Sunday, February 7, 2010

Duo Ouro Negro- Com Sivuca

For fans of harmony groups like Los Zafiros, here is one of my very favorite un(re)discovered gems: Duo Ouro Negro com Sivuca. DON were a lively folk-pop group formed in 1950's Angola. So far, I've found very little written about them in English. Their name means "Black Gold Duo"- a reference to the value of petroleum- and, if I understand correctly, their musical style can be classified as criado. Sivuca appears to be a badass Brazillian accordion player accompanying the DON. This album, com Sivuca, dates from 1959. I can personally guarantee that, if you aren't already savvy to the DON, then this could easily be some of the most beautiful, upbeat and exotic tropical music you've never heard.


Mediafire Download Link: Duo Ouro Negro- Com Sivuca (refreshed 2/2/10)

1. Kurikutela 2:30
2. Tala on n'bundo 2:22
3. Muxima 4:00
4. Mana Fatita 1:45
5. Kangrima 2:42
6. Eh! Jambá 2:15
7. Kabulo 2:21
8. Maria Candimba 2:03
9. Kyrie 2:41
10. Txizenguê 2:00
11. Iliza (Gomara Saia) 1:53
12. Mulowa 2:00


øשlqæda said...

oh nevermind, here it goes

Unknown said...

sivuca was a musical he is jammin with hermeto and another clip teachin da youth

or score his "live in new york here"

LFC said...

how cool! By the way, Sivuca composed the amazing song Joao e Maria, made famous by the greatest brazilian musician Chico Buarque (who also wrote the lyrics of this song).
pure beauty:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post but the link is off. If you can refresh....i'll be happy. Thank you very much.