Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bohannon- Stop & Go

This early Bohannon LP packs a wallop. Stop & Go is rocking some majorly deep funk.
"Getting To The Other Side" (just ignore the video on this one)

"Save Their Souls"

Mediafire Download Link: Bohannon- Stop & Go

1. The Stop And Go
2. Getting To The Other Side
3. The Pimp Walk
4. Run It On Down Mr. D.J.
1. Save Their Souls
2. Singing A Song For My Mother
3. It's Time For Peace
4. Happiness


whiteanduptight said...

wow, i was just listening to the "get on the way!!" mix, when this one song really caught my ear.

saw it was "bohannon- stop & go" and that you even have more of them posted here. awesome!

looking forward to checking out more sounds from bohannon once the mix is finished playing.

thanks for making my day at work a lot more interesting!

whiteanduptight said...

thanks again!

nicholab said...

yeah dude, this junk is totally bumping. always glad to serve.