Sunday, November 28, 2010

(V/A)- Turkey: Traditional Songs and Music (Lyrichord, 1977)

Turkish field recordings compiled & edited by Wold Dietrich, 1968-1977.

"...Among these pieces there are some relatively old forms but also some new, more urban forms. With one exception all these documents are on-the-field recordings made in various villages during several trips to Turkey in 1968-1977. they illustrate main tendencies- those which are disappearing and others which are developing- in Turkish music of today." (Cover notes)

I've found I'm generally drawn to most anything that's taqsim. 320 Vinyl rip by yours truly. Lyrichord, 1977 (LLST 7356).

Download Link: Removed by request from Lyrichord.

1. Ezan: The Müezzin's call for prayer (Antalya, 1968)- Mustafa Ozdemir (voice)
2. Hunkar Hacibertas Veli'nin Nefesi: Air of Lord Hadijibektash Veli (Incirliova, 1977)- Ali Sözen (lute)
3. Ussak Makaminda Bir Taksim: Improvisation on the Ushak Scale (Bodrum, 1977)- Salih Baysal (violin)
4. 'Zahidem' Turkusu: Song of Zahide (Çandir, 1973)- Halil Ekiz (voice)
5. Hicaz Taksimi Ve Suzinak Pesrevi: Improvisation and Prelude (Wiesbaden, 1973)- Özkan Gençay (zither)
6. Genc Osman: Young Osman (Istanbul, 1976)- Mehter Band of the Asker Müze
7. Koroglu Oyun Havasi: Dance tune (Incirliova, 1977)- Hüseyin Doğan, Sabahattin Diner & Hüseyin Doğan Jr. (shawm/drum)
8. Rumeli Ciftetellisi - Greek ciftelli dance (Ürgüp, 1976)- Haydar & Mustafa Çevik (clarinet/drum)
9. Artvin Honoru: Horon dance from Artvin (Kars, 1976)- Sadi Ternez & Yaşar Aktepe (pipe/drum)
10. Karakoyun Icin Avsar Havasi: Melody for the sheep (Kirazlı Köyü, 1977)- Reşat Uysal (flute)
11. Karakoyun Suyu Icermege Icin - Shepherd tune for the sheep going to drink (Bakırköy, 1977)- Süleyman Özdemir (flute)
12. Samfistik Turkusu: Song of the damascene pistachio (Beşdeğirmenler, 1973)- Ibrahim Kepetçioğlu (voice & lute)
13. Kocaarap Zeyebegi: The old arab Zeybeck dance (Karagözler Köyü, 1977)- Idriz & Kâmil Keskin (gourd fiddle/lute)
14. Arhavi Oyun Havasi: Dance from Arhavi (Arhavi, 1976)- Hasan Turna (fiddle)


nicholab said...

Hey folks- I just noticed a mistake with track 11. will re-up a correction ASAP.

nicholab said...

Reupped the Link. Here's a replacement for Tracks 10 & 11, for those of you who'd download the erroneous rip: track 10 4-minutes, tracks 11 & 12 the same length.

øשlqæda said...

owltho i'm traveling & intertube access is extremely compromised, i had to creep over here to say that yer luv fer owl thangs taqsim is just more evidence that we are like long lost bras from different mas. so sweet to see you holdin it down as usual whilst flippin the script on 'turkey day'

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the share but why remove the link for the whole album?

nicholab said...

because lyrichord requested it.