Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Billy Butler- Plays Via Galactica (Kilmarnock, 1973)

Wow! Funky guitarist Billy Butler runs through Galt MacDermot's score for Via Galactica, with music conducted by the funky composer himself. The sound is spacey and electronic, with drums by Bernard Purdie, bass by Wilbur Bascomb, and piano by Galt himself. Tracks include "Hush", "Life Wins", "400 Girls Ago", and "Other Side of the Sky". Not really a breakbeat record, but with a bunch of cool spacey moments and some very nice spacey laidback sounds. (Dusty Groove)

I don't know, Dusty Groove, check the break at the beginning of this one:

That melody has been with me for days. The band is obviously super-tight and I think Billy Butler's guitar tone is something else. Admittedly, the album does have some less than exciting elevator Muzak moments, but I think the highlights more than pay off for it.

Mediafire Download Link: Billy Butler- Plays Via Galactica (Kilmarnock, 1973)

A1 I Believe In Butterflies 4:49
A2 Via Galactica 4:17
A3 Home 3:52
A4 400 Girls Ago 4:23
A5 Hush 4:01
A6 Life Wins 4:15
B1 All My Good Mornings 3:59
B2 New Jerusalem 4:49
B3 Helen Of Troy 4:12
B4 Dance The Dark Away 2:55
B5 Other Side Of The Sky 3:54
B6 Up 4:19

Monday, August 30, 2010

(V/A) Ibi Na Bo: 60 Africa 70 (Domino Sound 023 *Cassette)

A nicely curated selection of lively Sub Saharan pop & folk, recently released on cassette by the Domino Sound label. They're the same folks who brought you that excellent A Orillas de Magdelena vinyl compilation of classic cumbias from Discos Fuentes, last year. I've decided not to split the tape's tracks, as a big part of the value of this one, in my view, is its overall flow. And also I'm feeling lazy today. Besides, a good portion of the tracks are available elsewhere, many having been collected on various other official cd/lp reissues & collections. As a compromise, I promise to get around to linking to the corresponding albums of the otherwise available tracks via the tracklisting below. Oh, I should also mention that Domino Sound Record Shack is a (reportedly great) shop based out of New Orleans, LA.

Here's a couple track samples:

Download Link: (V/A) Ibi Na Bo: 60 Africa 70 (Domino Sound 023 *Cassette)

Side 1.
Praise Song (Senegal) - Keno Diatta & Sona Mane
Liti Liti (Senegal) - Orchestra Baobab
Wanri (Mali) - Mouesa Doumbia
Joromi (Nigeria) - Sir Victor Uwaifo
Ayamma (Nigeria) - Anambra Beats
Dead Body Never Smokey (Nigeria) - Tunde Nightingale
Vijana Niambie (Nairobi) - Williamu Osale
Fitina Nyingi (Tanzania) - Dar Es Salaam Jazz Band
Gwenasobya (Uganda) - Frida Sonko
Recital (Mali)- Orchestre Regional de Mopti

Side 2.
Ya Yongo (Zaire) - Orchestra Empire des Babuka
Come Again (Nigeria) - Nigerian Sound Makers
Ubeberu (Tanzania) - Salum Abdullah & Cuban Marimba
Ikut Asana Eden (Nigeria) - Travellers Lodge Atomic 8
Robinson Olaga (Kenya) - Dick Ngoye and Party
Wanjira Wanjira (Nairobi) - Francis Masharia
Oba Adele (Nigeria) - West African Rhythm Brothers
Selense (Nigeria) - Eastern Minstrels
Ebalume (Nigeria) - Chief Umobaurie & His Group
Masida Ngalina (Zaire) - Ombiza Charles
Adura (Nigeria) - West African Rhythm Brothers
Ibi Na Bo (Nigeria) - Cardinal Rex Lawson
Me Nsae Da (Ghana) - Ahamano's Guitar Band

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors- Evening Time (320 rip)

Jackie Mittoo should need no introduction. He is the crown prince of Jamaican keys, was a founding member of the Skatalites and veteran writer/bandleader for Coxsone Dodd's legendary Studio One label. Evening Time (1968) offers up an unbeatable selection of breezy rocksteady organ grooves; a perfect cross-section of what classic Mittoo is all about. Top Notch. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.*

From the album's back cover:

There are very few Musicians of any style or era, whose appeal is such that it is safe to recommend them to anyone for enjoyment in personal performance or on Record, Jackie Mittoo is such a Musician.

Jackie “Soul” Mittoo’s Musical Talents became apparent at a very early age. By the time he entered High School, Jackie was already a semiprofessional.

Jackie came to the attention of Recording Executive, Clement S. Dodd, in Kingston, Jamaica; and while still in School, he worked as a staff Musician for COXSONE RECORDS, appearing as ’side man’ on many Recording Dates for that Label.

It became obvious that one day Jackie would be ready to record under his own name. Several months ago, Jackie’s First Recording Session was set, and at that first date, Jackie Recorded RAM – JAM. The rest is Recorded History,

Next Step was for Jackie to record. a Long Playing album, JACKIE IN LONDON, which enables him to reach out and bring his own way of playing a variety of Tunes.

During his appearance with the COXSON’S ROCK STEADY REVUE in England last September (‘67), the British FANS were quick to acclaim Jackie and the Soul Vendors.

On this Album, EVENING TIME, the arrangements were being made for the Cool Cool of the Evening, THE PARADE OF ‘68 FADS.

GIRLS! GIRLS! in BIKINI, HIPSTERS, MINI in various colours, Latest Model portable record players, have dominated the Beaches, Parks and other Locations that offer Musical Entertainment. Jackie Mittoo and the Soul Vendors were first registered for participation in this Summer’s activities. This Sound is the kind of Music that Fans expect during the months of Summer in Jamaica.

SOUL BEAT! ROCK STEADY! BIG BEAT! BIG PLEASURE! that’s what you get consistently, when you’re hearing the SENSATIONAL SOUND called EVENING TIME.

Download Link: Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors- Evening Time (320 rip)





*Jamaican press- some measure of crackle & hiss just comes with the territory.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jimi Paulix (David Welsh)- Live at the House Compound (2010)

Jimi Paulix is the current stage-name for the cryptic Ohio songwriter formerly known as David Welsh. Most well-known for his 1980 private-press Blue Lightning Accent, Paulix's songs have developed a dedicated following due to their wildly idiosyncratic style. Earlier this year, he played a set at a backyard BBQ in Columbus, OH. His first-ever live perfomance. It was a 50th birthday gift for Tom Lax (of Siltbreeze Records). Among those in attendence were Mike Rep, Dan Melchior and his wife and bandmate Letha Rodman Melchior (she recorded the show), Columbus Discount braintrust Tommy Jay, Dante Carfagna (of Numero Group)....and and a veitable who's who of OG Columbus indie types. You can read more about Jimi Paulix's set on the Numero Group blog. One thing; "Norwegian Wood", as referenced in that article, is actually "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away." Thanks again to the Dinosaur for the link.

Download Link: Jimi Paulix (David Welsh)- Live at the House Compound (2010)

1. Towers
2. Love Planet
3. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Beatles)
4. Gold 'n' Rose
5. Satisfaction the End
6. Sizzler
7. Utopia
8. Medallion
9. Blue Funk
10. Foxy Angel Lady

Download Blue Lightning Accent right here.

Woubeshet Feseha-1976 (@Awesome Tapes...)

Groovy vintage Ethio Funk. Woubeshet Feseha-1976 is the latest offering over at Awesome Tapes From Africa. This one has already become an immediate favorite around my place. Definitely worth getting.

Listen up:

Fadela - N'Sel Fik (Factory Records, 1987)

Fadela's N'Sel Fik ("You Are Mine") is Factory Records' only rai release.

Mediafire Download Link: Fadela - N'Sel Fik (Factory Records, 1987)

A N'Sel Fik 7:15
B Ateni Bniti (Part One) 6:30

Factory Catalog#: fac 197
Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Country: UK
Released: Nov 1987

Design [Uncredited] - Johnson Panas
Instruments, Electronics - Rachid
Keyboards, Sampler - Samir (5)
Lead Vocals - Chaba Fadela
Voice - Cheb Sahraoui

*Here's the Rai I'm really REALLY looking for. The good stuff prior to 1985, where it seems the CASIOs havent completely taken over yet. If anybody out there has a line on these (or stuff like it)- for either purchase or download- hit a dude up:

Kouider Bensaid (1984)

Chab El Heindi (1985)

Cheikh Benfissa

Friday, August 27, 2010

Zach Swagger, Data Panic + William Murray- TV True Tonight / Try To (1981)

Private press Devo-esque New Wave. I bought this 45 for 25 cents over 10 years ago at a dingy old spot in Harrisonburg, VA called R & S Records- a freaky time warp of blacklight posters, wood panelled walls and KISS Memorabilia. The back cover of my copy is signed and inscribed by Mr. Swagger himself: "Zach Swagger...Love to Bobby and Suzanne." (That does it. I really do need to get a scanner.) In my opinion, the B-side "Try To" is the better track. Sounds sort of like Men's Recovery Project. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Link: Zach Swagger, Data Panic + William Murray- TV True Tonight / Try To (1981)

Zach Swagger- Drums, Vocals & Tech
Data Panic- Guitar, Synthesizer, Mix Down "Try To"
William Murray- Synthesizer, Mix Down "TV True"
Margarest Meenehan- Lyrics on "Try to"

Arthur Conley- Shake, Rattle & Roll (1967)

Deep Southern Soul from my top-shelf. Arthur Conley was an outstanding singer and a protege of Otis Redding. That alone should be all you really need to know. His biggest hit was "Sweet Soul Music", which I'm sure many of us have heard a time or two via the FM. Lots of killers on this album. Conley's version of "A Change Is Gonna Come" is not to be trifled with. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Arthur Conley- Shake, Rattle & Roll (1967)

Side 1
1 Shake, Rattle & Roll
2 I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)
3 Love Got Me
4 A Change Is Gonna Come
5 Hand And Glove
Side 2
1 Ha! Ha! Ha!
2 You Don't Have To See Me
3 Baby What You Want Me To Do
4 I'll Take The Blame
5 Keep On Talking

Recording Engineer - Jimmy Johnson

Recorded at Fame Recording Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Produced by Otis Redding for Redwal Music, Ince.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dirty Three- A Strange Holiday (2003 Tour Maxi-cd)

2003 Tour EP from Dirty Three. Originally posted at Pukekos, I believe.

(Discogs info)
Label: Anchor & Hope
Format:CD, Maxi-Single

*The song in the video below isn't from this release. I just like the footage 'cause they're playing for kids.

Mediafire Download Link: Dirty Three- A Strange Holiday EP

1 Summer's Lost Heart 2:54
2 Somewhere Else, Someplace Good 4:21
3 A Strange Holiday 5:21
4 Xmas Song 1:36
5 Au Revoir Petit Chat 8:20

Recorded at Sing Sing Melbourne 1999.
Sold on tour and via Anchor & Hope website.
Tracks 1-4 originally on "Praise" soundtrack album.

Hansadutta Swami- Nothing To Lose But All To Gain (1978)

This is a guest post from my pal, Brian. Far-out krishna psych-folk from (apparently controversial) 70's California spiritualist Hansadutta Swami.

"(Our friend) Travis found this record at the Gift & Thrift in Harrisonburg. How could Travis resist this mug?"

Read about Nothing To Lose... at Waxidermy

This LP became a sort of minor hit in our weirdo music circles of NC/VA/Philly. Says our buddy Tim: "A few years ago, Tristan, Jason Reed and I tried to recreate the sound of this record, with very limited success...somehow the songs came out sounding like country rock, and one sort of psychedelic jamm...but if anyone wants to hear what the Swami's influence hath wrought: Doom Spiral-Hansadutta Tribute"

And now for the real McCoy...

Mediafire Download link: Hansadutta Swami- Nothing To Lose But All To Gain (1978)

Thanks Brian! Thanks Tim! Thanks Hansadutta Swami!

Billy Martin- Strawberry Soul (1970)

Originally released in 1970 on Montreal’s Trans-World label, Strawberry Soul is a rare and amazing instrumental deep funk album released by African-American ex-pat trumpeter Billy Martin. Martin also released an album called I Turn You On via Onion Records where his hit “Funky Feelin” also appeared. He was a local star on the Canadian R&B scene for a while, but disappeared without a trace after this amazing release. (from Music Direct)

*320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Billy Martin- Strawberry Soul (1970)

1. Funky Feelin’
2. One More Time
3. Egg Roll
4. Watermelon Man
5. Phillie Dog
6. It's Your Life
7. Moon Ride
8. Stax
9. If You Care
10. Prayer Meetin’

V/A- Music from South India (Recorded by Dr. Temiz, 2004)

Music from South India

From the land of a thousand Gods and Goddesses
from the land of ragas and talas....
ancient mystical music,
to jump start the spirit, to hot wire the soul

Side 1

1. Varnum, Raga Intha. A varnum is an opening piece in praise of the half human half elephant god Ganesh, asking him to remove all obstacles. perfromed by Mandolin virtuoso, U. Srinivas,

2. Thyagaraja Kriti Kalavati. A piece composed by the 17th century Saint Thyagaraja. Preformed by the brother / sister duo of Krshnan and Vijaylaksmi Lagudi.

3. Jaya Jaya, Pradmabha Nabha. Performed by one of the great vocalists, Sanjay Subramanium.

Side 2

1. Vapati, Hamsa Shvani (Song of the Swan). Perfromed by the elder statesman of flute, Dr. Ramani.

2. Saraswati Namosthuthe, composed by G.N. Balasubramanium. A song in praise of the Goddess Saraswati (goddess of learning and music). Nadadesswaram is a large oboe like instrument used in wedding celebrations.

*Recorded in 2004 by Dr. Temiz

Mediafire Download Link: V/A- Music from South India (Recorded by Dr. Temiz, 2004)

I know nothing more about this record than the scant liner notes (shown above). 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Spring Heel Jack- Versions (1996)

Mid-90s experimental drum & bass. Versions offers dubs of tracks from Coxon & Wale's 1996 LP; 68 Million Shades. A vintage classic of the genre. Released by Trade 2 / Island Records TRDLP 1001 524 272-1. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Spring Heel Jack- Versions (1996)

1 60 Seconds Dub 10:35
2 Suspensions Dub 8:16
3 Pan Dub 6:20
4 Crash Dub 5:29
5 Kino 7:17
6 Island Version 5:50
7 Regal Talkies 4:58

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Peggy Seeger!

A big thanks to my friend Diane Rios for this lovely stencil-spray Peggy Seeger portrait. So sweet. Makes me happy to know that the American Child Ballads have proven thusly inspiring. Nice work, Diane. I can't wait to put it up and put it to good use.

Peggy Seeger by nicholab

Ozzie- The Parabolic Rock: 1975 - 1982 2LP (SS039)

Rare and bizarro 70s California art-rock, newly unearthed by the good folks over at S.S. Records, released in 2010 as a 2xLP set. If you dig Devo, Sparks, The Quick, Tubeway Army, etc, then this is probably going to be your new jam. My brother Zack just walked into the room and confirmed it: "Yeah, this is my style..." So it was written, so it shall be...

"Android Love"- Their rad first single.

"Big Body Build"- Easy to hear Ozzie's direct influence on Nothing People

"Scattered Values"- A fine example of Ozzie's off-kilter power-pop

Download Link Removed: Purchase the wax from Academy or the mp3s from Other Music Digital

Promo write-up:
SSR Records: This double album vinyl release features 24 songs covering the career of one of Sacramento's most iconoclastic eclectic obscurantist proto-punk-art-rock bands (and, yes, I know that's too many mouth mumbling words).

From their ground-breaking rock opera, Berlin 1990 to their historic opening for The Talking Heads to their years in Los Angeles, competing for attention with spandexed hair-bands and mohawked poseurs, The Parabolic Rock tells the story of a Sacramento band's eccentric adventures on the blurred periphery of obscurity and cult status.

It is 1971 in a small town near Santa Cruz, California. Three friends from Sacramento have just polished off a bottle of cheap wine to the sounds of Captain Beefheart’s Strictly Personal and wander on to the beach with a couple of harmonica and a guitar. For the next couple of hours, they howl out some Beefheart inspired blues yuck. Thus begins a musical relationship that would become the band Ozzie. From their wine-soused, Magic Band obsessed roots to their art-rock/new wave end some ten years later, Ozzie made some fantastic music. They built up substantial followings in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. They were a Mabuhay Gardens regular, sharing the bill with bands like the Weirdos, The Sleepers, VOM, and the Nuns. In Sacramento, they played with everyone from the Rutabaga Boogie Band and the Talking Heads to the Nerves and the Fleshtones. However like many bands of the time, their limited output (only three 7”s during their lifetime) and difficulty fixing them to one musical subgenre led to their obscurity and ultimately them being forgotten. In the early 90s, S.S. stumbled upon Ozzie’s 1977 debut single, “Android Love”, and flipped. He tracked down one of the band’s main members, William Fuller, and struck up a friendship with him.

A decade later S.S. tosses Fuller the idea to reissue “Android Love” single with a different B side. Fuller digs out some reel to reel tapes, an act that starts a multi-year odyssey through the Ozzie archives, recordings and print material spanning from the mid 70s to the early 80s. The proto-punk meets glam wildness what made “Android Love” (produced by Public Nuisance/Twinkeyz David Houston) such a great song was present in the tapes, but there was more: Massive doses of Blue Oyster Cult inspired hard rock brilliance, Roxy Music glam drama, Sparks-like art, Bomp! Records-worthy power pop, edgy new wave that recalls the Suburban Lawns, and mid-Seventies-style underground rock sounds that thrill any collector of private press obscurities, all with a Keith Moon/Jethro Tull inspired drummer. By the time, S.S. was done digging through the archives, he’d assembled a solid double album worth of unreleased and live material, as well as alternative tracks and a few gems from Ozzie’s previously released stuff. Complete with a full history of the band, lots of photos, and archival images “The Parabolic Rock: 1975 – 1982” is the definitive document of Sacramento’s forgotten band, one worthy of mention with Sacto underground icons Public Nuisance, the Twinkeyz, and Tales of Terror.

"This Ozzie comp is nuts. Reissue of the year." - Rich Kroneiss, Terminal Boredom

Friday, August 20, 2010

Batucada Fantástica Vol. 1- Os Ritmistas Brasileiros Conduzidos por Luciano Perrone (Musidisc, 1959)

I'm happy to have recently scored this rad, classic batucada record by legendary samba drummer Luciano Perrone. Some of ya'll might recognize his Samba Vocalizado included on that excellent Batucada Capoeira comp put out by Souljazz Records. A killer jam. Well, as far as Batucada Fantastica Vol. 1 goes, it turns out I don't need to rip my own record after all. There's a perfectly good one up over at Toque Musical. Tha Block is Hot!

A1 Samba quente
A2 Frigideira
A3 Ensaio geral
A4 Marcha de rancho
A5 Tamborins
A6 Réco-réco no 1
A7 Esquentando os tamborins e cuicas
A8 Maracatu
A9 Prato e faca
A10 Baiao
A11 Atabaques e surdos
B1 Candomblé
B2 Agogo
B3 Samba - 1 andamento
B4 Samba - 2 andamento
B5 Marcha de carnaval
B6 Cuica
B7 Réco-réco no 2 (Bossa nova)
B8 Maxixe
B9 Afoché
B10 Pandeiro
B11 Samba drums

Thursday, August 19, 2010

White Boy and The Average Rat Band- S/T (320 Rip)

Here's a heavy hitting proto-metal cult-classic from Baltimore, 1979. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. "It's heavy, I'm happy."

Says White Boy, himself:

"This ALBUM goes out to all the heavy metal rats everywhere with all hopes of an affirmative acceptance.

The Most Average Rat, Mike Matney"

From Acid Archives:

"(Baltimore, MD) This is stretching the limits of the Archives here -- it's an 80s album and sounds much closer to the kind of post-punk hard rock that got college airplay in the late 80s than it does like anything else reviewed on this website. That said, it's speedy not-quite-metal hard rock with a pulverizing distortion sound (to call it "fuzz guitar" is to understate it by a mile). One song is acoustic, but mostly this is just an in-your-face blitzkrieg, and it's really great."

*Question: In my high school days back in Gloucester VA, heshers/metalheads were called "grits". This is total grit music. Are we the only folks who said that? And if so, and if you're reading this and happen to be from Gloucester way back when, where the heck did the term "grit" come from?

Mediafire Download Link: White Boy and The Average Rat Band- S/T (320 Rip)

1. Prelude
2. Neon Warriors
3. Sector 387
4. Maybe I'm a Fool
5. The Prophet Song
6. Leaving Tonight on Vacation
7. Blue Moon
8. Oriental Doctors

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

V/A- Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 1 (SahelSounds Cassette)

This wild mixtape of comtemporary Saharan music cost me only $3 at over Exiled Records today! A bumping mishmash of african dancehall, house (tent?) music, gnawa?, saharan blues & other local genres I couldn't even begin to name. Hadn't heard of SahelSounds until discovering this collection. Well, I'm a convert. That site's Christopher Kirkley has put together an impressive collection of field recordings, photographs, personal narratives and smart commentary from his extensive travels of the "Sahel region of Mauratania, Senegal [and] Mali." Highly recommended.

Mediafire Download Link: V/A- Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 1 (SahelSounds Cassette)

1. Tinariwen / Baye 6:03
2. Desert Blues / Abdallah 6:04
3. Autotune / Niger 5:26
4. Souveniram / Koudede 3:52
5. Algeria / Hamdawa 3:01
6. Wassila / Hamza 3:52
7. Kabablon / Morib 3:34
8. Decale / Auguste Solo 5:03
9. Abande / Yeli Fuzzo 3:25
10. Old Synth / Tuareg 2:54
11. Protection / Flamzy 5:19
12. Sakou Si Bory / Aminata W. 4:34
13. Iba One / Papito 4:11

Mirrors- Shirley / She Smiled Wild (1975)

"Essential Cleveland, Ohio pre-punk / proto-punk sounds, trax recorded in 1975. Although these two trax were recorded in 1975, their release would have to wait until two years later when original Mirrors drummer, Michael Weldon facilitated their release on Hearthan in 1977, the label run by David Thomas of Pere Ubu." (Violet Times)

Studio A-side & Live B-side. Both are pretty off the hook. The live side (She Smiled Wild) has a sort of White Light/White Heat freakout appeal. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Removed by request

V/A- Ebirac: Box of Boricua (Numero Group special product, 2010)

Box of Boricua is a special dead-stock collection of 70's Chicago-Puerto Rican 45's on the Ebirac Label, recently unearthed by Numero Group and packaged in a strictly limited (and now sold out) vinyl box set. 12 singles, in all. Numero acquired these in the run-up to developing their forthcoming NUM036 Cult Cargo: De Cobo Rojo A Chicago.

"While the Numero Goup has made a mission of unearthing lost and forgotten culture, never before have we been able to share the original papers and plastics of a city's scene and sound. Found while delving into the assets of Carlos "Caribe" Ruiz's Ebirac label in preperation for Cult Cargo: De Cobo Rojo A Chicago, each of the twelve 45s included here is an authentic Ebirac record, drawn from dead stock long-since abandoned by the label itself. In nearly every instance, these 45s were distributed from the stage only. In case you didn't happen to catch Tipica Leal '79 on January 27th, 1984, at the Palm Gardens on Armitage and pick up a copy of "Mi Salo'n Esta' de Fiesta" during intermission...this box is here to correct that oversight.

Underdogs all, the musicians of the Ebirac label never got to warm up audiences of the El Mirador or the Keymen's Club during the short residencies of imported talents such as Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe. These 45s weren't positioned in local stores alongside well-funded Fania hits, but were hand-sold off folding card tables, during performances in Humboldt park or at a host of community centers, before being stashed away with some resident youth group's catchers mitts and hoops gear. When business at Ebirac began to slow in the early 1980s, most of the label's remaining product was stored for later evaluation. The passing of Carlos Ruiz in 1987 left Ebirac's dead stock all but forgotten." (from the notes included with the Box of Boricua)

Mediafire Download Link: Removed by request from Ken of Numero Group.

1. Puerto Rico Mi Cuna (Lamento Navideño) / "Ernestina Reyes" La Calandria with the Ebirac All-Stars 3:01
2. Plena Matrimonial- Contraversia / "La Calandria y Ramito" with the Ebirac All-Stars 3:44
3. La Danza de los Reyes / Orquesta La Solucion 4:07
4. Oye Negra / Orquesta La Solucion 4:59
5. Guaguanca Coroco / La Justicia La Justicia (canta Jorge "Groucho" Alvarado) 5:41
6. Alegre Jibarito / La Justicia (canta Ismael "Jibarito" Rosa) 5:52
7. Lamento al Congreso- Plena / Orquestra La Solucion (canta "Ramito") 6:01
8. Ay, Si, Si- Merengue / Orquesta La Solucion (canta Hector de Valle) 7:30
9. Merengue y Bembé / Orquesta La Solucion 4:05
10. A Bailar Son Montuno / Orquesta La Solucion 5:07
11. Homenaje a (Roberto Clemente) "Lamento" / Orquesta La Solucion (canta Hector del Valle) 7:27
12. "Mi Patria" Es Boringuen (Inprovisacion) / Orquesta La Solucion (canta "Ramito") 6:36
13. El Duro / Manuel y Sus Estrellas "Combo" (canta T. Rodriguez) 5:53
14. Palabras Vacias / Manuel y Sus Estrellas "Combo" (canta H. Narvaez) 5:26
15. Mi Amigo / Tipica Leal 79 Jazz Quintet (canta Jose L. Casas) 2:47
16. Mi Salo'n Esta' de Fiesta / Tipica Leal 79 Jazz Quintet (canta Jose L. Casas) 2:57
17. Morir de Amor / Tipica Leal 79 Jazz Quintet (canta Yvonne & Yvette Morges) 2:34
18. Dejame Vivir / Tipica Leal 79 Jazz Quintet (canta Yvette Morges y Jose L. Casas) 3:13
19. La Juventud of Chicago "Lamento" / Ebirac All Stars- Perform 3:10
20. Mi Unica Ilusion / Juventud Tipica 78 3:33
21. Las Frutas del Pais / Orquesta La Justicia (canta Juan "JAP" Castro) 4:00 22. Borinquen Es Mia / Orquesta La Justicia (canta Juan "JAP" Castro) 6:08
23. Solitario "Lamento Guaguanaco" / Orqesta La Union (canta Juan "Loner" Roman)6:51
24. Chicago, Latino / Orqesta La Union (canta Junior Lozado) 5:26

Monday, August 16, 2010

V/A- I'll Meet You On That Other Shore: Field Recordings From Alan Lomax's Southern Journey. 1959-1960, Vol. 3. (Mississippi Records, MSR-059)

I'll Meet You On That Other Shore is the third of five Alan Lomax LPs issued by Mississippi Records in 2010. This series was compiled and annotated by Nathan Salsburg in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the "Southern Journey." 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Removed by request

1. What's The Matter Now? / Fred McDowell 5:01
2. The Eighth of January / Bookmiller Shannon 0:59
3. Old Gospel Ship / Ruby Vass 2:58
4. None But the Righteous / Union Choir of the Church of God and Saints of Christ 3:08
5. Why Must I Wear This Shroud? / George Spangler & Thornton Old Regular Baptist Congregation 5:17
6. Sing Anything / Neal Morris 2:15
7. Black Woman (Wild Ox Moan) / Vera Ward Hall 2:10
8. Dangerous Blues / Floyd Batts 1:09
9. Railroad Bill / Hobart Smith 2:45
10. I'll Meet You On That Other Shore / Unidentified Woman & St. James Church 5:48
11. Moses Was a Servant of the Lord / Charles Barnett 1:59
12. The Girl I Left Behind / Spencer Moore & Roy Everett 2:53
13. Goodbye Honey, You Call that Gone / Lucius Smith 2:17
14. Moses, Don't Get Lost / John Davis & The Georgia Sea Island Singers 2:30
15. Rainbow Mid Life's Willows / Almeda Riddle 2:58

Saturday, August 14, 2010

V/A- Worried Now, Won't Be Worried Long: Field Recordings From Alan Lomax's Southern Journey. 1959-1960, Vol. 2. (Mississippi Records, MSR-058)

Worried Now, Won't Be Worried Long is the second of five Alan Lomax LPs issued by Mississippi Records in 2010. This series was compiled and annotated by Nathan Salsburg in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the "Southern Journey." 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

"in 1959 and 1960, at the height of the folk revival, alan lomax undertook the first-ever stereo field recording trip through the american south to document its still thriving vernacular musical culture. he traveled through virginia, kentucky, tennessee, alabama, mississippi, arkansas, georgia, and north carolina, making over 70 hours of recordings. the trip came to be known as lomax's 'southern journey,' and its recordings were first issued for the atlantic and prestige labels in the early '60s. those, however, as well as subsequent releases on new world and rounder records, are now all out of print. to remedy this, and to celebrate the southern journey's 50th anniversary, mississippi records and the alan lomax collection have collaborated on five commemorative lps, spanning the breadth of lomax's '59-60 southern recordings, drawing on new transfers of the original 1/4" tapes, and featuring a considerable amount of previously unreleased material." (Rough Trade)

Mediafire Download Link: Removed by Request

Preorder from Dusty Groove

1. Worried Now, Won't Be Worried Long / Sidney Carter 2:59
2. Walking in the Parlor / Norman Edmonds & the Old Timers 1:56
3. Rolled and Tumbled / Rosalie Hill 3:00
4. The Old Ship of Zion / Ishman Williams & the Williams Singers 4:36
5. Hop Along, Let's Get Her / John Davis, Henry Morrison & the Georgia Sea Island Singers 1:07
6. Hallelujah (#146) / United Sacred Harp Convention 2:23
7. The Cabin on the Hill / E.C. & Orna Ball 3:06
8. Ida Reed / Ed Young, Lonnie Young & G.D. Young 2:20
9. I'm Tired / Bright Light Quartet 2:54
10. I'm Going Home to Live With Jesus / Viola James 3:54
11. You Got Dimples In Your Jaws / Boy Blue & His Two 3:18
12. Cumberland Gap / Wade Ward 1:11
13. Levee Camp Holler (Downtown Money Waster) / Johnny Lee Moore 2:53
14. Lonesome Dove / Almeda Riddle 5:40
15. Turnip Greens / Neal Morris 2:16

Friday, August 13, 2010

San Ul Lim- Vols 1-12

"San Ul Lim (translated as 'That Mountain Echo', alternate spellings include 'Sanulim', 'Sanullim' and 'San Ul Rim') was formed by three brothers born of privilege in Seoul, South Korea. With confidence gained from endless practicing and competing in a university student song contest, they approached record label SRB (because it was near their house!) and recorded their first album in just one day.
Upon its release in 1977, the LP sold over a half-million copies and paved the way for many further volumes. The songs are full of fuzz guitar, tinny keyboards and simple production, reminding one of the American garage and pop-psychedelic groups from the sixties, but with an Asian flavor. " -Weirdo Records

My buddy Grover had been hyping San Ul Lim to me for weeks now. Last night, he loaned me their complete discography (on vinyl), so I could hear their freaked-out fuzzy Korean psych wildness for myself. My plan was going to digitize them, for him & for you, but now I'm not so sure. Not because San Ul Lim doesn't rule (they do), but because some other folks in this here blogosphere have cut me to the chase. I see that the Bastards blog has posted their complete discography, including a 2 record best of compilation. I'm downloading as I type. If their rips are up to snuff, I see no need to go through all that effort of recording, editing & tagging San Ul Lim records, myself.

So anyways, I'm off to the zoo today with my son Amos & two of his pals. I highly recommend downloading some Sun Ul Lim. If any of ya'll get to downloading their posted discography, would you, could you comment here on their relative sound quality: Should I post my own rips or leave well-enough alone? Do any particular albums need an upgrade? That kind of thing....Paz.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

V/A- Wave The Ocean, Wave The Sea: Field Recordings From Alan Lomax's "Southern Journey", 1959-1960 (Mississippi Records, MSR-057)

"People were saying that Southern folk song was dead, that the land that had produced American jazz, the blues, the spirituals, the mountain ballads and the work songs had gone sterile."

-Alan Lomax. 1960

In 1959 and 1960, at the height of the Folk Revival, Alan Lomax undertook the first-ever stereo field recording trip through the American South to document its still thriving vernacular musical culture. He traveled through Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, and North Carolina, making over 70 hours of recordings. The trip came to be known as Lomax's "Southern Journey," and its recordings were first issued for the Atlantic and Prestige labels in the early '60s. Those, however, as well as subsequent releases on New World and Rounder Records, are now all out of print. To remedy this, and to celebrate the Southern Journey's 50th anniversary, Mississippi Records and the Alan Lomax Collection have collaborated on five commemorative LPs, spanning the breadth of Lomax's '59-60 Southern recordings, drawing on new transfers of the original 1/4" tapes, and featuring a considerable amount of previously unreleased material.

All recordings made by Alan Lomax on an Ampex 602-2, "Suitcase Model" tape machine. Assisted by Shirley Collins (1959) and Anna Lomax (1960).

Wave The Ocean, Wave The Sea is the first of five Alan Lomax LPs issued by Mississippi Records in 2010. This series was compiled and annotated by Nathan Salsburg in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the "Southern Journey." 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Removed by Request

Preorder from Dustygroove.

1. Chilly Winds / Wade Ward 1:29
2. Lonely Tombs / Texas Gladden, Hobart Smith & Preston Young 2:49
3. Church, I Know We Got Another Building / Ed Young, Lonnie Young & G.D. Young 2:24
4. Sherburne (#186) / United Sacred Harp Convention 1:55
5. Reg'lar, Reg'lar, Rolling Under / Bessie Jones & Group 2:27
6. Dollar Mamie / Floyd Batts & prisoners 5:27
7. Bob Johnson's Tune / George Fields 2:11
8. Dark Day / Silver Leaf Quartet 2:28
9. Whole Heap of Little Horses / Texas Gladden 1:30
10. Drink On Little Girl / Forrest City Joe & His Three Aces 4:23
11. Early in the Morning / Johnny Lee Moore 2:59
12. Pretty Polly Oliver / Ollie Gilbert 2:37
13. Wave The Ocean, Wave The Sea / Neal Morris & Charlie Everidge 1:40
14. Gravel Road Blues / Fred McDowell & Fanny Davis 4:26
15. Riding in a Buggy / Vera Ward Hall 2:13
16. On WEUP Huntsville / Daddy Cool 4:07

"Some of the young folkniks, who dominated the New York scene, asserted that there was more folk music in Washington Square on Sunday Afternoon than there was in all rural America. Apparently, it made them feel like heroes to believe that they were keeping a dying tradition alive. The idea that these nice young people, who only just beginning to learn how to play and sing in good style, might replace the glories of the real thing, frankly horrified me. I resolved to prove them wrong."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kanashimi No Belladonna (Belladonna of Sadness)

Been feeling this sync of Kanashimi No Belladonna (Belladonna of Sadness) set to Pink Floyd's "Careful with that Axe, Eugene". (NOT recommended viewing for school or workplace)

What a beautifully rendered (and disturbing) film! Klimt-inspired 70's psychedelic watercolor anime. I may not understand its questionable erotic sensibilities, but I sure love the way it looks.

*Anyone out there have a good rip of this movie's actual soundtrack, composed by Masahiko Sato:

You can grab a download of the amazing title song by Mayumi Tachibana right here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deutsche Wertarbeit- S/T (1981)

Solo kosmische synth LP from Dorothea Raukes of Streetmark. Originally released in 1981 on Sky Records. Reissued 2010 in an edition of 500 by Medical Records. 320 Vinyl Rip By yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Removed by request.

Available for purchase from Boomkat.

Guten Abend, Leute 5:35
Deutscher Wald 4:00
Unter Tage 5:54
Auf Engelsflügeln 5:40
Intercity Rheingold 4:37
Der Grosse Atem 9:58

Günter Schickert- Samtvogel (1974)

Fantastic rare krautrock! Samtvogel is a dark 1974 solo affair from echo-guitar pioneer and GAM founder Günter Schickert. Lovingly remastered & re-released in 2010 in an edition of 500 by Wah Wah Records Supersonic Sounds. Highly recommended for fans of Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, Achim Reichel, et al.

"When I was recording Samtvogel in 1974 I had only 2 taperecorders. I played one track and while listening I added the second one. And so on. Four times. When I mixed all together I borrowed a 3rd taperecorder. And still adedd the last track to the master....If I made a mistake in 1 track I had to repeat it from the beginning. And if while mixing it I was not fast enough in changing the tape I had to start again. So it took more than 3 months to get ready."

Mediafire Download Link: Günter Schickert- Samtvogel (1974) *320 Vinyl Rip by yours truly.

A1 Apricot Brandy 6:06
A2 Kriegsmaschinen, Fahrt Zur Hölle 16:58
B Wald 21:35

Monday, August 9, 2010

V/A- An Evening In Beirut (EMI DT10189 LP 1964)

"As a visitor to Lebanon you are carried by a plane, a ship, or the Orient Express and deposited in Beirut the capital of this young and beautiful country, the key to the romantic East.

You have taken your luggage to the Hotel, unpacked and had a wash, then sat on a very comfortable chair thinking; thinking of doing something very exciting. And what could be more exciting than to spend An Evening in Beirut ? This city which offers you the gay life of Paris mixed with the spices of the romantic East..." ~ liner notes

Found this wonderful vintage Lebanese compilation at The Magic of Juju. That blog is recent discovery for me. Its selections are totally on point! Its a shame that they don't seem to be posting there anymore. If its as inactive as it seems, I think ya'll need to help me plunder its riches before its links go the way of the dodo.

An Evening In Beirut *Audiosamples after the click.
EMI DT10189 LP 1964

Nihna Wal-Qamar Jiran (3:06) ~ Fairuz
Jar Al-Hawa (2:44) ~ Su'ad Hashim
Khitayy (2:58) ~ Shiraz
Min Khallak Ya Bulbul (2:54) ~ Su'ad Hashim
Abdu Habib Ghandura (2:37) ~ Shiraz
Ya Hala Ya Hala (2:59) ~ Fairuz
Mitna Wa 'Ishna (3:17) ~ Najah Salam
Al-Qamar (3:28) ~ Najah Salam & Wadi Al-Safi
Min-Qullak Hakina (6:10) ~ Sabah
Al-Dabka (6:02) ~ Nur Al-Huda

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tropicalia 1968-1969: the Birth and Death of Tropicalia Vol. 1

Just scored an extensive handmade three-cassette compilation on the history of Brazilian Tropicalia the last time I paid a visit to Mississippi Records. Its pretty damn sweet. I see that Thizzfacedisco has already digitized Vol. 1, so I figured I'd throw ya'll that link to whet your appetite. Its been a tough week in terms of finding computer-time, etc, but I just wanted to let ya'll know that GC will posting some bonafide hot-ticket items within the week. And maybe (just maybe) I'll start rolling out my rips of Mississippi Records' very latest release- A 5-LP set of selections from Alan Lomax's Southern Journey. Eric told me I was the very first person to get the thing. It rules.

Now, back to this tropicalia business. These are rad comps. Here's the tracklist for the first volume. Rest assured, I'll have seperated the tracks & scanned the covers when my rips go up for vols 1-3. Dig it.

Side A
Caetano Veloso – Saudosimo
Gilberto Gil – Bet Macumbia
Os Mutantes – O Relogio
Gal Costa – Mamae Coragon
Gilberto Gil – Domingou
Caetano Veloso – Anuciacdo
Rogerio Duprat + Os Mutantes + Chelia Simone + Kier – Lady Madonna
Gilberto Gil – Barca Grande
Os Mutantes – Trom Fantasma
Gilberto Gil – Goragom Pra Suportar
Caetano Veloso + Gilberto Gil – Tres Caravelas
Rogerio Duprat – Judy in Disguise
Gilberto Gil – Pega a Voga, Gaboludo
Os Mutantes – Aduos, Maria Fulo
Caetano Veloso – Elos

Side B
Caetano Veloso + Jorge Ben – Charles Anjo 45
Os Mutantes – Ritta Lee
Gal Costa – Divino, Maravilhoso
Gilberto Gil – Aquele Abraco
Jorge Ben – Que Pena
Caetano Veloso – Marinheiro So
Os Mutantes – Algo Mais
Gal Costa + Gilberto Gil – Namorinho de Portao
Gilberto Gil – Cerebro Electronico
Jorge Ben – Bebete Vaobora
Os Mutantes – Nao va se Perder por ai
Caetano Veloso – Objeto Nao Identificado
Gilberto Gil + Jorge Ben + Caetano Veloso – Queremos Guerra

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Juan Vicente Torrealba- Interpreta su Musica (Instrumental) Venevox BL-76

"This is an old recording that I picked up in Venezuela in 1971. It was unusual at the time in that in featured the compositions of Juan Vicente Torreabla, all strongly rooted in the Venezuelan tradition but here played on two harps instead of one but with the usual accompaniment of cuatro and maracas. The second harp was played by the then young protege of Torrealba, Gustavo Enrique Vera. This has long been one of my favorites and not finding it anywhere currently for sale I decided to convert it to MP3 files from the original LP." -Robert Garfias

Mediafire Download Link: Juan Vicente Torrealba- Interpreta su Musica (Instrumental) Venevox BL-76 *A mere 128 kbps- but they sound GOOD.

1 Andalucia
2 Sinfonia del Palmar
3 Bolero
4 Valencia
5 Sueños del Gamelotal
6 San Fernando
7 Chipolenado
8 Concierto en la Llanura
9 Tempestad en el Palmar
10 Toro Viejo
11 Barquisimeto

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ghostcapital Mix: "Get on The Way!!"

Ghostcapital's summer mix is here just in time for the dog days. Cool out with these sweet, frosty scoops of funky psych & soul. Enjoy!

Download Link: Ghostcapital Mix: "Get On The Way!!"

1. What'cha Gonna Do About It / Doris Troy
2. Você Não Serve Prá Mim (1967) / Roberto Carlos
3. Cumbia De Sal / Cumbia En Moog
4. Little Girl / Soul Throbs
5. Esmaouni / Baligh Hamdi
6. Ghost Of Myself / Doris Duke
7. Save Their Souls / Bohannon
8. Ha Fang Kheng Kan / Teun-Jai Boon Praraksa
9. Introduction / The Witch
10. Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu / K. Frimpong & His Cubanos Fiestas
11. Noche De Estrellas / Climaco Sarmiento y Su Conjunto
12. Seviyorum Seni Can‡m / Mazhar ve Fuat
13. Rose Len / Lennie Hibbert
14. Living As A Poor / Lone Ranger
15. Dance Of Maria / Elias Rahbani
16. Li Maandouche L'Auto (He, Who Doesn't Own a Car) / Bellemou & Benfissa
17. Palenque / Aberlado Carbono Y Su Conjunto
18. Get On The Way / PEACE!!
19. Love / Johnny Nash
20. Let's Start Again / Don Cornal & The Eternals

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rhythm Rulers- Mudie's Mood (320 rip)

I'm so down with Harry Mudie. This record is some serious business*! A couple of months back, I'd posted a link to it from youandmeonajamboree. Well, I just up and scored a clean vinyl copy of this Rhythm Rulers LP my own self and have seen fit to immediately put up a slammin' 320 rip. Classic "ish" here, people. Mudie's Mood is so so good!

Listen up:

"Mudie's Mood" is a sweeping instrumental dynamo that demonstrates Mudie's signature string arrangements- otherwise rare in the Jamaican popular music of the day:

Dennis Walk's "The Drifter" is the killer (and authoritative) vocal version of the classic riddim (heard above):

And "Let's Start Again" is a soulful rarity of near-mystical sweetness and perfection:

Plenty more goodies where those came from. Check Lloyd Jone's "Rome" once you've downloaded your own copy...

Mediafire Download Link: The Rhythm Rulers- Mudie's Mood (Moodisc 1970). 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

A1 Rhythm Rulers - Mudies Mood
A2 Dennis Walks - Heart Don't Leap
A3 Rhythm Rulers - Power Pack
A4 Lloyd Jones - Rome
A5 Rhythm Rulers - Mannix
A6 Rhythm Rulers - Musically Red
B1 Ebony Sisters - Let Me Tell You Boy
B2 Don Cornal & The Eternals* - Let's Start Again
B3 Rhythm Rulers - Waking The Dead
B4 Dennis Walks - The Drifter
B5 Rhythm Rulers - Run For Your Life
B6 Rhythm Rulers - Serious Business *(ha! that was an accident)

And FYI, Mudie's Dub Conference albums with King Tubby are worth getting, too.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nass El Ghiwane- Le Sens du Mot (1983) ناس الغيوان

Nass El Ghiwane are superstars of Morroccan popular folk. Great cover, no? This one deserves a hi-res follow-up when I can swing it. The inner gatefold of Le Sens du Mot contains a newsphoto collage detailing Lebanon's 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre. This is cogent, deadly serious content. The Album's title translates as "The Meaning of the Word". Thanks to Richard for the translation/clarification. 320 Vinyl rip by yours truly.

Mediafire Download Link: Nass El Ghiwane- Le Sens du Mot (1983)

Label: Edition Azwaw
Catalog#: AZW 140
Country: France
Released: 1983

A1 El Maana 17:30
A2 Magwani 8:15
B1 Sabra Et Chatila 9:45
B2 Mahmouna 8:45

Monday, August 2, 2010

Caboladies / Oneohtrix Point Never - Split (2009, NNA006)

I hadn't actually heard Caboladies until this split. Lo-fi drone psych. Not bad. Will follow up on them. Found this tape because I've been following Ohneotrix Point Never. Daniel Lopatin's analog sound is good & spooky. It appeals to my ethusiasm for the BOC without being derivative. He's onto something. Released by NNA Tapes in 2009.

"Memory Vague"

Mediafire Download Link: Removed by request from NNA.

A1 Caboladies - Reweaving The Charity Basket 14:36

Memory Vague (14:58)
B1 Oneohtrix Point Never - Samovars In Tula
B2 Oneohtrix Point Never - Identity
B3 Oneohtrix Point Never - Memory Vague
B4 Oneohtrix Point Never - Sand Partina
B5 Oneohtrix Point Never - Identity (Reprise)