary and Joseph they became living presences. A sweep of the hand and the dulcimer gave forth magical sounds which caused the stars to gleam more brightly, which peopled the hills and meadows with silvery figures and made the brooks to babble like infants. We would sit there long after his voice had faded out, talking of Kentucky where he was born, talking of the Blue Ridge mountains and the folk from Arkansas..." --Henry Miller, Plexus pp. 366-367

Niles is in classic form on this spectral cycle of American ballads released by RCA Camden in 1956. Can't find much of anything written about this one. I'm wondering if its simply a volume of earlier recordings resourced into a collection. Maybe you've noticed that I'm not including a scan of the back cover. That's because its really just a catalog of Classical and Light Concert LPs available from Camden at the time. Nothing helpful. FYI, Niles is in fact the songwriter of the seminal classics Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair & Go Way From My Window. Never knew that until today. Had simply assumed anonymous authorship on both counts. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy.

DL: John Jacob Niles - Sings American Folk Songs (1956 - RCA Camden, CAL 245) *Re-upped 7/20/12

1. You Got To Cross That Lonesome Valley 2:49
2. The Lass From The Cow Countree 2:33
3. Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair 2:10
4. Go 'Way From My Window / One Morning in May 3:13
5. The Wife Of Usher's Well 3:22
6. The Death Of Queen Jane 2:45
7. Little Mattie Groves 8:20
8. The Gypsy Laddie 3:27
9. My Little Mohee 2:16
10. I Wonder As I Wander Out Under The Sky 2:16
11. Lulle Lullay 2:25
12. The Seven Joys Of Mary 4:52
13. The Ballad Of Barberry Ellen 4:57

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Les Petits Chanteurs-Danseurs de Kenge: La Vie En Brousse / Young Congo Sings (Philips 840 264 BY)

A Dutch Catholic missionary, Bernard van Der Boom arranged and directed this choir of about 70 Congolese schoolboys from the Kenge area in the mid 1960s. While I'm assuming that this sort of African chorus is something of a colonial relic, the hypnotic musical result certainly resonates with the charm and energy of youth. I've found very little in the way of actual biography for van Der Boom or Les Petits Chanteurs. Would love to get some more education here. Thanks to David H for lending me this excellent record. Year unknown. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy.

DL: Les Petits Chanteurs-Danseurs de Kenge: La Vie En Brousse / Young Congo Sings (Philips 840 264 BY) *Re-upped 7/20/12

1. Elé Elé Mamiami - Male Kulipopo 3:21
2. Mwana Nkento 1:41
3. Imbie Imbie - Ya Ngo, Ya Ngo - Ukwenda-Tukwenda - Eh Mbisi Eto 5:33
4. Nkanda Ukambulula - Nguba zi Mama - Ankak-Ankak Petsom - Tata Mitondue 5:45
5. Mama Butidi Bana Bole - Ngudi Tsimba - Tutu-Tutu 5:37
6. Ayi Komema - Mono Kivonga 4:11
7. Meli Bamutoba 1:43
8. Tse-Tse Kadinga - O Matika - E Yambole - Nzeka Nzenzele 6:46

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Action Patrol : 1993-96 On Patrol (Whirled Records, WR-11)

Gotta say, I'm sort of stunned by the range and caliber of the compact discs routinely turning up in thrift stores these days. It seems hard to believe that, I don't know, K Records, Nonesuch and Luaka Bop discs are all just hanging around together with Bjork and Radiohead in the 2 dollar bargain bins. Not that I need 'em. And maybe that's just Portland. Is it this way everywhere? And, don't get me wrong-- I totally TOTALLY get that blogspot, file sharing, iTunes, etc have rendered these plastic packages functionally obsolete. Once uploaded, a disc basically destined to gather dust or live on as a coffee coaster. Maybe this is my 30+, Andy Rooney side beginning to take root. I just can't help but wonder, will CDs eventually go the way of cassettes today, and become retrospectively cool in, say 20 years?

So anyway, I found this Action Patrol disc at the Goodwill the other day. I live in Portland, OR, but AP were my other favorite local punk band from yonder high school days back in southeast VA. My skater-dude friends and I even put on their second to last show at the roller rink in my hometown. It was awesome. Admittedly, I hardly listen to much of anything that involves hardcore/screaming these days. That shit just works by nerves. Action Patrol & Mens Recovery Project, however, both get a pass from me. Oh, lets add Bad Brains, Minor Threat and The Nation of Ulysses to that list. Local sentiment, I know, but that's just how it is. Or maybe its digging a semblance of iconoclastoc wit over boring meathead hardcore posturing. Hmmm. And, ok, I'm down too with a lot of those early SST & Homestead bands, not to mention The Wipers, Negative Approach, The Zero Boys, Naked Raygun, etc. Plenty of room to expand, though hardly worth it right here. Anyway, after copping this here RVA throwback, I just had to up & share it. Ready or not. 320 kbps. Word.

DL: Action Patrol : 1993-96 On Patrol (Whirled Records, WR-11)

(V/A) -- Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn (Historical, 1971 **HLP-34)

"It is almost axiomatic that religion finds its most eloquent expression in the lives of those peoples who are systematically exploited and whose greatest hopes lie in the promise of a future life free of injustice." (Richard Spottswood, cover notes)

1971 LP collection of pre-war gospel perfections. With the recent cultural enthusiasm for all things "American Primitive", most, if not all, of these cuts have since resurfaced in various collections from the likes of Document, Dust-To-Digital (+), Revenant etc. This record still stands as a crucial artifact, and the depth & power of its music no doubt speaks for itself. If you don't know it, Mother's Prayer is just astounding. Dick Spottswood pens the cover notes, here. As a personal rule, I will immediately grip anything that has that fellow's name on it. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy.

DL: (V/A) -- Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn (Historical, 1971 **HLP-34)

Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers (featuring Frankie Half-Pint Jaxon and Punch Miller)
- Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn
- She's Coming 'Round The Mountain

Blind Willie Johnson
- The Soul Of A Man
- Take Your Stand

Blind Mamie Forehand & A.C. Forehand
- Wouldn't Mind Dying If Dying Was All
- Mothers Prayer
- I'm So Glad Today, Today

Laura Henton
- He's Coming Soon

Blind Willie McTell
- We Got To Meet Death One Day
- Ain't It Grand To Be A Christian
- Lay Some Flowers On My Grave

Arizona Dranes
- He Is My Story
- I Shall Wear A Crown

Edward W. Clayborn
- Jesus Will Make It Allright

Rooseveldt Graves & Brother
- I'll Be Rested (When The Roll Is Called)
- Wake Up This Morning (With My Mind On Jesus)

Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas - The Movie @KICKSTARTER

Hey friends, just dropping off a quick word of Kickstarter support for the enthusiastic & talented crate diggers over at Tropicalia in Furs. These cats are hoping to produce a cool documentary on their efforts to reveal the yet uncharted climes of Psicodelia Brasileira. For all you penny pinchers out there, just $10 bucks pledged will yield for you a custom digital mixtape of rare Brazillian fuzz selected by none other than Joel "Stones" Oliveira. Big thanks to Adam Garsh of TIF for getting in touch. Best of luck, dudes....

What is Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas- The Movie?

A documentary film that follows record store owner, producer and vinyl archaeologist Joel Stones as he explores uncharted territories of psychedelic Brazilian music. Following the success of his sold-out compilation Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas, Joel travels to Brazil in search of visionary and chaotic artists that have been overlooked by mainstream culture. Sonic rarities remind us of the great expanse of music history, with unique stories hovering behind every song. Armed with a wild afro, a box of 45s and an infectious personality, Joel pulls these secret histories through the cracks of Brazilian music. Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas- The Movie contains stories of people known and unknown, brought to life in shocking technicolor sound! ***READ MORE