Friday, February 26, 2010

Juaneco y Su Combo- El Gran Cacique

I have a real thing for Cumbia. As an english-only gringo, however, I'm at a disadvantage having to navigate such an expansive and daunting genre en espanol. Thankfully, there've been a number of great recent stateside releases of classic cumbia to at least tide me over until I learn a thing or two about who's who in that world. Barbes Records has put out a couple of good ones; The Roots of Chicha compilation and their Juaneco y Su Combo- Masters of Chicha Vol.1, both focusing Peruvian psychedelic cumbia. I can also recommend A Orillas del Magdelena, vinyl-only compilation of Columbian Disco Fuentes tracks recently put out by Domino Sound (which is loosely affiliated with Mississippi Records, I believe.) If you like what you're hearing, I highly encourage you to buy these albums. Because Orillas is a vinyl only release, I have posted a Mediafire Download link to that one for those in search of its mp3s. I also have one more thing to offer. The as of yet unreissued El Gran Cacique LP by the ever-fantastic Juaneco y Su Combo. Enjoy.

Mediafire Download Link: Juaneco y Su Combo- El Gran Cacique


Anonymous said...

sometimes...i git hard from seeing albums here...and by sometimes, i mean right now.

Los Peores Discos said...

I am infinitely grateful for this post.
Juaneco still rules.

Keep on rockin'.