Monday, February 22, 2010

SIngle Shot: Ian Darby- "Taking The Waterfront By Force"

Ridiculously good electro rarity from 1984. Those analog synth lines are just dripping with the most wistful 80s minor key melodiousness imaginable. This is the unicorn dance track of my childhood dreams. A tip for the hipsters: You probably need this for your next quasi-romantic mixtape.

Mediafire Download Link: Ian Darby- Taking The Waterfront by Force (1984)

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cmaxxxt said...

ohh my goodness!!!
this track along with Rapper Dapper Snapper (instr.)by Edwin Birdsong and Ounce Rap (instr.) are the greatest ever put on wax!!! my hat is off to you and i salute the producers of those true hip-hop tracks!!!!