Sunday, March 25, 2012

Phil Yost -- Bent City (Takoma Records, C-1016 **1967)

One of the more obscure and mysterious releases in the classic Takoma cannon. Out there, Bay Area hippie-improv jazz canoodlings. Woodwind, bass and echo-driven. All instruments played by Mr. Yost. Biographically, I've found next to nothing about him, online. 320 Vinyl rip by yours truly. Big thanks to D.

Phil Yost -- Bent City (Takoma Records, C-1016 **1967) *Re-upped 7/20/12

A1 Ellipse For Bluejay
A2 Solace Stone Somewhere
A3 Bent City I
A4 Ethan Dreams Two People
A5 Ever Surprised Blue Eyes
B1 Bent City II
B2 Vision At 1000 Centigrade
B3 Lizard-Watcher's Theme
B4 Wave Your Moonlight Hat For The Snowfall Train

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Carnival Dragons

Took my kid to the carnival last night. It was fun, and I did this with my phone.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bessie Jones - So Glad I'm Here : Songs and Games from the Georgia Sea Islands (Rounder Records 2015, *1975)

"From the end of the Civil War until the '30s, these islands enjoyed a period of isolation from mainland life. During these years, a further cultural blend took place between the descendents of two sets of former slaves: the Afro-Americans and a huge group of former slaves from the Bahamas who traveled there following the abolishment of slavery in the British empire.

The Sea Islanders, having suffered captivity, enjoyed the release of their bonds and created a music of endurance and freedom utilizing the unique dialect of the islands. There was a strong influence of the Bahamas in this music. And although all American folk music has been influenced by various types of African music, the African content of the Georgia Sea Islands is of a much purer variety; the result is a style of music unlike any other in America or the world.

Jones became a shining representative of this musical heritage, singing in a Bahamian accent accompanied by wild, outrageous African handclap rhythms. In the '60s, she helped form the Georgia Sea Island Singers, recording both with them and as a soloist. The material in both cases includes both songs and a selection of musical games for children that she recalled from her past. These performances brought audiences face to face with a distinct culture from another century. Jones published a book entitled Step It Down, which is a collection of such children's games as well as various stories from her life. Her performances, recordings, and educational programs earned many awards, including a National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Like all great folk artists, her voice has continued ringing on since her death. She perhaps may not have had much in common with the rap and techno music of the '90s, but the techno recording artist Moby chose to sample her voice on his recordings." (Eugene Chadbourne, All Music)

So, my lovely and discerning girlfriend Alley picked up this fantastic LP a couple of weeks ago, during our first visit to the newly opened Little Axe Records here in Portland. Great shop. And thanks for lending this, Alley! These tracks were all recorded live on July 30 # 31 at the St Simons Island Church of God in Christ, in GA, by Bruce Kaplan & Bill Nowlin. 320 Vinyl rip by yours truly. FYI, there are many streams of Bessie Jones with Alan Lomax currently available via the Lomax archive at the Association for Cultural Equity. Dig it.

Bessie Jones - So Glad I'm Here : Songs and Games from the Georgia Sea Islands (Rounder Records 2015, *1975)
1. So Glad I'm Here
2. Johanna
3. Yonder Comes Day
4. Kindlin' Wood
5. Shoo Turkey
6. Turn My Body Round
7. Riley
8. Titanic
9. Amazing Grace
10. You Better Mind
11. Oh Death
12. Daniel in the Lion's Den
13. May Be the Last Time, I Don't Know

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bud Tutmarc - Sacred Hawaiian Melodies (Sacred Productions, LPS-7-6027)

"Whenever lovers of Sacred music think of Hawaiian-style melodies and electric steel guitars, they think of Sol Hoopii. Since that renknowned Hawaiian music-maker has been called to Heaven, his mantle seems to have fallen upon Bud Tutmarc, Seattle, Washington...and accomplished musician...a fervent Christian layman...Bud was a long-time friend of Sol Hoopii, and learned many of the great master's techniques. He is at his best in this album, providing Hawaiian-style music that is both artistically beautiful and spiritually inspiring." - Phil Kerr, back cover

"In 1942, Bud met the famous Hawaiian artist Sol Hoopii. They became close friends and appeared together often in public performances. Bud was present at the bedside at the time of Sol's death where Sol willed his own personal instrument to Bud." -back cover

Currently slowing my roll to these mellow "Hawaiian" electric relaxations from Bud Tutmarc & guitar. Perfect reverbs for this blue monday or a Sunday morning coming down. Sacred Hawaiian Melodies is one of a handful of rewarding Portland thrift scores made just last week. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy.

DL: Bud Tutmarc - Sacred Hawaiian Melodies (Sacred Productions, LPS-7-6027) *Re-upped 7/20/12

A1 My Beautiful King Of King (Hoopii)
A2 In Love With The Lover Of My Soul (Kerr)
A3 End Of The Trail (Hoopii)
A4 He Hideth My Soul (Kirkpatrick)
A5 After (Clarke)
A6 When They Ring The Golden Bells (DeMarbelle)
B1 Be Ready (Hoopii)
B2 Hold My Hand (Main)
B3 Nail Scarred Hand (McKinney)
B4 One Master (Davidson)
B5 No One Ever Cared (Weigle)
B6 Melody Divine (Kerr)

PS- THANK YOU so much for your helpful and encouraging donations, friends. Its been a boon in more ways that I can even say. For those of you who've lent some pennies, be on the lookout for a special snail mail thank you in the coming weeks. And for inquiring minds, it looks like I'm about a quarter of the way toward the most important upgrades; Turntable & Laptop, items which will doubtless serve to increase the quality and quantity of the uploads offered right here. You folks are really the best. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

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