Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mahmoud Guinia

Mahmoud Guinia is a brilliant performer of the hypnotic Moroccan folk style known as Gnawa.

I have two albums to offer here:

The first is a self-titled release that can be downloaded from another great blog, Awesome Tapes From Africa.

The second is titled Mimouna. It can be downloaded from me via this Mediafire link.

Hope you enjoy them!


Mr Tear said...


Still loving Ghostcapital, and I've had you linked for some time. Any chance you could return the favour?

Mr Tear @ Snap, Crackle & Pop

nicholab said...

thanks for stopping by. done. totally dig yr blog & had thought i'd already linked up, but no...well, yr up there now. paz.

Anonymous said...

This link is routing me to some kind of mediafire folder with lots of your stuff in it and I can't find the Mahmoud Guinia in it. Whazzup?

nicholab said...

should be fixed now. let me know.