Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rob Jo Star Band- S/T (1975)

"Very great & unknown French quasi prog/psych hard rocker originally released on the Dom label in 1975. Even amongst the European psychedelic cognoscenti, Rob Jo Star Bands sole lp is somewhat of an enigma. Careening forward & stumbling over 13th Floor Elevators bleeb alien moves, Velvet Underground sustained vibes & Stooges-like guitar fuzz, Rob Joe Star created a singular masterpiece that is truly incomparable to anything released in or around its time (circa 1975). Along with the Angel Face Wild Odyssey lp, one of Frances long obscured musical treasures. French import, edition of 300." (Fusetronsound)

Far-out, bizarro French psych/protopunk from 1975. Like an incoherent, uber-primitive Velvets or Simply Saucer collaborating with Pierre Henry- what with all the freaky synth doodlings and such. Lyrics sung in a barely decipherable "English", with something of a cut-rate Damo Suzuki vibe. Freaking sweet! LP reissue on Pomme. Many thanks to yellow5 for the rip.

Mediafire Download Link: Rob Jo Star Band- S/T (1975)

A1 I Call On One's Muse
A2 Rob Jo Star Band
A3 Lovings Machine
A4 Not The Crazy Man
A5 Story Dangerous
B1 Acid Revolution
B2 Black Sun
B3 Blood Flower
B4 Stone Away


litlgrey said...

Hmm... compelling. I will try this.

Anonymous said...

thank you!!! really dig it...
not only the vocals (oh la vache, les farangseys...) kinda remind me of another of frances finest, the vietnam veterans. guess they must be related.

great blog btw.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this, had mp3s but lost em when my computer crashes. really amazing shit, would love to see a list of gear used on record.

Holly said...

??!! This is too darn cool! It;s amazing how much great music is still not widely available. Thank you, Nick!

GiGi_fly said...

tremendo !!!

GiGi_fly said...

genial !!

GiGi_fly said...

me encanta !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the this!

Anonymous said...

Originally from South of the France, Rob Jo Star Band aka RJSB was from 1973 to 1974, one of the most mysterious bands in the French underground. Even amongst the European psychedelic cognoscenti, Rob Jo Star Bands is somewhat of an enigma. The Line-up was composed of Penny [Alain Poblador], compositions, lead and improvisation vocal, rhythm and solo guitar, Mick [Michel Sahuc], bass guitar and songs writer, Cris [Robert Castello], fuzz and solo guitar, Cédric [Roger Vidal], drums and backing vocals, Brian [Serge Soler], Waves Generators. The band refused "star system", to play concerts in marginal and student counterculture community, after to the events of May 68. Rob Jo star Band LP of 1973 is uncompromising. It has been recording as live, refusing any sounds tricks studios ‘s overproduction of to make the choice to drown his music by rains of fuzz guitar and electro-acoustic music’s effects of Waves generators. His music is both psychedelic and experimental Rock with influences of, the Velvet Underground, Garage Rock (13th floor elevators, the Stooges), Psychedelic Rock (Hawkwind), Krautrock, (Amon Düll II, Can), now classified like Proto-Punk. The lyrics inspired by psychedelic and freak poetry, use French/English play on words, or share in vocal Damo’s improvisations with French accent is so thick it’s like your ears are filled with melted cheese. Along with the Angel Face Wild Odyssey lp (1974-1977), one of Frances long obscured musical treasures.
An official Web site is now available, .
New: Exit next original edition of Rob Jo Star Band’s Collector CD. This will include, on LP 1973 with 2 French bonus tracks in July 1974 as a booklet with a biography, lyrics, photos, documents.

Joseph said...

Thanks so much for this blog, and particularly for this post. I DLed it a while ago, and finally listened to this in the car today. I absolutely couldn't place it. The Stooges' influence is obvious, but the odd combination of other things makes it unlike anything I've heard. I couldn't say even what continent this was from. Such a brilliant mess! Thanks again.

Salaried Man Club said...

Picked this from Fusetron. One of my absolute favorites. The French didn't get their foot in the garage first, but boy their outre take can make the results far more compelling.

ignatz said...

love the tracks i've heard off this-- any chance for a re-up?