Sunday, February 14, 2010

She- Outta Reach

She was an all-female original garage band from Sacramento in 1970. Their sort of art-brut rock & roll sounds like a clear (albeit grittier) prototype for The Vivian Girls- Especially Side 2, where the band's name changes to The Hairem. Basically, this group is awesome and kind of busted all at once. Ripped from the Causeway Records LP Collection- Outta Reach.
She- "Outta Reach"

The Hairem "Like A Snake"

Mediafire Download Link: She- Outta Reach


Anonymous said...

Take care, the link is to your mediafire manager...

Thanks for the blog, a lot of big content to enlarge my musical culture

Greetings from a Colombia exiled frenchman !

nicholab said...

thanks for the comment. the link is fixed.

Roger Camden said...

how unusual

thank you