Sunday, February 7, 2010

39 Clocks- DNS

This single rules. Kickass lo-fi garage punk from German cult favorites- 39 Clocks. This is their first single, released in 1980. Its appears in a different form, complete with driving alto sax line on their subsequent Pain it Dark LP. 39 Clocks have lately been treated to an excellent hits retrospective- Zoned- which features all their best songs & singles in reverse chronological order, from '87-'80. I just love their Velvet-inspired deadpan delivery. And the lyrics- Absurd, but in such a way that they just live inside my head for days at a time: "I see Nixon in a bomber plane, drinking Cuba Libre (!?)" Amazing.

Mediafire Download Link: 39 Clocks- DNS (Single, 1980)

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