Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Frank Frost- Frank Frost (Jewel, 1973)

"Although the atmospheric juke joint blues of Frank Frost remained steeped in unadulterated Delta funk throughout his career, his ongoing musical journey took him well outside his Mississippi homebase.

He moved to St. Louis in 1951, learning how to blow harp first from Little Willie Foster and then from the legendary Sonny Boy Williamson, who took him on the road -- as a guitar player -- from 1956 to 1959. Drummer Sam Carr, a longtime Frost ally, was also part of the equation, having enticed Frost to front his combo in 1954 before hooking up with Sonny Boy.

Leaving Williamson's employ in 1959, Frost and Carr settled in Lula, MS. Guitarist Jack Johnson came aboard in 1962 after sitting in with the pair at the Savoy Theatre in Clarksdale. The three meshed perfectly -- enough to interest Memphis producer Sam Phillips in a short-lived back-to-the-blues campaign that same year. Hey Boss Man!, issued on Sun's Phillips International subsidiary as by Frank Frost and the Nighthawks, was a wonderful collection of uncompromising Southern blues (albeit totally out of step with the marketplace at the time).

Elvis Presley's ex-guitarist Scotty Moore produced [THIS RECORD] in Nashville in 1966 for Jewel Records. Augmented by session bassist Chip Young, the trio's tight downhome ensemble work was once again seamless. "My Back Scratcher," Frost's takeoff on Slim Harpo's "Baby Scratch My Back," even dented the R&B charts on Shreveport-based Jewel for three weeks..." (Bill Dahl, Allmusic)

I don't normally go for this kind of electrified boogie-blues, but Frost's band keeps a groovy backbeat and his harmonica sound is gritty and expressive enough to keep me satisfied. Also, the album art is gorgeous. Good stuff. A fairly rare LP. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Download Link: Frank Frost- Frank Frost (Jewel, 1973)

1. Got My Mojo Working
2. My Back Scratcher
3. Feel Good Babe
4. Things You Do
5. Janie On Your Mind
6. Never Leave Me At Home
7. Didn't Mean No Harm
8. Pretty Baby
9. Five Long Years

*Due to vinyl wear, "Pocket Full of Money" and "Ride With Your Daddy Tonight" (A-Side, Tracks 5 & 6) have been omitted from this album rip.


disfunksean said...

Solid record. Got me moving while I was cooking dinner. Dig it. Thanks for posting.

Flash Strap said...

The music is just on the right side of conventional 60s-70s blues, and the cover is a slam dunk of awesomeness. I'm just lookin at it, all day long. Hell of a blues cover. Thanks man.