Saturday, November 6, 2010

Duo Ouro Negro com Sivuca- Africanissimo (Columbia/EMI, Angola)

An upgrade for an all-time favorite! Duo Ouro Negro were an amazing popular harmony group formed out of 1950's Angola. Sivuca is the heavyweight Brazillian accordionist feautured prominently on side-A. Side B appears to have been cut at different sessions with other backing combos. You may have seen this record here or here before, but never at 320 kbps*. Big thanks to Dom for the rip and the scans. An essential.

Duo Ouro Negro com Sivuca- Africanissimo (Columbia/EMI, Angola)

1. Kurikutela
2. Mana Fatita
3. Kangrima
4. Muxima
5. Eh! Sambá
6. Maria Candimba
7. Dekhnni
8. Carnaval de Luanda
9. Katéria
10. Minha Mulata
11. Upa Neguinho
12. Singing My Song

*Side B is different here than on other versions I've had. While confusing, its hard to argue with the tracklist as shown on that great scan of the back cover.


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Thanks for sharing! Your blog always brightens my day.

aldo said...

their 'Blackground' LP from 1971 is arguably even better, highlighting their African heritage

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Post is toast. What do i pay you for? Re-up or I'll unfriend you ;-)

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I would also appreciate a re-up. Specially in flac.

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I'd love to hear this, would a reup be possible?