Friday, November 19, 2010

Ghostcapital Mix: "What Goes Up..."

This latest Ghostcapital Mix takes the form of a 90-minute audio cassette and thus, its a two-sided affair. An eclectic blend of psych, folk, funk & soul- as per my usual steez. I believe it flows quite nicely. Hope you dig it! Ghostcapital Mix: "What Goes Up..." *Re-upped 4/21/12 via Jumbofiles

Side A.

1. Alsatian Darn / Panda Bear
2. Wimoweh / Brian Eno
3. Chipolenado / Juan Vicente Torrealba
4. Don't Let Me Fall / The Relatives
5. Come Together / Spacemen 3
6. Love is Blue / Jackie Mittoo & the Soul Vendors
7. Fantastic Man / William Onyeabor
8. Inside Your Heart / The Monochrome Set
9. The Star of County Down/ Childgrove /Suni Mcgrath
10. Strangely Strange but Oddly Normal / Dr. Strangely Strange
11. What Goes Up / Tall Dwarfs
12. Irene / Le Orme
13. Demolicion / Los Saicos

Side B

1. Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz / Kamuran Akkor
2. Release Me / Johnny Adams
3. Shake the Shackles / Crystal Stilts
4. Wolf's At Your Door / Lattie Murrell
5. Mudie's Mood / Rhythm Rulers
6. The Rubber Room / Porter Wagoner
7. Le Ciel est Doux / Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem
8. Narrow Alleys / San Ul Lim
9. To Flytzani tou Yanni (Yannis' Cup) / Rita Abatzi
10. Eclipse Of The Moon / Tony, Caro And John
11. Cumbia Sin Nombre / Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical
12. Rich Man, Poor Man / Andrew Wartts and the Gospel Storytellers
13. Khala My Friend / Amanaz
14. Groove To The Beat / Keith & Ken


Carlos said...

Loving this! Thank you much

Mr Tear said...

'king hell, Tall Dwarfs. Not heard them in years!

disfunksean said...

Yet another fantastic mix. Thanks!!

Feq'wah said...

Damn fine compilation, and yes, it flows rather well. And excellent artwork. Totally love it.


rosel zech said...

Am in love with the William Onyeabor LP. Thrilled that you put it in your rad mix. You work it with the artwork, three eyed kitten.

texas scott said...

Fantastic mix!
thank you.

Rohypnol said...

Thanks for the new mix! By the way, can you upload the file in another hosting service than mediafire? I`m downloading the mix for the fourth time...THANKS!!

buruno said...

I've also struggled to download this file in particular, but it certainly worth it. Excellent!

nicholab said...

hi peeps- glad to know ya'll are enjoying this! as requested, i've just added a multiupload link for the mix: (see the post for the hotlink)

CheRotto said...

wow! grande blog e grande mix! grazie mille!

wow! great blog, grat mix, thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

very nice - thank you very much & keep up with the good work!

Holly said...

Hi Nick - almost missed this - yikes!

I'd like to play @ work tomorrow as looks clean to me ...are there any expletive surprises lurking anywhere?

nicholab said...

@holly- no expletives. should be fine & dandy for yr workplace. sure hope you like it!

GuillermoBlogeado said...

link is dead! any possibility of re-up??

I recommend, it works just fine for me

Anonymous said...

Jumbofiles has said "This file is currently unavailable." for some time now when I try to download this one. I'm a huge fan of your mixes, is there any sort of fix for this?

raurrisaur said...

I just got Wolf's at the Door--featured on this mix--from the latest round of Re-ups. If you're planning another round at some point could you re-up this mixtape?

nicholab said...

Fixed just now! (Sorry for the holdup - Thought I'd taken care of this one already...)

Anonymous said...

Great mix! Thank you