Monday, November 8, 2010

(V/A)- Get Ready Rock Steady (Coxsone CSL 8007)

In Jamaica and England Rock Steady has become the most popular dance craze. It has swept into clubs and Discoteques up and down the country. This LP to date contains the most progressive Rock Steady tunes ever to be put together on one LP. It features artists such as Alton Ellis, Roland Alphonso and the Soul Vendor, who have been a smash hit at clubs and dance halls all over England. This LP will bring the same excitement into your homes and parties as was experienced by thousands of fans- So Get Ready- to Dance All Night- For its Rock Steady Time. *Plus two bonus tracks. (Cover notes, J.S. Flynn)

The sweetness of the harmonized vocal rises on this Keith & Ken track come off like raw sugarcane. Sounds to be a sort-of stripped down cousin to Andy & Joey's "You're Wondering Now", with a (very) proto-dancehall riddim, due to the punchy low-lows of that relentless bassline. Check this soulful, earth-moving rocksteady gemstone:

Mediafire Download Link: (V/A)- Get Ready Rock Steady (Coxsone CSL 8007) *320 Vinyl Rip by yours truly.

1 Alton Ellis - Never Love Again
2 The Termites - My Last Love
3 Norma Fraser - Hound Dog
4 The Bassies - Big Mistake
5 Ken & Delroy - Won't You Come Home Now
6 Ken & Delroy - Oh Babe
7 The Soul Vendors - Darker Shade of Black
8 The Soul Vendors - Fat Fish
9 Pete Young - If You Got Soul
10 The Hamlins - Soul and Inspiration
11 The Soul Agents - Get Ready Rock Steady
12 Keith & Ken - Groove to the Beat
13 Sound Dimension- Night Doctor
14 The Lyrics- Money Lover
12 The Soul Vendors - Fat Fish


Le Porc Rouge said...

Thanks for this. Nice collection of some of the lesser known artists from the genre.

nabeel said...

Just discovered your blog a few days ago. Fantastic look, great music choices and informative commentary. Thank you so much.

disfunksean said...

Love the Rock Steady. This is gold. Thanks for posting!

Holly said...

Lovely! Always happy to find more Termites as well, thank you.

theroseycross said...

wow, the Norwegian Wood cover is some dark stuff