Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bohannon- Stop & Go

This early Bohannon LP packs a wallop. Stop & Go is rocking some majorly deep funk.
"Getting To The Other Side" (just ignore the video on this one)

"Save Their Souls"

Mediafire Download Link: Bohannon- Stop & Go

1. The Stop And Go
2. Getting To The Other Side
3. The Pimp Walk
4. Run It On Down Mr. D.J.
1. Save Their Souls
2. Singing A Song For My Mother
3. It's Time For Peace
4. Happiness

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Francoise Hardy- Francoise Hardy (Reprise 1968)

This self-titled 1968 Francoise Hardy LP is probably the single best collection of her early work ever released. Could this be the most romantic album of all time? Some essential function of my DNA compels me to say yes. There's no question: She is the ultimate chanteuse. Va-va-voom!

"Qui Peut Dire"

Mediafire Download Link: Francoise Hardy
Peut-Etre Que Je T'aime
Au Fond D'un Reve Dore
Tu Es Un Peu A Moi
Quatre Fois
Je Serai La Pour Toi
Les Petits Garcons
Mes Jours S'en Vont
Surtout Ne Vous Retournez Pas
Je Changerais D'avis
Qui Peut Dire?

The Raincoats- The Raincoats (1979) & Odyshape

Here are the first 2 albums from the seminal all-female post-punk group, The Raincoats. If you're at all interested in the history of DIY rock, then these rad ladies are required listening.
"Fairytale In the Supermarket"

"Loved Only At Night"

Mediafire Download Link: The Raincoats (1979) & Odyshape

The Raincoats (1979)
1. Fairytale in the Supermarket
2. No Side to Fall In
3. Adventures Close to Home
4. Off Duty Trip
5. Black and White
6. Lola
7. Void
8. Life on the Line
9. You're a Million
10. In Love

1. Shouting Out Loud
2. Family Treet
3. Only Loved at Night
4. Dancing in My Head
5. Odyshape
6. And Then It's Ok
7. Baby Song
8. Red Shoes
9. Go Away
11. No Looking

The Chills- Kaleidoscope World

Kaleidoscope World is an essential collection of early singles and EPs from New Zealand indie staples, The Chills. Flying Nun is really where its at as far as catchy, sardonic low-budget rock & roll went in the mid 80s. I just can't get enough of the stuff.
"Pink Frost"


Mediafire Download Link: The Chills- Kaleidoscope World

1. Kaleidoscope World
2. Satin Doll
3. Frantic Drift
4. Rolling Moon
5. Bite
6. Flame Thrower
7. Pink Frost
8. Purple Girl
9. This Is the Way
10. Never Never Go
11. Don't Even Know Her Name
12. Bee Bah Bee Bah Bee Boe
13. Whole Weird World
14. Dream by Dream
15. Doledrums
16. Hidden Bay
17. I Love My Leather Jacket
18. Great Escape

Friday, February 26, 2010

Juaneco y Su Combo- El Gran Cacique

I have a real thing for Cumbia. As an english-only gringo, however, I'm at a disadvantage having to navigate such an expansive and daunting genre en espanol. Thankfully, there've been a number of great recent stateside releases of classic cumbia to at least tide me over until I learn a thing or two about who's who in that world. Barbes Records has put out a couple of good ones; The Roots of Chicha compilation and their Juaneco y Su Combo- Masters of Chicha Vol.1, both focusing Peruvian psychedelic cumbia. I can also recommend A Orillas del Magdelena, vinyl-only compilation of Columbian Disco Fuentes tracks recently put out by Domino Sound (which is loosely affiliated with Mississippi Records, I believe.) If you like what you're hearing, I highly encourage you to buy these albums. Because Orillas is a vinyl only release, I have posted a Mediafire Download link to that one for those in search of its mp3s. I also have one more thing to offer. The as of yet unreissued El Gran Cacique LP by the ever-fantastic Juaneco y Su Combo. Enjoy.

Mediafire Download Link: Juaneco y Su Combo- El Gran Cacique

Thursday, February 25, 2010

V/A- The Sound of Wonder (Finders Keepers)

The Sound of Wonder is the jam! A seriously epic compilation of 70s Pakistani film tunes released by Finders Keepers. Heavy rotation in these parts. Now its time to start trolling for the films these tracks are coming from, so I can post them here too. Dig this...
"Karye Pyar"

Kad the Lay

"Good News For You"

"I Am Very Sorry"

Eddie & Ernie- Lost Friends

Lost Friends is a career survey of Eddie & Ernie's extensive singles output. This Phoenix duo's work is basically all over the 60's soul map, with some tracks working from a sort of Stax/Volt or Goldwax southern feel, and others clearly drawing their upbeat inspiration from the Motor City. "Bullets Don't Have Eyes" is a solid Detroit-styled floor stomper, for example, whereas "I'm A Young Man" is one of the sweetest deep soul dirges that I've ever come across. Thanks to Mr. Nate Ashley (& the Tender Moments) for his good word on these two.

"I'm a Young Man" (So Killer!)

"I'm Going For Myself"

Mediafire Download Link: Eddie & Ernie- Lost Friends

1. Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do - Eddie Campbell
2. I Cant Stop The Pain - Ernie Johnson
3. Lost Friends - Eddie And Ernie
4. Im Gonna Always Love You - Eddie And Ernie
5. A Man To Love A Woman (Prev Unissued) - Eddie And Ernie
6. You Make My Life A Sunny Day (Prev Uniss) - Phoenix Express
7. Doggone It - Eddie And Ernie
8. Outcast - Eddie And Ernie
9. We Try Harder - Eddie And Ernie
10. Thats The Way It Is - Eddie And Ernie
11. Bullets Dont Have Eyes (Prev Uniss) - Eddie And Ernie
12. In These Very Tender Moments - Ernie Johnson
13. Im A Young Man - Eddie And Ernie
14. Falling Tears (Indian Drums) - Eddie And Ernie
15. Standing At The Crossroads - Eddie And Ernie
16. Reaching Out (Previously Unissued) - Eddie And Ernie
17. Woman What You Be Doing - Eddie And Ernie
18. Lay Lady Lay (Previously Unissued) - Eddie And Ernie
19. The Groove She Put Me In - Eddie And Ernie
20. You Turn Me On (Previously Unissued) - Eddie And Ernie
21. Tell It Like It Is - Eddie And Ernie
22. Self Service - The New Bloods
23. Its A Weak Man That Cries - Ernie And Eddie
24. Watch Your Step - Little Worley And The Drops

советская реклама 80х

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obray Ramsey- Blue Ridge Banjo

Obray Ramsey is a fine performer of traditional Blue Ridge Mountain folksongs on banjo. This record is the real McCoy. Ramsey's vocal delivery is high, lonesome & sedate and his picking is flawless. Blue Ridge Banjo was produced and recorded in The Western North Carolina State Hospital in 1957. Washington Records WLP 707. Recommended for fans of Roscoe Holcomb, Dock Boggs or Bascom Lamar Lunsford.
"I Am a Pilgrim"

"Down By The Sea Shore"

Mediafire Download Link: Obray Ramsey- Blue Ridge Banjo (1957)
1. The Rambling Boy
2. Keep On the Sunny Side
3. Polly Put the Kettle On
4. Little Margaret
5. I Am a Pilgrim
6. Cripple Creek
7. Down By the Sea Shore
8. Song of the French Broad River
9. God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign
10. Shortenin' Bread
11. Wildwood Flower
12. My Lord, What a Morning
13. Lonesome Road Blues
14. Weeping Willow

Little Ann- Deep Shadows

Deep Shadows is a heartbreaking collection of Detroit '60s soul rarities by Little Ann. Reissued in limited quantity on LP by Timmion Records in 2009.

Download Link: Little Ann- Deep Shadows

1 Deep Shadows
2 Possession
3 Who Are You Trying To Fool
4 Sweep It Out In The Shed
5 What Should I Do
6 Lean Lanky Daddy
7 I Got To Have You
8 The Smile On Your Face
9 Who Are You Trying To Fool (Instrumental Version)

The Orlons- Not Me (1963)

The Orlons were a 60s Vocal R&B Combo from Philadelphia. They've got that classic girl-group sound I love so much. "Not Me" is the hit single from this album of the same name. I'm partial to their version of Curtis Mayfield's "Mama Didn't Lie". Released on Cameo in 1963.
"Not Me"

"Mama Didn't Lie"

Download Link: The Orlons- Not Me (1963)

1 Not Me
2 Forever
3 Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes)
4 Mama Didn't Lie
5 Something's Got a Hold on Me
6 For Your Love
7 Too Strong to Be Strung Along
8 Bad Boy
9 He's Braggin'
10 He's Sure the Boy I Love
11 My Best Friend
12 Darling

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Single Shot: Ninjaman- New Throat Fi Chat

This Ninjaman track is ridiculous! An amazing left-field dancehall rarity that samples C+C Music Factory with what sounds like a no-wave/Hollertronix dance beat. How did this song even happen? Its basically so busted that its completely amazing. Why is he talking about telegrams? And also, where the party at?

Mediafire Download Link: Ninjaman- New Throat For Chat

Index- Index (1967)

Raw, reverb-heavy psychedelic garage punk from Michigan circa 1967. Index sounds to me like a total precursor to Clinic or The Clean. Originally released on DC records, reissued in limited quantity on Lp by Valord Records.
"Fire Eyes"

"Shock Wave"

"You Keep Me Hanging On"

Mediafire Download Link: Index- Index (1967)

Al Balabil- The Nightingales البلابل

Al Balabil ("The Nightingales") are three singing sisters who are considered to be "The Supremes of Sudan". Their wistful harmonizing is among the most beautiful sounds that has ever graced these ears. As I've been wildly unable to track down an actual album, tape or disc by these ladies (since I don't speak Arabic), I went ahead and culled these recording from various Sudanese TV performances and ordered them here into a one-disc collection of my favorite tracks. I hope this does for you what it does for me. Pardon me, but I didn't even attempt to decipher the track names. If one of you out in webland happens to know their catalog, by all means, please help me translate the song titles.

Osha Sagira البلابل

Mashaina البلابل

Altareeg البلابل بعد العودة - الطريق

Mediafire Download Link: Al Balabil- The Nightingales (ghostcapital mix) *I originally mistranslated (via Google Translate, I beleieve) Al Abalabil as "The Hummingbirds". I have yet to correct this mistake within the file upload.

Maria Dolores Pradera- Exitos de Maria Dolores Pradera

Classic 1976 collection from elegant Spanish singer and actress Maria Dolores Pradera. Muy romántico!

Download Link- Exitos de Maria Dolores Pradera

El Rosario de Mi Madre

Cholito Toca y Retoca

La Flor y la Canela

1 La Flor de la Canela
2 Fuego Lento Public Domain
3 Cuando Vivas Conmigo
4 El Rosario de Mi Madre
5 Tu Que Puedes Vuelvete
6 Las Barandillas del Puente
7 Amarraditos
8 Llegando a Ti (Poco a Poco)
9 Negra Maria DeManzi, Demars
10 Pa' Todo el Año
11 Amanecí en Tus Brazos
12 Cholito, Toca y Retoca De Lu

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Best Albums, Lately

A running list of the best and most interesting recent releases & reissues. They're in no particular order, but I'm seperating them into 2 categories: Confirmed- Albums that I can say firsthand are good and interesting, and Unconfirmed- Those that seem potentially good, but that I don't have yet, or haven't had time to hear. This list will continue to be a work in progress until it seems like the time has come to start another one. Your input is highly encouraged.

1. V/A- The Sound of Wonder
2. V/A- Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas
3. Ngozi Family- 45,000 Volts
4. V/A- Psych Funk 101
5. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou- Echos Hypnotiques
6. V/A- Legends of Benin
7. V/A- Ghana Special
8. Peaking Lights- Imaginary Falcons
9. Moon Duo- Killing Time EP
10. V/A- Light on the South Side
11. Mortika: Recordings from the Greek Underworld
12. V/A- A Orillas del Magdalena
13. V/A- Mata La Pena
14. V/A- Local Customs Downriver Revival
15. 39 Clocks- Zoned
16. Oneohtrix Point Never- Rifts
17. Group Doueh- Treeg Salaam
18. Michael Hurley- Parsnip Snips
19. She- Outta SIght
20. Demon Fuzz- Afreaka
21. Matrix Metals- Flamingo Breeze
22. Group Bombino- Guitars from Agadez Vol. 2
23. V/A- 1970s Algerian Proto Rai Underground
24. Clara Rockmore- Theremin LP
25. Little Ann- Deep Shadows
26. Pax Nicholas & the Nettey Family- Na Teef Know The Road of Teef
27. Strong Arm Steady- in Search of Stoney Jackson
28. Ofege- Try and Love
29. Mebusas- Blood Brothers
30. V/A- Fire in My Bones
31. An Evening With Rev. Louis Overstreet
32. V/A- Nigeria Special Vol. 2
33. V/A- Nigeria Afrobeat Special
34. Beach House- Teen Dream

1. V/A- Forge Your Own Chains
2. Jack Rose- Luck In The Valley
3. Kurt Vile- Childish Prodigy
4. V/A- Nigeria Afrobeat Special
5. 24 Carat Black- Gone: The Promises of Yesterday
6. Animal Hospital- Memory
7. V/A- The Minimal Wave Tapes
8. Sun City Girls- Napoleon & Josephine: SIngles Vol. 2
9. V/A- Pomegranates: Persian Pop, Funk and Pysch of the 60s & 70s
10. Ursula Bogner- Recordings 1969-1988
11. Leyland Kerby- Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was
12. The Hunches- Exit Dreams
13. Demdike Stare- Symbiosis
14. King Midas Sound- Waiting For You
15. Mayfair Set- Young One
16. Blank Dogs- Captured Tracks Vol. 1
17. V/A- Freedom, Rhythm & Sound
18. V/A- Dancehall 2: The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture
19. Efterklang- Magic Chairs
20. Pantha Du Price- Black Noise
21. Four Tet- There Is Love In You
22. Moon Duo-Escape
23. Yeasayer- Odd Blood
24. Owen Pallett- Heartland
25. The Low Anthem- Oh My God, Charlie Darwin
26. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions- Through The Devil Softly
27. V/A- Good God! Born Again Funk
28. V/A- Singapore A-Go-Go Vol. 1
29. V/A- Lagos Disco Inferno
30. The XX- XX
31. Bill Orcutt- A New Way To Pay Old Debts
32. V/A- Thai Funk Zudrangma Vol 1 & 2
22. V/A- Raks! Raks! Raks!
23. Irmin Schmidt & The Inner Space- Kamasutra
24. V/A- Luk Thunk! The roots of Thai Funk
25. V/A- Lagos Disco Inferno

A.R. Kane- Lollita EP

Quality early shoegaze EP released on 4Ad by A.R. Kane in 1987. Although I'm not wild about most of AR Kane's later work, I'd say I prefer this release more than just about anything I've heard by their much-lauded contemporaries, Felt. (*Haven't heard it all by them, so I'd love to be proven wrong on that. Anyone? Anyone?) Anyhow, Listen Up:

Mediafire Download Link: AR Kane-Lollita EP

SIngle Shot: Ian Darby- "Taking The Waterfront By Force"

Ridiculously good electro rarity from 1984. Those analog synth lines are just dripping with the most wistful 80s minor key melodiousness imaginable. This is the unicorn dance track of my childhood dreams. A tip for the hipsters: You probably need this for your next quasi-romantic mixtape.

Mediafire Download Link: Ian Darby- Taking The Waterfront by Force (1984)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Broadcast- Mother Is The Milky Way

Broadcast's 2009 Tour only EP. Atmospheric abstraction ala Ghostbox has crept its way into Broadcast's sound as of late. This release feels somewhat like vintage Brigitte Fontaine alongside analog synths, vocal samples and echo effects. Pop music concrete?! *Thanks to Mr. Tim Lake for the heads-up on this one.

Mediafire Download Link: Broadcast- Mother Is The Milky Way (2009)

My Bloody Valentine- Feed Me With Your Kiss / You Made Me Realise

MBV released these outstanding (out of print) EPs on Creation Records in 1988. They stand as the first real signals of what was this classic band was about to become.
Mediafire Download Link: My Bloody Valentine- Feed Me With Your Kiss & You Made Me Realise
"Feed Me With Your Kiss"

"You Made Me Realise"

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gull- Shackleton

Gull is a mystery-mask from Richmond, VA. A bizarro Snacktruck / Ultra Dolphins spazz-rock solo project compliments of Mr. Nate Rappole. "It's heavy, I'm happy."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aidan James- An Ocean Of Widows (Slight/Hangman, 2005)

Aidan Coughlan might've changed his name yo Aidan James. An Ocean of Widows is the alternate Mystery's Mist- with extra and reordered tracks. This might be is his very best work, thusfar. A lo-fi psychedelic masterpiece from the year 2525. Know ye the secrets herein.

Mystery's Mist

Wetter Than Pigs Blood

In My Youth

Mediafire Download Link: Aidan James- An Ocean of Widows
1. In the begetting
2. Will she think of me
3. Surfacing
4. Mysterys mist
5. In another age
6. Wetter than pigs blood
7. The nights on absillian sea
8. Mother chameleon
9. Arose but in june
10. Down falls the day
11. You asked to exist now you exist
12. Falling on trees
13. Jennifer loses touch with her boyfriend
14. We are but rats unto its bone
15. Never again and ever after
16. Still meadow
17. China white
18. Witch of the white night
19. Ella alijah
20. Wilderness castle
21. It is your wish
22. Angelina
23. A ghost!
24. You have not run the gauntlet
25. Where were you when i was there
26. In my youth
27. In heavan or in hell
28. Christian, please believe me
29. The End

*FYI, this entire album was recorded on a microphone not unlike this:

Blind Boy Grunt- The Kindest Cut

Hi quality Dylan bootleg recorded in Minnesota 1961, well prior to cutting his first album with Columbia.

Mediafire Download Link: Blind Boy Grunt- The Kindest Cut

Hard Times in New York Town
Baby Let Me Follow You Down
Sally Gal
Gospel Plow
Ballad Of Donald White
Only a Hobo/Talkin' Devil
Wade in the Water
It's Hard to be Blind
VD Blues
VD Waltz
VD City
VD Gunner's Blues
Naomi Wise
John Brown

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lou Courtney- Skate Now/ Shing-a-Ling

High energy, foot-stomping 60s soul from cult hero Lou Courtney. I've long loved "Hey Joyce" (so killer!), so I was all too happy to snag this super tight lp when it came my way. The next time I have a outdoor BBQ danceparty, this will defintely be on the soundtrack.

"Skate Now" (FYI, my own files are not scratchy like this sample link)

Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin- Missa Luba

Joyful and vibrant Congolese choral style with backing percussion. First released by Phillips in 1965.

Mediafire Download Link: Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin- Missa Luba

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

John Fahey- Hitomi

Hitomi is a good late period Fahey album. (His 2nd to last) It is also out-of-print. Here you go.
Mediafire Download Link: John Fahey- Hitomi

1."Delta Flight 53"
2. "Despair"
3. "Hitomi"
4. "Tanaka Jun"
5. "East Meets West"
6. "Hitomi Smiles"
7. "The Dance of the Cat People"
8. "A History of Tokyo Rail Traction/Delta Flight 54"

William Kentridge- Automatic Writing

ghostcapital mix disc: The Bold & The Beautiful

Hey folks, here's my Feb 2010 ghostcapital mix; a 2-cd affair I'm calling The Bold & The Beautiful. Or, alternately, The Mad & The Sad. Ha! The first disc's definitely more aggro than the second. As per usual for me, the selection is literally all over the map. Did my very best to make it flow nicely. Listener feedback will be highly appreciated. Enjoy!

Mediafire Download Links: The Bold & The Beautiful
The Bold
1. Gunese Don Cicegim / Ersen
2. Nizaka Panga Ngozi / Ngozi Family
3. Politicians In My Eyes / Death
4. L. Mansion / Sic Alps
5. Optical Sound / The Human Expression
6. Hymn To Mother Earth / Demon Fuzz
7. Part II / The Freedom Orchestra
8. Twilight / Shin Jung Hyun & The Men feat. Jang Hyun
9. I Ain't No Miracle Worker / The Chocolate Watchband
10. Samba / Les Amazones de Guinee
11. Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter / Nina Simone
12. Shattered Shine / Crystal Stilts
13. I Can't Be Trusted / Holly Golightly
14. Don't Bother Me (Black Dots) / Bad Brains
15. The Drawback / Warsaw (early Joy Division)
16. Dambala / Exuma
17. Demon's Demands / Eddy Current Suppression Ring

The Beautiful
1. Yesu Ka Mkwebaze / Novicat de Soeurs Missionaires
2. Beautiful, How Beautiful You Have Become / Fikret Kizilok
3. Imuhar / Group Bombino
4. Mes Tou Aigaiou Ta Nezia / Anna & Amalia Hatzidakis
5. Love Is Pleasin' / Shirley Collins & Davy Graham
6. Muxima / Duo Ouro Negro
7. Ballad Of The Spirits - Tsegue Maryam Guebrou
8. As I Roved Out (Andy) / Planxty
9. O My Stars / Michael Hurley
10. They've Taken Rhiannon Away / Aidan Coughlan
11. Tonada De Tarka Con Callaguas / Alberto Ruiz
12. Fantasie on an Armenian Theme Pt. 3 / Javad Ma'roufi
13. Czardas / Evelyn Glennie
14. Ghorbat / Ebi
15. Dilbar / A. Mirzaeva
16. Aja Jane Ki Zid Na Karo / Farida Khanum
17. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? / Blue Sky Boys
18. Please Stay / The Cryin' Shames
19. How Strong / Ken Parker

Glen Velez- Internal Combustion

Glen Velez is a well regarded American percussionist, primarily known as an performer, advocate and scholar of the frame drum. Is he also a mystical prophet? I think so. This stuff basically blows my mind.

Mediafire Download Link: Glen Velez- Internal Combustion (2003)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bob Desper- New Sounds + Dry Up Those Tears

1974 outsider Christian psych-folk rarity from blind Oregon guitarist Bob Desper, reissued in limited quantity by Portland's Discourage Records. Issued with Bonus 7', "Dry Up Those Tears"

Mediafire Download Link: Removed by request

France Gall- Cet Air La

Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas

I want this album right now!
Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas is the killer followup to World Psychedelic Funk Classics' immediately classic first release; Psych Funk 101. The first ever collection of rare Brazilian psych 45s. Basically, this here is what i'm all about.

She- Outta Reach

She was an all-female original garage band from Sacramento in 1970. Their sort of art-brut rock & roll sounds like a clear (albeit grittier) prototype for The Vivian Girls- Especially Side 2, where the band's name changes to The Hairem. Basically, this group is awesome and kind of busted all at once. Ripped from the Causeway Records LP Collection- Outta Reach.
She- "Outta Reach"

The Hairem "Like A Snake"

Mediafire Download Link: She- Outta Reach

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mahmoud Guinia

Mahmoud Guinia is a brilliant performer of the hypnotic Moroccan folk style known as Gnawa.

I have two albums to offer here:

The first is a self-titled release that can be downloaded from another great blog, Awesome Tapes From Africa.

The second is titled Mimouna. It can be downloaded from me via this Mediafire link.

Hope you enjoy them!

Johnny Nash- Soul Folk (Jad, 1968)

This here is a gorgeous 1968 LP from sweet falsetto crooner, Johnny Nash. Most famous for his later hit, "I Can See Clearly Now", this release has Nash sounding like a genuine hybrid of Sam Cooke and Nina Simone, belting out inspired versions of popular hits in, as the title suggests, a soulful folk style. Great stuff, and let's not forget to mention that Nash's photo on the cover is a hologram. You need this!
"Cool Water"

"Chain Gang"

"Twelfth of Never"

Mediafire Download Link: Johnny Nash- Soul Folk

Friday, February 12, 2010

V/A- Obsession

Mediafire Download Link: V/A- Obsession
1. Atomic Forest - "Intro/Obsession 77"
2. Quarteto Nova Era - "De Repente"
3. Arif Sag - "Osman Pehlivan"
4. Sonora Casino - "Astronautas A Mercurio"
5. Flavio Kurt - "Walderez Waldereia"
6. Erkin Koray - "Hor Gorme Garibi"
7. Novos Bahianos - "Globo Do Morto"
8. Los Chickichaka - "Musica Mulata"
9. Arnaud Rodriguez - "Murituri"
10. Ovni 87 - "Sueno Un Camino"
11. Suely E Os Kantikus - "Esperanto"
12. Jean Paul 'El Troglodita'- "Everything is Gonna Change"
13. Ersen - "Gonese Don Cicegim"
14. La Barra De Chocolate- "La Barra De Chocolate"
15. Atomic Forest - "Obsession

Art Blakey- Ocalypso

From the Drum Suite LP. Love this Art Blakey album- Very Groovy.

Rita Lee- Build Up

Sweet 1970 solo album from Rita Lee, of Os Mutantes.
"Jose" (This video is not my favorite, but I dig the song):

Mediafire Download Link: Rita Lee- Build Up

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nico Muhly- It Goes Without Saying

Music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

This is a great collection of vintage British radio soundtracks, bizarre melodies, synthesized atmospheres, tape loops and music concrete from the good folks at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Amassed onto two cds, this collection is ordered to follow the tracklist of Rephlex Records' uber-collectable 4-record set of the same name. Observe:
Delia Derbyshire

John Baker

Mediafire Download Link:
Music From The BBC Radiophonic Worksop, Disc 1
Music From The BBC Radiophonic Worksop, Disc 2

Buzzcocks- Spiral Scratch EP

Spiral Scratch is the raw and energetic first release from those legendary Buzzcocks. This is classic punk.
Mediafire Download Link: Buzzcocks- Spiral Scratch

Monday, February 8, 2010

Alhaji K. Frimpong- Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu

I just scored this killer K. Frimpong collection from Awesome Tapes from Africa. (Great blog!) Since they'd split up the tracks- some downloads being more problematic than others- I decided to zip them all up and share the love right here too. This guy is Ghanaian Highlife at its best!
Mediafire Download Link: K. Frimpong-Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu.
1. Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu
2. Mensu
3. Yaw Barima
4. Susu Ne Wonka
5. Baabi Obi Awuo
6. Afei Nkyere Ba
7. Obi Nim
8. Koforidua Nsuo

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Feathers- Something's Wrong With...

My understanding is that Something's Wrong With The Feathers is sort of a tour-only bootleg EP by Vermont folk collective, The Feathers. Based on this release alone, I must admit I prefer The Feathers' songs a heck'uva lot more than their fellow Gnomonsong labelmates Vetiver and Devendra Banhardt. I guess, to me, their songs actually seem like they're about stuff. My friend Aidan put it best when he said they sound like The Incredible String Band if they were currently unemployed American college dropouts living off of one another's couches (or, at least something to that effect). Haven't found a streaming copy of my favorite track off this release: "Raindrops" Until I get one up myself, I reckon you'll just have to take my word for it, or take nothing at all.
Mediafire Download Link: The Feathers- Something's Wrong With...
1) Waterdust
2) Feathers
3) Tiny Lights
4) Space Alien Blues
5) Raindrops
6) Howndawg
7) Turacoverdin
8) We are in Danger Now
9) Be Prepared to Defend Your Title at 3 O'Clock Tomorr

Anitbalas Afrobeat Orchestra

I taped this a few years back for MACRoCk. I'm glad to see they've blown up. They put on such a great show.

Leland- This is My World

I owe my friend Mark a debt of gratitude for turning me on to this one. He put some Leland on a recent (excellent) mix cd, and I was hooked. This is guitar heavy mid-70's outsider psych. I love this song- "I've Got Some Happiness" *FYI, its stands as sort of an anomaly on this record- not being guitar heavy at all- Rather, it almost sounds almost like a proto-Elephant 6 pop single, although driven by a wild analog synth line. Dig:

Download Link: Leland- This Is My World

Planxty- The Well Below the Valley

I came to Planxty via my love for the song "As I Roved Out", which I first heard performed by indie folklorists, Amps For Christ. Its a wonderful tune. It comes from Andy Irvine's version of the song on The Well Below the Valley. This is great Irish folk. A modern classic of the genre.

Mediafire Download Link: Planxty- The Well Below the Valley.

Kraftwerk- Kometenmelodie 2

From their Autobahn LP.

Omar Khorshid- Rhythms from the Orient

Don't let the cover art fool you- This album is sick! Omar Khorshid clearly taught Sir RIchard Bishop a thing or two about electric shredding in an eastern style (Just see his latest album, The Freak of Araby). He scored tons of Egyptian films and routinely backed mega-legend Oum Kalthoum, "The Star of the East". In short, he's essential.

Download Link: Omar Khorshid- Rhythms from the Orient

39 Clocks- DNS

This single rules. Kickass lo-fi garage punk from German cult favorites- 39 Clocks. This is their first single, released in 1980. Its appears in a different form, complete with driving alto sax line on their subsequent Pain it Dark LP. 39 Clocks have lately been treated to an excellent hits retrospective- Zoned- which features all their best songs & singles in reverse chronological order, from '87-'80. I just love their Velvet-inspired deadpan delivery. And the lyrics- Absurd, but in such a way that they just live inside my head for days at a time: "I see Nixon in a bomber plane, drinking Cuba Libre (!?)" Amazing.

Mediafire Download Link: 39 Clocks- DNS (Single, 1980)

Duo Ouro Negro- Com Sivuca

For fans of harmony groups like Los Zafiros, here is one of my very favorite un(re)discovered gems: Duo Ouro Negro com Sivuca. DON were a lively folk-pop group formed in 1950's Angola. So far, I've found very little written about them in English. Their name means "Black Gold Duo"- a reference to the value of petroleum- and, if I understand correctly, their musical style can be classified as criado. Sivuca appears to be a badass Brazillian accordion player accompanying the DON. This album, com Sivuca, dates from 1959. I can personally guarantee that, if you aren't already savvy to the DON, then this could easily be some of the most beautiful, upbeat and exotic tropical music you've never heard.


Mediafire Download Link: Duo Ouro Negro- Com Sivuca (refreshed 2/2/10)

1. Kurikutela 2:30
2. Tala on n'bundo 2:22
3. Muxima 4:00
4. Mana Fatita 1:45
5. Kangrima 2:42
6. Eh! Jambá 2:15
7. Kabulo 2:21
8. Maria Candimba 2:03
9. Kyrie 2:41
10. Txizenguê 2:00
11. Iliza (Gomara Saia) 1:53
12. Mulowa 2:00

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo - Farida Khanum

Classic ghazal. One of the most beautiful love songs I have ever heard.

A Orillas Del Magdalena

A Orillas Del Magdalena is a fine selection of classic cumbias from Columbia's Disco Fuentes record label. Lots of fun!
Carlos Roman y Su Conjunto- "Cumbia Negra"

Mediafire Download Link: A Orillas del Magdelena

Mississippi Records Download Thread. (Its back!)

From Lip Kodi Ya City Council:

Recently Refreshed: Mississippi Records Download Thread.
Contains: 70s Thai Orchestra, Lipa Kodi Ya City Council, Mortika: Recordings From the Greek Underworld, Parsnip Snips, Oh Graveyard You Can't Always Hold Me, Last Kind Words, Orchestra Regionale de Kayes, Bishop Perry Tillis, Love is Love, and much more.
*Great thread! You might notice, though, that most of the downloads link to rapidshare. As I'm having less and less luck with rapidshare, I went and put at least some of these up in My Own Mississippi Records Download Folder (via Mediafire). Enjoy!